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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Simplified driver installation guide

Yuet's simplified motorola P2K driver installation guide
for motorola P2K cell phones
I installed WinXP recently. Today I install motorola driver on it, so I take this chance to write down the steps. It is pretty simple.

Steps: (27/01/2007 update: if these steps don't work for you, jump to here.)
1. download and install P2KTools;
2. download the motorola driver 2.9; unzip it into a folder of your choice; You should see a few .inf files in the folder.
3. start P2KTools;
4. select "Data/Fax mode" in "Connection - USB Setting" on your phone;
5. connect your phone via USB port with a USB cable;
6. wait for a while, and the "Found New Hardware Wizard" will pop up;

7. select "no, not this time" and click "Next";
8. select "Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)" and click "Next";

9. select "Search for the best driver in these locations", uncheck "Search removable media", check "Include this location in the search". then click "Browse" to select the folder where you put the driver .inf files. click "Next";

10. click "Continue anyway";

11. click "Finish";

12. repeat steps 6-11 until WinXP complete installing all 5 devices/interfaces, namely, "motorola usb modem", "usb composite device", "motorola accessory interface", "Data logging MCU interface" and "Test command interface".
13. in P2KTools window, select "Switch to P2K Mode"; your phone will be detected;
14. click "Refresh" to update the folder/file tree of your phone;
15. Done. enjoy modding your phone.
(At the first time you use RSDLite to flash your phone, it will prompt you to install driver for "motorola flash interface". Just repeat steps 6-11 to install it.)

Update on 27/01/2007:
Motorola have released the driver installation packs for windows 32bit/64bit in December 2006. If the above driver installation procedure didn't work for you, you can use these driver installation packs to repair, reinstall, or remove all the motorola usb devices. Registry editing is not longer necessary.

Get them directly from Motodev. You have to sign up to download them. It is free. You will find the following drivers:

Motorola handset USB driver V2.6.2.0 for Windowns (64-bit) OS: for Windows 2000 or 32-bit Windows XP
Motorola handset USB driver V2.6.2.0 for Windowns (64-bit) OS: for Windows XP 64-bit or Windows Vista 64-bit

Supported Handsets
A630, A845, C380, C381p, C381/C386, C384/C385/C390/C391, C650/C651, C698p, E375, E398, E550/V535/V560, T725, V180/V185/V186/V188, V220/V220i/V226, MOTORAZR V3 (CLDC 1.0)/MOTORAZR V3b, V300/V400/V500, V330/V547/V551/V555, V303p/V400p, V540/V550/V545, V600, V600i, V620, V635, V80
C975, C980, E770, E1000/E1000R, E1070, MOTORAZR V3x, V975, V980
L2/L6/L6i, PEBL U6, MOTORAZR V3 (CLDC 1.1), MOTORAZR V3i/V3e/V3t, MOTOROKR E1, MOTOSLVR L7, V190/V191, V195/V196/V197, V230/V235, V360/V361, V365, V557/V557p
MOTORAZR maxx V6, MOTORAZR V3xx, V1100
A760/A760i, A768/A768i, A728
A780, A910, E680/E680i, MOTOMING A1200/A1200i/A1200r, MOTOROKR E6, MOTOROKR E2

You must have Administrator permissions to install this driver
Please reboot the system after installing this USB driver
Installation of Motorola’s Mobile Phone Tools may affect the performance of this driver. Please re-install the USB driver after the installation of the Motorola Mobile Phone Tools

motorola P2K driver 2.9: [] [filecloud]
P2KTools: [] [filecloud]

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Saturday, January 20, 2007

RSD Lite, PST, P2K Easy Tool

How to get RSD Lite, PST, P2K Easy Tool, etc?
Are you looking for RSD Lite, PST or P2K Easy Tool? Such softwares are classified as warez, so I can't provide download for these softwares. Most of the forums (except forums in China) won't allow you to share such softwares. For the same reason, it is difficult for you to search and find it on the internet.

I would suggest the followings:
1. find out a person who might/should have such softwares;
2. send an email or send a private message (PM) to tell the person what you want;
3. normally you will get what you want.

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Friday, January 19, 2007

RSA Patch

RSA patch
for motorola flash neptune LTE2 phones
Well! Good day everybody. This is another milestone for moto modders. A trick was found to bypass CG1 RSA check on Flash Neptune LTE2 phones. Bypassing CG1 RSA check enables us to modify the CG1 flash. Open endless possibility for modders. Random has developed a tool "RandomRSA2" to patch code groups CG1, CG7 and CG18, so as to patch the RSA. Confirmed working on V360, L7, L6, and V3i.

Warning: not for newbies, don't try if you are not experienced modders.
Warning: It seems that this RSA patch does not work on phones with 09.02 bootloader.

Steps to patch RSA:

1. download & install RandomRSA2;

2. split firmware/monsterpack using RandomSHX or SHXCodec;

3. open CG1, CG7 and CG18 in RandomRSA2, then click "patch RSA" button;

4. (do whatever change you want in CG1, such as replace hellomoto splash picture, change firmware version, change system sounds, etc)
- replace bootscreen picture

5. use RandomSHX or Shxcodec to replace modified CG1, CG7, CG18 in the shx file, and compile a new shx MP.

6. flash the new shx using RSD Lite.

RandomRSA2: [4shared]
RandomSHX: [4shared]
SHXCodec: [4shared]

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

How to install skins

How to put skins into motorola phones
I think this is one of the two most asked newbie's questions. Another is how to install java games & apps.

There are many ways to install skins. Here I show you two ways. The first is the tranditional and mac-friendly way, another way is using skiman.

Manually upload skins using P2KTools or Moto4lin
For example, you want to install a skin named "YuetMod". You have the file and a few .dat files, such as YuetMod.dat, YuetMod1.dat, YuetMod2.dat, etc.
1. start p2ktools or moto4lin, and connect your phone via USB;
2. update/refresh the phone files;
3. go to folder /c/mobile/skins, create the skin subfolder "YuetMod";
4. upload all skin files (, YuetMod.dat, etc) into the subfolder "YuetMod";
5. restart your phone, then you will see the new skin listed in skin menu.
(You should substitute "YuetMod" in the steps with the actual skin name that you want to install. The name must match the name of the .ski file.)
Upload wallpaper
1. you have to find out where to upload the wallpaper. Open the .ski file with a text editor, at near bottom of the file you will see a line starting with "6 1015". (for example, 6 1015 /a/mobile/picture/wp_moto_176x220_c.jpg) This is the location of the wallpaper file.
2. use p2ktools or moto4lin to upload the wallpaper to that location.

Install skins using skiman
1. start skiman, and connect your phone via USB;
2. the program will read your phone and display a list of skins installed in your phone;
3. click the "Install" button;
4. a "SKI patches" window will popup. You can try the option provided, but if you are not sure, just "clear selection" and click "OK" button;
5. select the .SKI file to install; (For example, click "Open" button;
6. wait until the program finish uploading files to your phone;
7. click "More..." button, and select "Restart phone".
8. you will see the new skin listed in skin menu.

a screenshot of skiman:

Download skiman: [4shared]

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Websession for motorola phone

Websession files for motorola cell phone
It is quite tedious to set up websession every time you flash your phone. I pack this websession package, so you can just download the websession file and upload to your phone. Please send your websession file to me if you want to share it.

Steps to install & set up the websession file:

1. download the zip file and unzip the websession that match you country and carrier; Rename the file to "websession" if it is other name;

2. use p2ktools or moto4line to upload the websession file to /a/websession in your phone;

3. on your phone, go to "Messages", press MENU key and select "setup" - "MMS setup", select "Server Info". Press MENU key and select "Edit" to edit "current server". Put in the URL of MMS server and select the proper MMS websession.

Pack1 contains:

Greece_Cosmote_WebSession, from REY
Argentina-Personal-WebSession, from Nacho
Romania_Orange_websession, from Stefan
Spain_Movistar_WebSession, from Javi
WebSession-NewZealand-Vodafon, from jaejae
WebSession-Romanian-all-providers, from Metallus

Download: []
Greece_Cosmote_WebSession: []
Argentina-Personal-WebSession: []
Romania_Orange_websession: []
Spain_Movistar_WebSession: []
HongKong-3DB-1010-NewWorld-SmarTone-Peoples-Sunday-CTM-HutchPlus-WebSession: []
Malaysia-Celcom-DiGi-Maxis-WebSessionl: []
WebSession-NewZealand-Vodafon: []
WebSession-Romanian-all-providers: []

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Sunday, January 14, 2007

LP Guide - part 2 - Change Language

How to extract/add/delete languages in/from Language pack
Continue from LP Guide - part 1.

This part will show you how to extract/add/delete languages in/from Language pack. A langpack usually contains English and some other languages. You can use the langpack editor in SHXCodec to save each language as lng file, and you can add/delete languages in/from the langpack. Follow this guide, you will be able to create a customised LP for yourself, with only the languages you want, without those that you don't want. One thing you should bear in mind is that the langpack has limit in size (about 2MB), so you can put too many languages in one langpack.

Extract/add/delete language from/to LP
1. start SHXCodec, select menu "Utilities" then "LangPack Editor";
2. in the LangPack Editor, click "Open langpack" to open the LangPack SMG file as "Source LangPack file";
3. click "Parse language" button, a list of languages in the LP will be shown under "Languages";
4. To extract language, select the language which you want to extract and click "Save language" to save it as a lng file;
5. To delete language, select the language and click "Delete";
6. To add language, select "Add from file" button, then select the lng language file;
7. After you have completed the change in the langpack, click "Save langpack" button to save the LP in SMG format;
8. follow part 1 guide "Compile a LangPack reflash file using the SMG file" to compile the LP reflash file.

screenshot of LP editor in SHXCodec:

In next part, I will show you how to change text in the language.

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Saturday, January 13, 2007

LP Guide - part 1 - Extract LP

How to extract LangPack from phone or MonsterPack
This post will show you how to extract the language pack as binary file from your phone or monsterpack, and how to make it a flashable LP reflash file.

Tools you need:
1. Flash&backup 3
2. SHXCodec 2.6

Backup language pack from your phone
Follow these steps:
1. Start Flash&Backup 3;
2. select "Read data" tab;
3. select "Active phone profile" that match your phone model, such as "motorola V360" or "motorola L7";
4. select SMG as "Backup format";
5. select ONLY code group 4 (CG4) to backup; (CG4 is the LangPack)
6. check "cut empty bytes at the end of code groups"
7. click "Read data" button;
8. wait for a few minutes, you will get the SMG file, which is the binary file of the Language pack in your phone.

screenshot of flash&backup 3:

Read more about flashbackup 3 at [flashbackup 3].

Extract language pack from MP
Follow these steps:
1_ start SHXCodec and open the SHX monsterpack file. (please make sure the MP or the LP is suitable for your phone.)
2. select "Split source SHX file", the MP file will be split into many code groups (CG);
3. select CG4, which is the language pack, then click "Edit" button; The Language editor is shown;
4. click "Save langpack", and save the langpack as a SMG file.

Compile a LangPack reflash file using the SMG file
Follow these steps: (For bootloader 08.A0 or lower only. Guide for compiling LP for higher version of bootloader will be available later.)
1. start SHXCodec, and open an existing LP reflash file for your phone;
2. select "Split source SHX file";
3. select CG4, then click "Replace" button; then select the SMG file that you extracted;
4. rename the "Source SHX File", and click "Compile SHX" to compile the LP reflash file. Now you can use RSDLite to flash the compiled LP file to your phone.

How to install LangPack to your phone?
To install language pack, you need to flash the LP reflash file (a SHX file) to your phone, as how you flash a MonsterPack. Here is the "how to flash" guide.

screenshot of SHXCodec:

screenshot of LP editor in SHXCodec:

(Screenshots are just for your reference. They do not follow the actual steps.)

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