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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Convert flashbackup file to SHX

How to convert flashbackup bin file to SHX file
(This guide is updated & simplified on 13 March 2007.)

Here is a simple guide for converting flashbackup 2 bin file to SHX file. It is tested on a Motorola mobile phone V360 with 08.A0 bootloader. It should work for V360/L7 with R4513 firmware. The same concept can be applied for other moto P2K phones.

Familiar with Hex editing and SHXcodec/RandomSHX.

Don't read on if you don't meet the prerequisite.

Tools you need:
1. xvi32 or any other Hex editor.
2. SHXcodec or RandomSHX
3. Flash&backup 3

1. open flash&backup 3, select your "active phone profile" according to your phone model, click "Read data", you will see a list of Code Groups (CG) and their start & end address. The following image shows the addresses for V360/L7 with R4513 firmware. The offsets shown in FB3 are not the actual offsets of the bin file. You must minus off 10000000 from the FB3 offsets to get the offsets of the bin file. That is, strip off the first number from the left. For example, 10920000 in FB3 will be 920000 in the bin file, and 11240000 will be 1240000.

2. open your uncompressed flashbackup bin with Hex Editor and extract each individual code group, based on the above start and end offsets. Save each CG as individual bin file. (If your backup is a compressed format, rename the extention to cab, then uncompress it using winzip/winrar.)

How to extract code group using xvi32:
a) open the flashbackup bin file
b) go to the offset of the start address of the CG, select "Edit - Block mark"
c) go to the offset of the end address of the CG, select "Edit - Block mark" again
d) select "Edit - clipboard - copy"
e) select "File - New"
f) select "Edit - clipboard - paste"
g) save the file
h) repeat steps a)-g) until you extract all the CGs

3. choose one of the following method to compile a SHX file. (Note: you should not include PDS code group in the MP.)

(for 08.A0 bootloader) get a stock moto monsterpack, open it with SHXCodec, then replace all the code groups with the bin files you extracted in step 2, then compile a new SHX file.

(for 08.D0 or other bootloader) get a stock moto monsterpack, extract it using RandomSHX, then replace all the bin files with the bin files you extracted in step 2 (check the address in the lst file to make sure you replace the correct file), then compile a new SHX file using RandomSHX.

4. now you should have a flashable backup file.

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1:42 PM, July 09, 2006 Anonymous said...

Hey Yuet i'd really love to install your MP but im pretty much scared of bricking it during instalation. Is it possible you could share your backup that you already converted into .shx file? I also have 08.A0 bootloader if having the same version matters. I'd do it myself except I don't fit the prerequisites. :(

8:26 PM, July 09, 2006 Yuet said...

Hi, people want a backup for their own phone, because every phone is unique. (PDS is unique for every phone.) There's no point to share a backup.

If you are afraid of failure during flashing, all you need is some stock motorola firmware (MP) for V360. If anything happens when installing my MP (which is unlikely), you can flash it back to the stock moto firmwares. There are many stock MPs floating around the internet. I can show you where to get them when you need them.

Lastly, it is pretty safe to flash a V360, as the 08.A0 bootloader is hard to crack, and hard to corrupt as well.

11:58 PM, July 09, 2006 eclipzx317 said...

yes please i'd love more info on how to restore my phone to its original state if anything were to ever go wrong. I'm really knew at this so im not sure but do i need to use RSD lite to flash ure MP to my phone and if so how? Thanks for all your hard work

12:35 AM, July 10, 2006 Yuet said...

eclipzx317, first check your firmware version at Setting-->Phone Status-->Other Information-->S/W version. and also Lauguage List. Write down these 2 pieces of info, so we can find a moto stock MP that match your original firmware.

Yes, you should flash using RSDLite. read [How to flash V360] for details.

2:55 AM, July 10, 2006 eclipzx317 said...

my s/w version is R4513_G_08.B7.86R
althought im not sure if thats zero or the leter O
my language list is 0003

7:20 PM, July 10, 2006 Yuet said...

eclipzx317, is your phone locked to your current network?

9:20 PM, July 10, 2006 eclipzx317 said...

yes to t-mobile

12:59 AM, July 11, 2006 Yuet said...

This comment has been removed because it linked to malicious content. Learn more.

6:57 AM, July 11, 2006 eclipzx317 said...

Thanks for all the support Yuet now that I had a backup I finally flashed my phone and I feel stupid that I didn't flash it earlier I didn't know I was missing out on so much features the v360 can do. That's all thanks to your hardwork on this kickass MP and I love the numa numa rmx in the phone im using it as a ringtone!

9:32 AM, July 11, 2006 Yuet said...

eclipzx317, I am glad to see it works for you. Read [flip-close operation] to avoid any potential "Unexpected reboot".

11:25 AM, July 11, 2006 eclipzx317 said...

Hey yuet, I'm havin fun exploring all the features of the phone but I can't figure out how Opera mini works. What is gprs/3g mean? Also the shortcut for itunes is 5 does that mean the #5 key needs to be combined with a different button to open it?

1:06 PM, July 11, 2006 eclipzx317 said...

Also is it possible to set one of the soft keys to launch itunes?

1:25 PM, July 11, 2006 Yuet said...

gprs/3g is for wap/internet connection. You have to setup a websession in order to use gprs/3g. You can check with your network provider for the websession setting. Normally they publish such info in their website.

To launch iTunes, press MENU button then 5 key. The way to set softkey for itunes is not found yet.

12:20 AM, July 12, 2006 eclipzx317 said...

Hey again Yuet, Im planning to make a thorough guide for flashin the v360 and I have a question.

1. How do you find out what bootloader you have? I mean it shows it whenever your backing it up or flashing it is their an easier way to find out?
2. Is their a certain order we should flash the .shx files in your MP?
3. If your phone runs out of battery during flashing will that brick the phone?
4. Your MP 1.3 & 1.4 dosn't lock a phone right?
5. To restore the phone just flash the stock firmware just like flashing your MP?

9:57 AM, July 12, 2006 Yuet said...

1. Switch off phone, press and hold * and #, then power on the phone.
2. The steps are well written in my post for YuetMod v1.4. For step 2 only, no specific order to flash the .shx files.
3. It will, but you have chance to flash again.
4. It won't lock the phone.
5. Yes

My guide for flashing V360 --> [How to flash V360].

Please give me a link to your guide when you complete it.

12:22 PM, September 21, 2006 Pattara said...


Yuet please help me I flased with another version of mp for another website but your mp is the best i found

in 2.0 version i found one time when i listening to the sound music the soune stop and i look x on the outside screen

but it only one time the big problem is not you mp.

Yesterday i tryed to flash another mp it name orange firmware original

after i flash already it have to enter subsidy code

i don't know the code but i try 000000 1234 or another no. it didn't word

and the screen show please contact provider

oh!! i try to flash bach to your mp i can flash it finish and agin the screen show please enter you subsidycode

it not only massage it show that you must enter the code if you can't you can't access the phone

bad luck forme

please give me you advice

thank you alot


1:41 AM, September 23, 2006 Yuet said...

pattara, I did this silly thing myself before and locked my phone. I end up paying for the unlock code. Sorry I can't help in this matter. I don't know how to unlock a v360.

12:05 PM, September 23, 2006 v360user said...

i have problem with shxcodec. very time i shart the problem it show a message:Error loading MIDASS.DLL
how can i solve this problem??

4:28 PM, September 24, 2006 Anonymous said... Here you can download midas.dll and copy it in SHCcodec directory

Dem Bem

3:29 AM, November 14, 2006 Anonymous said...

Hi Yuet. I have been using your last 3 versions of your MP's for my V360 and am amazed at the features it has. I bought a Razr V3r recently jusyt for a change but the features are pathetic compared to what your MP's do. Apparantly the software in these phones( R4515_G_08.Bd.43R ) is different to the normal V3's so no one has come up with any decent mods.Any chance your MP's would work with a little tweaking or is that just wishful thinking- keep up the great work.

11:53 AM, November 14, 2006 Yuet said...

I would think it is a wishful thinking. All the mods have to be re-worked based on a V3r firmware.

12:46 PM, January 26, 2007 Anonymous said...

Hi Yuet.. I've been trying to convert my flashbackup to SHX file but I can't. My Bootloader is 09.02 and when I try to install my backup in my L7 I get some critical errors. Can you tell me how I can create SHX files for my 09.02 bootloader?

6:42 PM, January 26, 2007 Yuet said...

I think you can create SHX backup directly using flash&backup 3. have you tried it?

1:29 AM, January 30, 2007 Somebody said...

hi yuet,

i have : V360
Flex number: SE6144AXXB90A9 - 2.0.1.P0.2.TK.P0.0.2.TK.2.11.P0.0.TK.TK.4.P0.P0.TK
Major version: 08
Minor version: B7
ROM version number: 63
patch version number: 15
RAM version number: 15
Factory Hardware: AAUG1842ED
Language Package ID: 0039
IMEI: 352511016757999
IMSI: 65510252529739
Vendor: "Motorola CE, Copyright 2000"
Model: V360
Frequency: GSM900,GSM1800,GSM1900
FirmWare: R4513_G_08.B7.2ER_A
Flex: SE6144AXXB90A9
Provider: MTN-SA
Boot Loader Version. 08.A2

looking for original full phone backup (just to keep sanity), cant find it anywhere plus i dont want to lose my MTN branding if it can be helped, i have made FULL backup with flash&backup (registered) with no errors but not sure if i can update phone to latest 08.B7.ABR or is there better/newer than this i can try?any ideas to achieve this?

btw, say i bricked my phone by flashing to say .ABR will i recover from this if i reflash my current full backup with RSDlite ?

I also want to know if its possible to extract seems like 32_0001 etc. from .SHX or .smg to apply seperatly with p2kseem
this because if all else fails id like to fix what i have changed by accidentily doing master clear & master reset in phone options (it deleted files from phone).

after all that i would like to try your MP's. :P

Thanks for your time Yuet.

10:31 AM, January 30, 2007 Yuet said...

the 08.A2 bootloader is new. please make sure your backup or a moto stock MP is working for your phone, b4 trying other MPs, including mine.

To extract 0032 seem from shx, you will have to first convert shx to bin files, then look for 0032 seem in the flex bin. it is no straightforward.

8:11 AM, February 25, 2007 sabspencer said...

Hi - it is now 24-02-2007 .. I have just downloaded flashbackup3..58 program.. I see that it supports V360 - V360(08.A0) ... my fone is (08.A2) bootloader with 4513...2ER_A version software..
Do you know Yuet, if I backup my fone with this program - on v360(08.A0) - whether it will make a valid backup.... It is the trial version with 15 trials .... and if it will backup the CG2 parts as well.. Also - I see that it can write a SHX file .... which is better, is it not for restoring... using RSDlite 3.2 ...
Can you shed any light on this situation... It is 24-02-2007 - much later than other posts of december 2006, and so on...???
Thank you - Yuet ... you really are making things happen ... with v360 fones...
Also - when I have flashed the fone with your V1.8 MP ... will the fone then be able to be flashed more to upgrade to say v3.1 MP and so on..???
Regards - sabspencer...

5:15 PM, February 25, 2007 Yuet said...

sabspencer, please ask direct & clear questions. I don't want to guess what your questions are.

read this post to get more info about FB3. SHX file can be flashed using FB3 or RSDLite.

you can flash to other MPs after v1.8.

2:20 AM, February 26, 2007 sabspencer said...

different ways to try to 'backup' my v360.. either I get 'critical error 10',(using flash&backup).. or if I use p2k easy tools 3.9, to just try to backup the bootloader - I get 'critical error 80...then immediately 40 ..'
I have tried reloading the drivers... I have tried two ports - two cables... the PC is intel P4 - 773 mHz ... with nothing else running...
Can you suggest anything else... please...
regards - sabspencer

11:02 PM, February 26, 2007 Yuet said...

then try to backup using flashbackup 2.62.

8:25 AM, March 18, 2007 Nacho said...

Hi Yuet!

I'm a bit confused here, sorry if my question is silly... How do I interpret the offsets in the flashbackup list?

What should I put in goto address field in xvi32?

I need to extract the PDS from a full backup made with flashbackup 2.62, but I can't understand which block to mark or what to do... May be I need a step by step fool proof guide.

Thanks! Nacho.-

9:29 AM, March 18, 2007 Nacho said...

Hi again... I figured out that where it says 10010000-1001FFFF, I should use 10000-1FFFF (stripped the 3 first chars), but could You tell me why? (just curios)

11:12 AM, March 18, 2007 Yuet said...

nacho, you are correct. I forgot to say we should ignore the first bit (only the first bit, not 3) in the offsets shown in the fb3. I think it because the writable address in the flash rom starts from 10000000, while the bin file starts from 00000000.

1:40 AM, January 23, 2008 Anonymous said...

i was installing another firmware i found on your site and somehow i screwed somthing up and now my phone dosent turn on. as soon as i place the battery inside i get a black screen would you have
bootloader: 08.a0
R4513_g_08.b7.86R flash?

my names ryan and please get back to me at


11:35 AM, February 02, 2008 Yuet said...

you can just flash your phone again to another MP. Web