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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

"Airplane Mode" in initial setup???

Fake "Airplane Mode" in initial setup
As suggested by .::Rey::., I would like to write this warning about the "Airplane Mode" in initial setup.

What I am talking about is the CG1 hack that enable the option "Airplane mode" in the "initial setup" of V360/L7. I tried this CG1 patch, but I don't think it is true airplane mode, and even it is not airplane mode at all.

The hack is a trick. It patches the original "Status light" option to make it an option that can turn your phone into "No service" state. In this state, you can't make/receive calls, can't send/receive SMS, can't use GPRS, but you can still use bluetooth, and you can still try to make call, send SMS and start browser, although it will fail.

I doubt this trick will actually stop sending signal/searching network. I hope the original hacker can tell us the theory behind it. We can achieve the same "No service" state if we choose a wrong band in network setting.

When the real airplane mode (the one in Yuetmod v2.x) is on, it will show "Airplane mode is on" instead of "No service". It will shut off all the wireless signal for GSM, GPRS & Bluetooth network. It will also disable all the functions in the menu that might activate any of the wireless signal. The main purpose is to avoid interference with Global Positioning system during airplane flight. It can be used in other area where cell phone signal is restricted, such as hospital.

I think we must take this "airplane mode" function seriously, as the fake "airplane mode" can cause fatal problem if you use it in the flight or the hospital.

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6:46 PM, May 28, 2007 Orazio said...

Hello Yuet. So is your take on the Airplane Mode issue a programming thing Vs. a seem thing? Could you be so kind as to release the patch to get this true Airplane mode on a quasi-stock L7?

10:50 AM, June 02, 2007 Yuet said...

orazio, I don't know the hack for the true airplane mode. BTW, you can flash to YuetMod v2.2 for L7.

2:23 AM, June 04, 2007 Anonymous said...

sjrw-lite: hey Yuet i found a trick to keep bluetooth active for more than 1 minute means the bluetooth will remain active until you will not it switch off.
here is the procedure.

Go to Connectivity > Bluetooth > power: off

dont activate!!! [find me].
just power it on
then you are done your bluetooth will be active for more than 1 minute without any hack or trick

2:30 AM, June 04, 2007 Anonymous said...

rw-lite : Yuet i need your help i am not able to view installed corelets in games and apps
I am using Eor firmware on which Rsa is Disabled

Thank you.

11:04 PM, June 11, 2007 Anonymous said...

As author of this patch, I tell You, that it is TRUE airplane mode!

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