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Monday, August 21, 2006

iTunes in YuetMod v1.6

YuetMod iTunes
Here are the steps to install iTunes on your motorola phone, and the steps to use "iTunes DB creator". Download is at the end of this post.

Update on 03/03/2007: a new version of YuetMod iTunes 2.83 is available.
- MediaViewer(MV) & Phonebook tool plugins for English/Chinese/Russian
- Fixed bug of showing wrong song name in hidden mode
- Press and hold # key to open iShell
- Press 0 key at iTunes main menu to unload, or unload from iShell menu
- Reload iTunes using shortcut (0002_0005 seem)

Update on 25/09/2006: fix problem of song name not showing when iTunes is hidden.

Steps to install YuetMod iTunes

1. Download the file. (Download at bottom of this post.)

2. Unzip the file. After that, you have 2 files, iTunes.jar and iTuens.jad.

3. Start Moto Midlet Manager (motomidman) and connect your phone to computer via USB.

4. Wait for motomidman to read the j2me database.

5. Click button "install", then select "install from jad (recommended)".

6. Select the iTunes.jad file.

7. Select "Yes" when ask whether to replace the corelet.

8. Wait for motomidman to finish the installation, then click "restart".

9. Done. If you see the screen "change to default setting" when starting iTunes, press the Red key, then press Menu + 5 to start iTunes again.

Additional steps for non-YuetMod-MP users
1. create at least five shortcuts in the shortcuts menu.
2. download the 0002_0005.seem file and upload it to your phone.
3. restart the phone, then you can press Menu + 5 to start iTunes.

screenshot of motomidman:

Steps to use "iTunes DB creator"

1. Transfer music files to audio folder in the TF card, via USB or bluetooth.

(For Mac users, if you transfer files via USB, one extra step is required to remove the hidden meta files. Start Terminal and follow the commands in the screenshot.)
Screenshot from Terminal:

2. Select "English" as language in "Setting->Initial setup->Language".

3. Start iTunes by press Menu + 5.

4. Press Menu button, select "iTunes DB creator", then select "Yes". (see screenshots)


5. Change back to your language in "Setting->Initial setup->Language". Start iTunes again to see the change. There's no need to restart phone.

Steps to disable autostart

1. Select "English" as language in "Setting->Initial setup->Language".

2. Start iTunes by press Menu + 5.

3. Press Menu button, select "Setting", uncheck the option "auto start", then save the setting.

Steps to use Skins changer

1. Create folder in your TF card -> /b/iTunes/skins.

2. Put your skin resourceDB files, and language resourceDb files into /b/iTunes/skins.

Note #1: You should create subfolder for eash skin, then put the resouceDB file into the skin subfolder.

Note #2: If you enable skins changer, you lose the multi-language support unless you put the language resourceDb files into /b/iTunes/skins.

3. Start iTunes, press Menu button, then select "setting".

4. Tick the "skins changer" option, then press "yes".

5. press Menu button again, then you should see a new option "skins changer". select it, then select the skin that you want to use.

6. restart your phone to see the change.

Language supported by this iTunes
Portuguese (Brazil)
Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese

motomidman version 0.70: []
0002_0005.seem: [filecloud]

YuetMod iTunes Light 2.80 (Thank Ugunit89 for customising this iTunes.) []

YuetMod iTunes 2.83
YuetModiTunes2.rar: []

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9:45 PM, August 21, 2006 Rick in Milwaukee WI USA said...

Hi Yuet. Pretty neat site and effort by you - thanks.

Will the iTunes bug fix be incorporated into the downloadable 1.6 file(s)?

I just got a 360 and have done some seem edits, etc, but 'afraid' to go 'whole hog' and push 1.6 in. One of these days...


10:25 PM, August 21, 2006 Anonymous said...

Hi Yuet, ... is it normal that iTunes is not listed in the phone Games & Apps list?
Is it because it is a corelet?
I see it only in the shortcut menu, is it right?
-- roberto

1:14 AM, August 22, 2006 Yuet said...

roberto, answers to all your questions are "Yes".

1:21 AM, August 22, 2006 Yuet said...

Rick, it will take some time before the fix is incorporated into the MP file.

1:21 AM, August 22, 2006 brettstar said...

Yuet! Thanks for fixing that bug! I have two questions...Is there a way to install this iTunes fix via Mac (Moto4Lin)? And, when will this fix be available in the full 1.6a flash?

Cheers, b*.

6:21 AM, August 22, 2006 ezbzq said...

hi yuet, do you know where i can find multi language support for itunes and the skins

10:08 PM, August 22, 2006 Yuet said...

brettstar, try rename the iTunes.jar to j2me7.jar, then upload it into /c/mobile/kjava/ using moto4lin. Hey, just a thought. I did not try it.

ezbzq, I don't know where else can find multi language for iTunes, but the itunes in YuetMod v1.6 does have multi-language support.

10:08 PM, August 22, 2006 Anonymous said...

hi yuet
just got my slvr 2 weeks ago and was thrilled to see the improvements after installing your mods

i would like to know how to change my itunes skin
i have downloaded a lot of skins but do not know how to install them

thanks and keep up the good work


6:01 AM, August 23, 2006 friskya said...

Yuet, I tried your suggestion to brettstar on my Mac with Moto4Lin. Sorry to say, it did not work. The phone reports that the itunes application is corrupt. Foolishly, I allowed it to delete the "corrupt" application (the entire suite) and now have no iTunes files at all under /c/mobile/kjava - the jad, jar and pat files all disappeared. My own fault for not paying attention to what I was doing.

2:01 PM, August 23, 2006 Yuet said...

joshua, post updated to include steps for skins changer.

friskya, then you have to use motomidman. Digital has a guide for installing iTunes using Mac, but it requires deleting all other java apps.

9:52 PM, August 23, 2006 Anonymous said...

7. Select "Yes" when ask whether to replace the corelet.

motomidman 0.38 did not ask to replace the corelet, straight away installed to #11 itunes...

10:17 PM, August 23, 2006 Anonymous said...

hey yuet
thanks for posting the guide for skinning itunes
anyway i have another problem though it is nothing major
after install the fix for itunes all the other java applications on the device memory have lost their icons although they work fine
anyway to fix this problem??


4:31 AM, August 24, 2006 brettstar said...

The iTunes patch is up and running! There are still a couple quirks that I'm experiencing. First, this iTunes still does not seem to read the ID3 tags. I still getting 'Unknown Artist' & 'Unknown Album' description for songs that are properly tagged (these are m4a - AAC files). For more information on tags, please visit (

Second, all lists show song titles twice: one appears to be the actual file and the second I believe to be the *.m3u file. This becomes a bit cumbersome when searching for a song to play.

Hopefully knowing about these quirks will help bring this mobile iTunes closer to the real thing. Thanks for reading.

12:24 PM, August 25, 2006 Yuet said...

joshua, I am not sure what happened. maybe you can re-flash the mp if you don't mind.

brettstar, your comments noted, but I am not an iTunes expert.

1:06 AM, August 26, 2006 brettstar said...

Hi Yuet, I certainly don't mean to imply that you are an iTunes 'expert', I'm just letting you know that the iTunes in your MP doesn't work correctly. In my mind, if you (or whoever created this music player) names it after Apple iTunes, then it should at least have the basic features of its' namesake. Otherwise, it's just another mp3 player.

In your 'How to use iTunes post' I asked if there was a blog or way to get in touch the person who created this iTunes. Perhaps my constructive input would be more effective if directed to the proper person. Again, if there is a blog, etc. for the iTunes creator, please inform so that those having issues with iTunes don't disturb you.

Cheers, b*

11:43 AM, August 26, 2006 Yuet said...

brettstar, please don't take my reply as offence. Your comments are very much welcome here. I can't help on your first question, but I know how to fix the second. Read the post again. I have updated it to give you a way to remove the hidden files of mac os x. (This problem has nothing to do with the iTunes DB creator. Your TF card is in PC format, so hidden files of mac are also included by the db creator.)

I believe the author (vassio) iTunes plugins is an Russian, so you should be able to find him at forum.

12:02 PM, August 26, 2006 Anonymous said...

hey...can u tell me how to make the itunes blak? i use skin changer but every time i turn it on..itunes dosent work animore...i had to flash mi phone 3-4 times cuz of ya...can u please make the itunes black somehow? thank you soo much...and IM LOVING YOUR MODDD... :D:D:D:D:D

1:29 PM, August 26, 2006 Yuet said...

ok, iTunes black. I like it also. I will make one.

2:40 PM, August 28, 2006 brettstar said...

Thanks for addendum for Mac users. I have also discovered a great software app that clears the TF card of these invisible Mac files by a simple drag & drop. It's called KopyMac and can be downloaded here: Enjoy!

5:41 PM, August 28, 2006 Yuet said...

brettstar, I came across that site also, but I didn't try it. For me, if Terminal can do the job, I don't need another software. :)

12:19 AM, August 31, 2006 Anonymous said...

Hi Yuet:

Is it possible to adjust the volume of songs being played with iTunes, without having to open the flip?

Greetings, Richard.

8:05 AM, August 31, 2006 Anonymous said...

Hey Yuet i want to know how to add this letter "Ñ" to the "ItunesDB Creator" because i have a lot of spanish songs and when i add one with this letter its show a Black Square.

Plz Help Me!!

My email is

11:34 AM, August 31, 2006 Yuet said...

sorry, I don't have solution for it.

11:52 AM, August 31, 2006 Yuet said...

Richard, so far I find no way to interact with iTunes, when flip is closed.

2:51 PM, August 31, 2006 Anonymous said...

hey there does a SLVr boouht in hong kong has this Itunes thingy? do I have to do a seem edit or something to enable the Itunes?...pls help I want to maximize the full features of this mob

1:12 AM, September 01, 2006 Yuet said...

I don't think it comes with iTunes. My V360 was also bought in Hong Kong. You have to install iTunes using motomidman, and upload the shortcuts SEEM in order to start iTunes.

6:53 AM, September 07, 2006 Anonymous said...

yuet, I have a question about Itunes that may seem very stupid. Are songs decoded by itunes itself or are they decoded by phone's hardware. I mean, is the function of itunes complete, (showing songs and also decoding songs using java code), or is it just a graphical interface? I hope you have understand the sense of my question. My opinion is the second one, because I don't think that the cpu is so fast to decode in java language...

12:16 AM, September 08, 2006 Yuet said...

I am not sure, but I tend to believe iTunes has its own decoder. It can play podcast, while the moto sound player can't.

2:27 AM, September 10, 2006 Anonymous said...

Hi Yuet,
The addition of iTunes database creator is great. I use it on my L7 and it is awesome. Thank you.

Do you know, however, if it it would be possible to sync this iTunes with desktop iTunes. The desktop iTunes launches when I plug in the phone, but it does not recognise the phone? (I have a factory unlocked SLVR-European model.)

3:58 PM, September 10, 2006 Yuet said...

not possible unless we can crack the bootloader & PDS. Desktop iTunes use info in the PDS to recognise the phone. If we can modify PDS, we can cheat desktop iTunes, but so far nobody can change the PDS zone on L7/V360 yet.

11:58 PM, September 11, 2006 Exwade said...

Hi Yuet,it's very nice...
but i have a problem...
i just want get itunes
my phone is moto V361 should i do???
ps. could i type chinese???

9:29 AM, September 12, 2006 Yuet said...

Exwade, not all firmware support iTunes. What's your firmware version? No Chinese in this Blog please, but you can type Chinese in my Chinese Blog.

10:23 PM, September 12, 2006 Exwade said...

Does firmware mean this code or not?

5:12 AM, September 13, 2006 Marlon said...

Hi, I followed your steps. However, when I chose "iTunes DB Creator", a quick shot comes when phone is not connected, while it remains on 0% when it is connected to USB. I put the audio files in b/mobile/audio

No trace of songs is then found in iTunes.

Another thing, when I access b/mobile/audio with phone manager, a number of folders with strange yyyyy charachters appear.

9:36 AM, September 13, 2006 Yuet said...

marlon, try these steps:
1. remove /b/itunes folder
2. remove folders/files in /b/mobile/audio
3. copy songs to /b/mobile/audio again
4. disconnect phone from PC
5. open iTunes and try create DB again.

9:57 AM, September 13, 2006 Yuet said...

Exwade, I believe the AER is custom-made, so it doesn't allow granting permission to iTunes.

1:57 AM, September 27, 2006 Anonymous said...

"i instald itunes on my slvr L7. but it s not listd on my games & apps nor in shortcuts menu. i don kno wher 2 find it in my fone. but aftr installin nd restartin wit midman, itunes startd automatically nd was workin fine. can u tel me wher in my fone can i find it?"--aftr postin this i 4got 2 put my name. call me muku.

10:08 AM, September 27, 2006 Yuet said...

muku, I added the additional steps required for non-YuetMod users in the post. basically you need to create a shortcut to start iTunes.

3:52 PM, September 27, 2006 Anonymous said...

hey yuet! thanks! am sorry 4 te silly question!i got ur point abt te seem file. downloaded tat also but where in the phone do i upload it to?

4:31 PM, September 27, 2006 Anonymous said...

hey yuet! aftr downloadin te seem 4 itunes, i downloaded p2k tools nd uploaded te seem nd restarted te fone. then wen it came on my main menu s not comin in te icons mode and few features like multimedia, messages, shortcuts, games nd apps, phone book, call lists, dialling services, camera r not loading. as soon as i select any of them on fone, a box says 'please wait' nd te feature neve loads. mine is an indian gsm version moto slvr L7. please help!

11:23 PM, September 29, 2006 Yuet said...

muku, you must have upload to a wrong seem id. I think you had overwritten the 0032 seem. If you have the backup of the 0032_0001 seem, upload it back to your phone.

2:38 AM, September 30, 2006 fIru said...

hi yuet if change skin and put te resoursedb language in te same folder
this work for keep te language in itunes.


2:49 PM, October 01, 2006 Yuet said...

firu, yes, I think so.

6:15 AM, October 05, 2006 Anonymous said...

hi Yuet, I have installed your 1.7 MP. I have one question about itunes: is it possible to unload itunes from my phone as for other java apps exit? I mean, when I close Itunes, because it's corelet it is not unloaded, so java free memory is less than 800 kb. I have noticed that some new games (eg gameloft games) run little slower when itunes is in memory than when it is unloaded (using motomidman). So it would be very useful that I can close itunes just I told you before...

11:49 AM, October 05, 2006 Yuet said...

It is the behaviour of corelet, which I don't know how to change.

2:03 PM, October 08, 2006 Anonymous said...

Hi Yuet,
I've an european l7, with itunes Yuetmod v.1.7 installed. Super result but I've a mistake to solve...
I don't see iTunesDBCreator on my itunes setting... I miss it! Why and How can I solve that?
Thank's for your answers.

9:40 PM, October 08, 2006 Yuet said...

Franck, you must switch to English language in order to see the iTunes db creator.

12:08 PM, October 09, 2006 Anonymous said...

Thank's a lot Yuet !
It's super.... But is there a solution to keep it (ItunesDBcreator) in my language?
When I'm coming back in french, it's disappear.

12:02 PM, October 10, 2006 Yuet said...

Franck, you would have to translate the language resource from English to French (by hex editing). The effort is huge. I didn't do all the translation, but just use the lang resource files from an older itunes version and those items are missing in the language resources.

5:21 PM, October 10, 2006 Anonymous said...

Where can I find "the language ressource" ?
Is it a specific file or several files ?
I really don't know if I've enough knowledge for that way...
...And for Hex editing, can I use a hex editing soft on Mac (I'ld prefer)?
Thank's Yuet.

2:03 PM, October 11, 2006 Yuet said...

they are those resourcedb files in the iTunes jar file. You can use any hex editor.

3:31 AM, October 16, 2006 Anonymous said...

hey am arjun here,first of all i thank u for ur assistance to load as u 've stated replace the existing core..will appear..tht msg din flash while i was the problem is if i press menu+5 on my L7 it says no shortcut found ,but wen i switch off my cell and switch it on again...wen i press the left soft key it says please wait and then itunes opens...well i can close this and use my fone as normal as b4 no prob wid tht only thing is there is no shotcut...could u help me with this

6:37 PM, October 16, 2006 Yuet said...

arjun, please read the last paragraph of the post, (the additonal steps).

12:26 PM, October 31, 2006 Mario said...

Hi Yuet!!! I'm new so I want to know a couple of things with the itunes that you created....
Can I see the art album with iTunes when the song is playing like a photo that you posted... or is a fake???
and other thing...
is there any form to make a shortcut for itunes in the menu??

5:45 PM, October 31, 2006 Yuet said...

mario, nothing is fake in this blog. the iTunes will show album arts as long as you can create the db with artwork. So far there are 2 ways to to do. 1. copy the db files created by E1/E398. 2. It is reported that you can have artworks if you use mediamonkey software plus the ipod DLL to transfer songs.

12:46 PM, November 05, 2006 Anonymous said...

hi, i'm horacio.. this itunes works for motorola l7?? i already installed the old itunes but this one looks better..and the old one starts by pressing menu + 5, that gonna change with the replacement of the seem right??

12:58 PM, November 05, 2006 Anonymous said...

hi, sory it's horacio again, i forgot to ask..this itunes includes media viewer??

2:31 PM, November 05, 2006 Yuet said...

horacio, yes it works for L7. you don't need to upload the seem again. if you want to change the position of itunes in shortcuts menu, just re-order the shortcuts. It doesn't include mediaviewer. mediaviewer is purposely removed.

3:24 AM, November 08, 2006 Anonymous said...

ok thanks!! one last question.. this itunes includes space for 1000 songs or just 100?? because i have ani itunes with space for 1000 songs

10:25 AM, November 08, 2006 Yuet said...

1000 songs.

4:25 AM, November 09, 2006 Anonymous said...

ok!! i already download's great!! i love it, i love it, i love it!! thanks!!!!!


12:51 AM, November 15, 2006 duykhang said...

It's so great.Do you have Itunes + Media viewer in 1 version as vassio Itunes?

2:06 PM, November 15, 2006 Yuet said...

I think you can find it in those forums, but personally I don't like MV as a plugin of iTunes.

10:54 AM, November 16, 2006 darkcloud91 said...

but MV enables u to open image that is larger than 640x480... so I want both Itunes and MV... can u make it for us..plss..

1:20 AM, November 18, 2006 Yuet said...

I think there's such version of iTunes available already. search for it.

2:27 PM, November 30, 2006 Chai said...

hey yuet,
i've deleted the original itunes in my phone(included in ur v1.x MP), now i wanna install another version of itunes wif MV, but what i get is either 'application error' or 'application is out of date'(n i'm asked to check my settings in the initial setup), issit bcoz of the permission? i've used the e1_fs to grant access, but the situation is the same, do u have any ideas??? And summore, wat do u mean by MAC or PC, the system on our phone or computer, ur MP is using MAC or PC??Sorry for my dumbness.....

12:13 AM, December 03, 2006 Yuet said...

chai, if you follow my steps to install the iTunes and it failed, maybe the version you installed is not compatible with your phone.

Mac means Macintosh, the computer made by Apple, running Mac OS X. PC means general personal computer running Windows platform.

1:58 PM, December 09, 2006 Anonymous said...

Hi Yuet, I installed your itunes for v360 as you said,all seemed to go well but itunes refuses to play.My db rebuilt no problem. It also will not let me uncheck autostart all other menus seem to work. Any ideas?

6:44 PM, December 09, 2006 Yuet said...

Zemog, try delete everything in the card or format it, then try rebuilding db again.

3:37 AM, December 10, 2006 Anonymous said...

Zemog here

Thanks Yuet. I will try to reformat and install again. I appreciate all your hard work

9:19 AM, December 10, 2006 Anonymous said...

Hi Yuet

Reformating fixed the shortcut but I am having problems seeing the music i dragged to the card These were winamp files. The 256mg card says 88mg free but i can see annything Do I need to convert the winamp files? If so, how and with what? Can they be converted in place?

Thanks for your great fix

3:44 PM, December 10, 2006 Yuet said...

Zemog, iTunes won't play wma files. I came across a software that can convert wma to wav/mp3, but can't remember the name now. please do a search.

4:48 PM, December 10, 2006 Anonymous said...

I'm converting with "Switch" but having problems When I try to convert the file associations remain .wmf
Where is the best place to copy the converted files for management right now while I figure out what is going on

Thanks BFN

bitrate 128 constant
encoding "stereo" from Switch encoing settings

6:55 AM, December 12, 2006 Anonymous said...

Hi yuet
The best program I found for converting is Media Monkey. Amazing prog
I can get media to the playlist but I can only play one song at a time.Then stops
I don't ever see a "now playing" screen, it just plays from the album or playlist.

Can you tell me what I am doing wrong?
Thank you so much!

11:27 AM, December 12, 2006 Yuet said...

not sure what the problem is. did you follow this guide to create iTunes DB?

1:32 PM, December 12, 2006 Anonymous said...

Hi Yuet
Zemog here

I followed the guide to the letter
I tried uninstalling everything and starting over...twice
I heard someone say try copying from a card reader,transfering TF to phone but I don't have a reader.
It still doesn't explain why I can't see the "now playing" screen my playlists play
Could my copy of itunes be corrupt?
Should I try original ipod_dll
One more thing could it be the ("jet driver")? Something about that in MM read me
Will search now

Thank You

10:44 AM, December 14, 2006 Yuet said...

try not to use mediamonkey. just try
- clean your card,
- copy some MP3 files into /mobile/audio in your card
- run iTunes in mobile and run DB creator to generate the iTunes db.

see if it helps.

8:58 PM, December 28, 2006 x1alpha said...

Hi Yuet.nice mod :)

will it work with a v360v ? Thanks


9:15 PM, December 28, 2006 Yuet said...

x1alpha, should work. to confirm, please check your bootloader & firmware version.

9:56 PM, December 28, 2006 x1alpha said...

Thanks for the quick reply.
Bootloader: 08.A0
SW Version: R4513_G_08.B7.56R_A

sorry I previously posted this in the wrong blog


10:21 PM, December 28, 2006 Yuet said...

x1alpha, 100% compatible.

5:59 AM, December 29, 2006 x1alpha said...

motomidman remains disconected even though I installed the p2k drivers :( any ideas ?


11:40 AM, December 29, 2006 Yuet said...

is it motorola driver version 2.9?

5:35 AM, December 30, 2006 x1alpha said...

yes it is 2.9

2:14 PM, December 30, 2006 Yuet said...

what version of motomidman? how about other p2k software like p2ktools?

5:49 PM, January 03, 2007 Anonymous said...

Hi Yuet
Managed to install your iTunes onto a V360V, but having problems with the SEEM 0002_0001, I was going to use P2KTools but could not find what Mode to use, so ended up trying some others, like
P2KMan & MotoKit, but could not get a connection and found that the Phone had locked up, removing the battery fixed that, caused buy to APPS running at the same time, I think

Phone has R4513_G_08.B7.ABR software and a 08.D0 boot loader

Used in the end P2KMan but it did not list if the SEEM had been Upload, I then tried MotoKit and that seem to go OK.

But all the Shortcuts are totally screwed, 1 is missing, I now have 2 number 2's and the all point to the Browser.

The 4 shortcuts that are on the Phone are the Vodafone ones, No.1 was the Browser.

I do have backups of all the SEEMS but a 0002_0001 backup did not fix any thing.


7:01 PM, January 03, 2007 Anonymous said...

Hi Yuet

Joined Up now.

Sorted the problem, I was not restarting the Phone, I managed to restore the Vodafone SEEM 0002_0001.

Generated a Dummy 5 Shortcut and renamed your 0002_0001 SEEM, to 0002_0005.

Menu/Shortcut seems to take long to load but not when going direct from the shortcut.

What Mode should P2KTools be in..?

When Playing around I did get a iTunes Skin screen, with Press * to set defaults, but did it not exit and had to use the Red Phone button to get out of it, but I have not Investigated any further though.


9:39 PM, January 03, 2007 Yuet said...

P2ktools should be in P2K mode. It should be ok at the second time you launch iTunes, after you pressed red key to exit the "set default" screen. If not, please remove the iTunes folder in the memory card and try again.

1:57 PM, January 04, 2007 zipdisk said...

Hi Yuet

Thanks for the Reply.

The Loading was fixed by setting English not Auto.

How do I get iTunes Skins..?

What are resourceDb Files..?


7:45 PM, January 04, 2007 Anonymous said...

Currently using iTunes version YuetMod 2.8.0. When playing songs, they would begin to skip to the next song and the next song until it completes the entire playlist. It would never stop to play a song. Soon after, it returns to the main menu of iTunes. Help?

10:12 PM, January 04, 2007 Yuet said...

zipdisk, you can find some iTunes skins at resourceDB is the file contains resources such as language or skin.

anonymous, how do you create the playlists? try delete the iTunes folder in card, then transfer music and create db again, using the iTunes DB creator.

1:46 AM, January 05, 2007 Anonymous said...

Yuet, thanks for your help. I created that playlist by clicking and dragging the song from my music folder on the PC to the media folder on the card. Then I disconnected the USB cord and create DB. The songs display.

8:00 AM, January 05, 2007 Anonymous said...

Hi Yuet


Seems to be having a few problems, I could not load any tracks to the T-Flash Audio folder.
Tried a number of times to reformat the T-Flash card, but managed in the end by restarting the Phone, but iTunes would only start with a Reset Screen, but managed to fix that by removing the Battery.

I them Loaded 4 Volumes 41 tracks OK, but one Song title is showing corrupted, showing Back blobs in 2 places in the song name, all other 40 files are ok.

Plus the Phone no longer shows the Brand of my T-Flash card.


8:50 AM, January 05, 2007 Anonymous said...

Hi Yuet

The built in Basic MP3 Player show the Song file correctly.


iTunes do not show the first i and the second o

When I install the iTunes I was not asked any thing about the corelet.

7. Select "Yes" when ask whether to replace the corelet.

Also how can I get AAC files to work on the Phone as its claimed to support them, tried Fix Rates,low bit sampled ones and 2 MP3 to AAC converters.


9:38 AM, January 05, 2007 Yuet said...

anonymous, is your problem resolved?

zipdisk, the build-in player shows the filename of the mp3, while iTunes will display the title stored in the MP3. I believe there is some non-English characters in the MP3 title.

For step 7, it will ask only if you have already installed iTunes before. :)

For ACC, I haven't tried it myself. Will try and let u know.

10:50 AM, January 05, 2007 Anonymous said...

No, I have deleted the itunes folder and transferred songs onto the media folder. However, the problem is still occurring. Do you think that if itunes were reinstalled this problem would get resolved? Do you have any other suggestions? Thank you.

2:50 PM, January 05, 2007 Yuet said...

can u play the songs using the build-in player? What's your tf card (brand & capacity)? (Let me guess, it is kingston 512mb?) It was reported such problem happened with kingston card. Of course no harm to try reinstalling.

9:12 PM, January 05, 2007 Anonymous said...

The brand is Micro 512mb. Do you think I should purchase a new card? How and where do I find itunes to reinstall?

10:44 PM, January 05, 2007 Yuet said...

the iTunes & installation guide is in this post. don't u see? if you buy new card, I recommend sandisk. I suggest u borrow a card to test, so you can be sure the card is faulty.

8:58 AM, January 06, 2007 Anonymous said...

Hi Yuet


Will look into the MP3 File, so the Sound name is inside the File..?

Had a look at but only found one iTunes skin.

By the way a Happy New Year to you. seems to have a few iTune skins, but they could just be for other versions of iTunes.?

May be AAC Files need to be in a special folder, does iTunes support AAC Files.?


1:08 PM, January 06, 2007 Yuet said...

zipdisk. mp3 file can store many info about the song. you can see such info using desktop iTunes or other mp3 players. For ACC, I have to try it out first.

10:33 PM, January 06, 2007 Anonymous said...

motomidman is not connecing to phone. please help!!!!! Thank You

3:55 PM, January 07, 2007 Anonymous said...

Hi Yuet

MP3 File.

Yes found that Tag name had Latin characters, changed them with a Tag Editor, but I now get the song placed in a unknown Album, checked file date spelling with no luck at all as the Tag and file name was different by one letter.

I noticed that I get constant problems accessing the T-Flash and also the Format often fails, is this the problem with the KINGSTON Brand card.

Seems to work OK with a USB card reader.

If so, do you have any URL Links to back up this, so I can get back to the dealer to replace the card.


5:13 PM, January 07, 2007 Yuet said...

zipdisk, do u use desktop iTunes to edit the mp3 tag? there should be a field "Album name". If the kingston card is >=1GB, it is not compatible with V360/L7. Please get sandisk if you can. To backup content in card, connect it as "memory card" then you should be able to copy all files in the card to computer.

For motomidman problem, please make sure you have motorola driver 2.9. Try reinstall the driver and the software again.

3:25 AM, January 08, 2007 Anonymous said...

Hi Yuet

Thank for reply.

Using a Ultra MP3 Editor on the PC Files, then doing a Total reload to the T/F audio folder, with Folder names for each Album, deleted the Intunes DB and redid it.

The Tag has the correct Album name and Date.

The T/F card is a 512Meg KINGSTON, I have read that you can even use 2 Gig cards on this Phone.?

All songs are in the Audio/Folder with names as the Album names.

I am not using motomidman just the Nomal USB direct card set up, just to coply MP3 Files to the T/F card and to delete that iTunes DB..

Thanks GMT + 12

5:34 AM, January 09, 2007 Anonymous said...

I have V3i (without iTunes) Can I install this app?
I've already installed, but it does not show in menu... :(


2:08 PM, January 09, 2007 Yuet said...

Ricardo, you need to create the shortcut for iTunes. (read the post again.) and then launch iTunes from the shortcut.

8:50 PM, January 09, 2007 Anonymous said...

Yuet, thank you for the answer!
How can I upload 0002_0001.seem to phone? Where (folder) I have to move on and which software I have to use?

Thank you again!

9:39 PM, January 09, 2007 Yuet said...

please read my seem edit guide. It will show u how to upload the seem file.

11:13 AM, January 10, 2007 Anonymous said...

Hi Yuet

Will sorted the problem with the name with the MP3 Tag, had Latin characters in it, I used a Tag editor, but some how iTunes would keep placing the song into a separate Album, I looked at the Tag info but could not see any thing wrong at all.

But fixed it by used Window XP to edited the Tag Song name, song now is in the correct Album and no black blobs.

8:16 PM, January 11, 2007 Anonymous said...

Hi Yuet, how are you?
I've uploaded the shorcut seem to phone and it did not work (shortcut not found). So, I tryed to install the iTunes in phone memory, when I restart phone after installation, I got "File Corrupt, Delete the iTunes?". Are you sure that I can install it in my V3i whithout iTunes?

Thanx again

8:46 PM, January 11, 2007 Yuet said...

Hi, it seems that your firmware doesn't support corelet. You may want to try other V3i firmwares if there's any. I have not tested this iTunes on V3i.

2:42 AM, January 13, 2007 Anonymous said...

hey yuet! where can i find skins for itunes? please tell me. atleast tel me what do i type in search bars to find them.


12:06 PM, January 13, 2007 Yuet said...

Srikanth, giany911 has given you the answer here.

6:21 AM, January 18, 2007 Anonymous said...

Hi.. I need help!!! My name is Paul and I have a problem. I installed the YuetModv30_L7 but i can't install itunes, when i restart the phone appears a message "file corrupted delete theitunes". Please help me..

11:33 AM, January 18, 2007 Yuet said...

Paul, v3.0 doesn't support iTunes, please install v1.8 if you want iTunes.

7:37 PM, January 25, 2007 Anonymous said...

what are the controls for the recorder? thanks :D

11:46 PM, January 25, 2007 Yuet said...

press Menu key and select recorder.

1:47 AM, January 26, 2007 Anonymous said...

what i mean is how to you record, play , pause stop etc..

6:58 PM, January 26, 2007 Yuet said...

sorry, I don't have that version of mod to find it out. can u just try yourself?

1:40 AM, January 27, 2007 nikki said...

hi yuet.. m nikki. wen i downloaded your p2ktools to upload seem to phone its shows status is always disconnected. i just bought my l7 a week ago so i dont think its the phone nor the cable. is there another way i can create the itunes shortcut to my fon? tnx..

11:37 AM, January 27, 2007 Yuet said...

nikki, have you installed the driver? read this guide.

11:50 AM, January 27, 2007 nikki said...

yes i did but only up to step 11 of your instalation guide because the new hardware pop up doesnt show again for the rest..
i tried doing it again but the new hardware pop doesnt show anymore.. hope you can help me. i really want to have itunes on my l7..
tnx in advance.

12:10 PM, January 27, 2007 nikki said...

itunes is already in TF and would only work if i connect usb to my computer. i really need to create a shortcut to my phone right? or is there another way to access it?

12:36 AM, January 29, 2007 Yuet said...

nikki, I updated the driver installation guide. have a look at it, you should be able to solve the problem.

6:35 PM, January 30, 2007 Radu said...

Hi Yuet , i have a problem with itunes . It installed correctly , i added the seem . I start it , then i choose itunes dbcreator ; it then scans the phone , it completes . Then if i press anything that has play associated with it , itunes gives me an application error , and screws up my shorcuts , almost returning them to before the seem edit . Any idea ?

6:48 PM, January 30, 2007 Radu said...

Can someone send my a backup of the 0032_0001 seem , i have bungled it with 0002_0001 by mistake . my mail is . pls i really need it :((

7:32 PM, January 30, 2007 Radu said...

Sorry for the triple post . I found a copy of a 0032_0001 seem , i upload it to my phone , but after the restart it shows it didn't change anything. (i tried p2ktools and p2kseem ).Anybody got a clue ?

10:22 PM, January 30, 2007 Yuet said...

radu, if iTunes is the only problem, try reinstall it. BTW, what's your phone and firmware version?

11:05 PM, January 30, 2007 Radu said...

tnx yuet , i'll try reinstalling it. about my phone it's a v360 , unbranded , s/w version R4513_G_08.B7.56R_A , i think this is my firmware , but with all my trouble i have caused myself i think i'm gonna get your mp on my phone :P . One question though , does it replace all the seems i have on my phone ?

2:26 PM, January 31, 2007 Yuet said...

flashing to my MP will replace everything (including seem)in your phone, except language, so remember to backup your data first.

3:08 PM, February 05, 2007 Cali said...

Hi Yuet, thanks for all these wonderful guides. I managed to installed iTunes (the one posted here with the DB builder) in my V360--Menu+5 to run the app. And everything runs smoothly except the DB builder. I tried deleting the files and start from scratch but no change, when I click on Create DB>Yes, the progress bar shows up but there's no change. MM can build up the db with no problems, but I want my phone to display the covers as well, one one shows up as you mentioned in your album art guide. Do you have any idea what could I be doing wrong? Thanks

3:19 PM, February 05, 2007 Yuet said...

Cali, to have album arts, follow this guide.

4:00 PM, February 05, 2007 Claudia said...

That was fast. I did follow the guide, but I can't follow step 4.2. )Unplug your usb cable from the phone, and start iTunes and build the DB from the phone) because I can't build the db from my phone.

4:02 PM, February 05, 2007 Claudia said...

that was me>: cali=claudia

4:21 PM, February 05, 2007 Yuet said...

Cali, what's your card? brand & capacity? It can be the culprit. (kingston >=1GB card always has problem with V360.) All you can try is to delete the iTunes folders in the card, and reinstall iTunes. If still no change, most likely it is the memory card.

11:40 PM, February 05, 2007 Claudia said...

I thought I posted I reply but it didn't get through somehow. I do have a 1GB Kinsgton card, but I didn't think that was a problem since iTunes reads and plays the songs just fine, it's the DB Creator the only thing I'm having issues with. Everything's fine except only one cover art is attached to all songs, that's why I wanted to use the DB Creator. I'll format the card and install iTunes again. Thanks

2:49 PM, February 20, 2007 joshua said...

hey yuet
i think i found another bug in ur itunes
whenever i return to minimize it always displays the name and album art of the last song played in minimized mode and not the current song
can it be fixed??
tried many itunes versions but i like urs the most


1:01 AM, February 21, 2007 Yuet said...

joshua, thanks for the bug report. I will look at it.

2:04 PM, February 21, 2007 joshua said...

s small update on the bug
i have added the album arts to all the files
sometimes instead of displaying the name of the previous song played in minimized mode
it will display the song title correctly but the album art of the previous song
i have rsa removed your l7 acr firmware (1.8)and am currently using it with the itunes icon and changed bootscreen!!
i tried various other versions of itunes and they dont have this minimized mode bug but they all have another bug in which using the media viewer plugin to view any images displays "out of memory" and then all hell breaks loose
the menus are not displayed properly ,it freezes and i have to quit it using the red button.
do u have any idea why this happens?
also recently i uninstalled many java apps to see if it fixed the media viewer issue. after i removed yuet reader by motomidman phone began to freeze and i had to flash a backup.
can u not uninstall yuet reader??

thanks again

11:31 PM, February 21, 2007 Yuet said...

joshua, you can uninstall yuetreader. just delete it from the games & apps list. I don't use MV, so I don't know the "out of memory" probelm.

6:57 AM, February 27, 2007 ancsura said...

When i try to download motomid I get an error code that the passcode is not valid anymore. Where can I find motomid to download?

2:22 PM, February 27, 2007 Yuet said...

I have updated the download link. try again.

12:43 PM, March 03, 2007 joshua said...

thanks a lot for the new itunes yuet
i love it!!
all the bugs have been fixed regarding the minimize mode
i am still facing problems with mv
i wanted to know if there is any way to remove it

9:04 PM, March 03, 2007 Steeveee said...

Hi, about uploading the seem... what program am I supposed to use in order to do the uploading?

11:19 PM, March 03, 2007 Steeveee said...

ok.. so i uploaded the seem with p2kman, [i made a shortcut before that], and now when i start the phone, itunes starts but if i close it [press the red button] or if i just run it and i press 0 or Back-Back.. until it exits, if i try to use the shortcuts it gives me an error: "Shortcut does not exist" or something like that... I'm all out of ideas here.. so if you could give me some advice.... [except flashing to Yuet MP ... ]

10:10 PM, March 04, 2007 Yuet said...

Steeveee, I updated the steps for uploading the seem. please follow the new steps and try again.

joshua, you can remove the MV menu item. unzip the YuetModiTunes.jar file, edit file nm.plugin to change MediaViewer to Null, as follows:
After that, zip all files/folders using winzip, then rename it to YuetModiTunes.jar.
How can I simulate the problem you encountered? I don't have any problem using MV.

2:29 PM, March 05, 2007 joshua said...

thanks for the info yuet
i dunno why this happens only on my phone
using ur 1.8 mp right now (rsa removed)
i have even switched to der but the problem is still there
anyway i dont use mv that much
thanks again

2:15 AM, March 06, 2007 Steevee said...

I got it working eventually...

I still have two questions:
->Is there any way to show the title of the song on the "desktop" , like above the >> << buttons?

->Do you think there's any chance[maybe in the near future] to make it possible to change the song with the flip closed [in iTunes, of course]?


6:22 AM, March 07, 2007 Pela said...

Hi Yuet, a question, it is not compatible with R4513_G_08.B7.86R_B??? I tryed it and everithing was ok until I put play, there appears an error message: "Error de Aplicación", I´m really interested in your version of iTunes... thank...

PD: previusly I had installed another version of iTunes, the 1.9 version... I deleted that one and installed yours... I don't know If it is important... see u...

11:49 PM, March 07, 2007 Yuet said...

steeve, 1. the song title will be shown at where you display your operator name. you can change the position of the operator name in the skin. 2. The chance is slim. maybe we can cheat the phone to make it work the way as if flip is open.

pela, was 1.9 version working on 86R? if yes, this version should also work. try delete the iTunes folder in memory card and reinstall it.

3:12 AM, March 08, 2007 Pela said...

Hi yuet, I tryed deleting everithing but nothing changed... the thing is that the only iTunes that I have ever make work with this firmware is the 1.9... I don´t know what to do, and I don´t feel I have the enough knowledge to change the corelet/midlet permision... This cel is realy customized by seem editing, and I don´t want to flash it and loose every change, in addition If I flash it I will lose my guarantee... I was wondering if I could make a flashbackup and send it to you to fix it and then send it back to me... I don´t know if that is too much trouble or too much time... But any answer will be well recibed... THX

PD: My phone is locked to use only with an especific company (Personal Argentina) I don´t know If that matters... THX

3:39 AM, March 08, 2007 Gaston said...

Yuet... ah... I'm going insane.

if you want me to help you (if i can i will help you) just send me a mail ( I have two new problems now: the first, i do all step by step with the i-tunes skins, they appeard in the menu, i select one, but the skin doesn`t change. and de second one: the p2kcommander does not work i have a message error who says"there's no disk in the unit", i tried to reinstall the phone but i have no answers

4:01 AM, March 08, 2007 Gaston said...


I must be a little stupid. i restart the phone and the i-tunes skins worked perfectly and the problem is that all the p2k programms that i have does not show me de /c/ volume, they show me only the /a/ volume... what can i do? sorry for the annoyance

8:35 PM, March 08, 2007 Steeveee said...

Yuet, i saw that you use the iPhone skin in your new MP-s so I suppose you're familiar with it. For i-dont-know-what reason it just won't show the song name and play times... both op name and date dissappear completely when iTunes is runnig. this only happens with this skin... Why?

11:25 PM, March 08, 2007 sule ayinla said...

Hi Yuet,good of you for this new iTunes, I will install right away. Your versions are the safest to use. I once tested other versions(Bulfrog,Vassio,Walkman)and ended up losing my phonebook entries when I experimented with their Intruments of book. Hope this version work great in my L7 too.Thanks

12:20 AM, March 09, 2007 sule ayinla said...

Hi, I installed your latest iTunes and it works great in my L7 but was dissapointed to find instruments of book renamed as phonebook tool.this is a potential monster which i dont like at all.your older version came without this plugin which deletes my phonebook entries without a way to restoration.How can I remove this tool plugin from my iTunes? heard the .jar file could be manipulated somehow.

11:46 AM, March 09, 2007 Yuet said...

sule ayinla, I agree that plugin is not that good, but I find the backup/restore phonebook function is useful, that's why I keep it. Anyway, you can remove it from the menu. do these:
unzip the YuetModiTunes.jar file, edit file nm.plugin to change PhoneBook to Null, as follows:
[PB Tool]
After that, zip all files/folders using winzip, then rename it to YuetModiTunes.jar.

steeve, to make iTunes display the title in hidden mode, you have to put the "operator name" above the "date text" in the skin.

gaston, get the p2ktools 0.86, which can be download here.

pela, there's really too much effort required, and I can't flash to your backup because it is locked. Anyway, I believe it is the firmware causes the problem, so you need to flash to a better firmware. Anyway, it is your choice.

9:10 AM, March 11, 2007 Anonymous said...

Hi Yuet I've installed the new iTunes but I have a problem when I press the "O" key the program exit and I can't start with the shortcut. Can you tell me any way to modify this bug becuase I want the iTunes with the names of the songs right but I don't want the unload key.....

7:12 PM, March 11, 2007 Yuet said...

the "load iTunes" shortcut will load iTunes again after unloading, but it will take a few seconds, and it will just load iTunes, but not start it. You need to select the iTunes menu icon again to start iTunes.

2:03 AM, March 12, 2007 skball123 said...

Hi Yuet,
I'm on a mac, and have tried to look thoruhg some of these comments to see if anyone has asked or told how to install this on a mac, but i can't seem to figure it out. I have, and know how to use Moto4lin if that helps. I can see that some mac people have gotten this to install, but alas I have not figured this one out.

Please Help!

9:27 AM, March 12, 2007 Yuet said...

check out digitol's macmotopack.

8:24 PM, March 12, 2007 skball123 said...

i have tried those macmotopacks.. i did again, using the newest 1(the third). when i booted up my phone, however, it said, "Application is out of date! Verify time and date settings in Initial Setup."

what should i do here?

3:40 PM, March 13, 2007 Yuet said...

first thing to check is to make sure your firmware can support iTunes.

7:59 PM, March 13, 2007 skball123 said...

I am very sure it can because I have the Motorola Rokr E1(e790)and it comes with iTunes, but from apple. I want your version because i have heard great things about it begin so much better with its extra options.

3:27 AM, March 14, 2007 Pela said...

Hi Yuet, I´m using your iTune, GREAT!!! but I want to know where to find the language resourceDb files that is told here: "Note #2: If you enable skins changer, you lose the multi-language support unless you put the language resourceDb files into /b/iTunes/skins." because I want to use a skin in spanish...

Another thing, is there any way to have ALL the options that appears when u press menu with the phone language in english (skin change, iTuneDB, etc.) when u put the phone in other language?

Thx very much, see u!

10:53 AM, March 14, 2007 Yuet said...

skball123, if the macmotopack doesn't work, you will need to install it using motomidman on PC. I don't know a mac way to install iTunes yet.

pela, it is in the res folder inside the jar file. you can use winzip to unzip the jar file. to make all options appear for your language, you need to add the new items into the resource file of your language, which I don't know how exactly it can be done yet.

12:20 PM, March 14, 2007 skball123 said...

Since i dont havt any PC's lying around, i tried motomidman on Virtual PC. When i can get motomidman to say" connected" it says it couldn't recognize any java midlets.. when there are some. BUT other times i can't even get it to connect.

1:21 PM, March 14, 2007 Pela said...

Thanks Yuet, here I upload al the resources files... Like u said, it is only needed to put the especific resource file of the language u need in the especific folder of the skin you want to support your languague... See u!

8:24 PM, March 14, 2007 skball123 said...

Yuet, i finally got a connection to VPC and got your itunes on! YAY! thanks so much.

Yet, i have another problem. When i try to put the resource file in b/iTunes/skins and try to selsct it, my skin does not change in itunes. also "5. press Menu button again, then you should see a new option "skins changer". select it, then select the skin that you want to use."

I did this and folowed it exactally as u stated. no do


1:28 AM, March 15, 2007 Pela said...

skball123 remember that in order to see the options and the "skin changer" the phone language has to be "english"... try it!

4:42 AM, March 15, 2007 skball123 said...

my phone is in english, and i tried two different skins to see if it was that one that didn't work. first i put the skins in b/iTunes/skins . i separated them into their own folders. i go into itunes, click yes for skin change, then go to menu again, and skin changer. i see the skin folders i put, and click the resourseDB file that is in the folder. it takes me out of the menu and does nothing.

10:42 AM, March 15, 2007 Yuet said...

skball123, you should select the skin folder instead of the resourcedb file. and you need to restart the phone to see the change.

12:15 PM, April 07, 2007 Anonymous said...

Hi Yuet

The new 2.83 iTunes, what do I need to do to remove the old one..?

Moto have a new USB Driver.

Now permits full USB speed to be selected e.g., 12,000,000 bits per



6:58 PM, April 07, 2007 Metallus said...

ZipDisk you need motomidman. You can download it from this post above. Just use the "install from jad" option in motomidman after connecting the phone in data/fax mode. press yes when prompted. It is all described above in the guide.

3:20 PM, April 20, 2007 Manish said...

Hi Yuet,

I tried to install the YuetModItunes on my Motorola V3i and got following results:

1) Using MotoMidletManager, I got a similar message to "Corrupted File Itunes, delete Itunes?"

2) Using P2kCommander to copy the jar and jad files to kjava folder and installing using "Games and Apps" from the phone, I get "Failed: Invalid file" before installation and if I manage to install it anyway, while running it I get "Application Error".

The original version of Itunes (1.0.1) installs without problems using the second procedure however, using MotoMidletManager, I get the same error.

Please let me know if I am missing something here.

Thanks for your efforts. I really appreciate it.

2:03 AM, April 21, 2007 Metallus said...

manish if your V3i is branded then it is most likely that iTunes won't work on your phone. Still you can install iTunes using MotoMidletManager and after it installs double click (in the MotoMidletManager window) on iTunes and set the attribute signed and corelet. After that restart the phone. Please reply with the results.

6:41 PM, April 22, 2007 Manish said...

Hi Metallus,

Thanks for helping me.

I tried your suggestion. I used MotoMidletManager to install the YuetModItunes.jad file.

The installation was successfull and then I checked for the attribtes. CORElet was already checked so, I just checked Signed, clicked OK and after a while MotoMidletManager did the changes.

Then I restarted the phone and saw the message "File Corrupted. Delete the Itunes?"

Once again to double check if I was missing something, I followed the same steps to install the default version of Itunes and it worked again.

So, I believe for some reasons, my phone won't let me install any other version of Itunes except the one which it came with.

I was trying to install this modified version of Itunes assuming that it wouldn't have a 50 song limit which my Itunes has.

I am using DAP at present but, its really takes 20 seconds to load.

Thanks again for you help Metallus.

Have a great day :)

10:23 PM, April 22, 2007 Metallus said...

Manish like I said in my previous post if your phone is branded it is likely any other version if iTunes (other than the one it came with) will not work. You can try other versions of iTunes. Another thing you can do is setting the flipinsensitive attribute on iTunes. I don't know if it will work but my brother has a v360v branded and the only way iTunes works is with that attribute set. Good luck

1:28 PM, April 23, 2007 Yuet said...

manish, what's the firmware in your V3i? I remember I read somewhere the modified version can be installed in V3i. It is true that the modified version doesn't have the 50 songs limit.

11:28 PM, April 23, 2007 Manish said...

Hi Metallus and Yuet,

Thanks for your suggestions again.

Metallus, I tried that step too with no luck. Yes, it is a branded version of the phone so I am convinced that you are right.

Yuet, the firmware version on my phone is R47A_G_08.D8.67R

I was also trying to look for code of Itunes java classes (related to 50 song limit)using DJ Decompiler but, no success till now. Perhaps, I need to practice some more on Java. LOL.

I have checked a lot of forums on this and found everywhere that people were unable to get a version of Itunes to work on V3i which didn't have 50 song limit (whereas some people claim that they have 100 song limit without having to do any modifications).

Once again, thanks for your prompt suggestions.

Have a great day :)

3:03 PM, April 24, 2007 Manish said...

Hi Metallus,

I apologize for my mistake in my last post. It is not a branded phone.

Today, I also tried upgrading it to R47A_G_08.D8.85R and tried everything again. No luck.

No, I believe that I should wait for a while until someone hacks Itunes for V3i too. :)

Enjoy :)

7:10 PM, April 25, 2007 Manish said...

Hi Yuet and Metallus,

Well, not the best but, still better.

Finally, I got success in boosting the song limit from 50 to 100 on my V3i.

There's a very nice web page on this.

I followed the instructions and now I have a 100 song limit instead of 50.

I also tried installing YuetModItunes after it but, still I kept on getting Corrupted File messages.

Anyway, I am still happy as 100 is a better number than 50. So, thought that I should share this success with you as it might help others having the same problem.

Once more time, thank you very much.

Have fun :)

1:39 AM, April 30, 2007 Anonymous said...

Hi Yuet. I read your site all the time! Thanks for all the helpful information & downloads. Great work.


2:09 AM, May 02, 2007 duhd0n6 said...

is there a way to install iTunes in V3i?

7:07 AM, May 13, 2007 Manish said...

Okay. Now I have got YuetModItunes to work on my phone. The problem was that I didn't patch my phone to run signed and unsigned CORElets properly.

I did that again and now I have got it to work.

Thanks Yuet. :)

11:42 PM, May 13, 2007 Yuet said...

Manish, glad you did it.

Betsy, you're welcome!

duhd0n6, as you can see, Manish just did it, so it is possible. I guess your v3i doesn't come with iTunes, so probably you need to patch your firmware to allow corelet, then follow the step to install iTunes. Maybe Manish can tell you more details.

10:59 PM, May 29, 2007 Maggy said...

hi, i have a Motorola SLVR L7 phone and I bought a Toshiba 1GB Micro SD mem card. When I insert this mem card in to the phone, it reports it as unformatted and formatting fails. The mem card as such works fine. Is there are Firmware patch that I need to do in order to make this work?


2:18 PM, June 01, 2007 Yuet said...

Magesh, try formating the card using PC. If no use, your card might not be compatible with your phone. I recommend Sandisk for 1GB card. should always try before paying.

9:30 AM, June 05, 2007 Pela said...

Hi Yuet, I've got a question, I'm usin the lite version of your iTunes and I love it, but what do I have to do to see the song I'm listening to in the main screen of the phone, you know... the title of the song and the time...

2:09 PM, July 08, 2007 Anonymous said...


I did everything you said and the result is that my phone (V3i) says application error.

Please help

2:14 PM, July 08, 2007 Anonymous said...

Hi Yuet,

I followed your instructions on installing iTunes for my V3i, after restarting, phone says application error..

Help Please

2:14 PM, July 09, 2007 Yuet said...

pela, It should show the title/time. try to change the skin. maybe the skin you were using doesn't show the title/time.

for V3i user, please make sure your firmware can support iTunes.

3:02 PM, September 09, 2007 dpj13 said...

Hey Yuet....i deleted my iTunes completly....when i click on the logo nothing im not even sure if this walkthroug will help me.....cuz when i renamed the YuetModiTunes.jad to iTunes.jad it didnt ask me to replace nething...can u help?

1:40 AM, September 11, 2007 dpj13 said...

i fixed my old problem actually but now when i listen to a song it cuts out at random parts n i cant listen to the song...i listen to like 5 seconds of a song and then it jus goes to the next 1...can u help?

9:29 PM, September 11, 2007 Yuet said...

maybe because your song's bitrate is too high? try to re-encode the song using iTunes. then try again.

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8:51 AM, December 18, 2007 John Chew said...

Hi Yuet,

I'm glad to come here and i really like to get an itune on my phone. But i keep getting the application error. I had followed every single step.

My s/w version:R4513_G_08.B7.5ER_RB

Please help me with this. Thanks

12:48 AM, December 19, 2007 Yuet said...

maybe your firmware 5ER_RB is not compatible with corelet. You might need to flash ur phone to other firmware in order to install iTunes.

10:21 AM, December 19, 2007 john chew said...

Hi Yuet,

Do you mind to show me the directions on how to flash the firmware? and suggest me which firmware is the best.

How should i backup my currently firmware so that i can recover back to it?

Thanks, a lot appreciate for your help. Web