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News: It is reported that iTunes 9 is compatible with jailbroked iPhones... Now I got an iPhone 3GS. I will be posting something about it...

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Thursday, August 06, 2009

iPhone SSH server & client

Set up iPhone SSH server & client

(This guide is for jailbroken iPhones only)

After jailbroke my iPhone 3GS, the first thing I want to do is to set up SSH server and client in my iPhone. These are the steps how I did it.

Packages you need. Get them and install them by Cydia:
ToggleSSH (Optional)

After install the above packages, reboot the iPhone. You will have 2 icons in iPhone screen. One icon "Terminal" for MobileTerminal, and the other for "Toggle SSH". OpenSSH and BigbossHackerTools are console packages, so you won't find any icon for them.

Using iPhone as SSH client:
If u are on cellular network, You need to enable internet tethering in iPhone to get an Internet IP, and try using safari to open a website if u can't connect to ssh host. It's not necessary if you are on wifi.
1. Tap "Terminal" icon in iPhone
2. use command ssh or sftp to connect to your SSH servers.

Using iPhone as SSH server:

After installing OpenSSH, SSH server should be automatically ON. U can use Toggle SSH to turn it on & off. All you need now is to find the IP of your iPhone, then make a ssh connection to the IP.

Using iPhone as SSH server in WIFI network:

Your SSH client and the iPhone must be in the same WIFI network.
To find the IP, in iPhone, go to Settings - Wi-Fi, tap the WiFi network to find the IP.

Using iPhone as SSH server in cellular network:

You must enable internet tethering in iPhone (through USB or Bluetooth) and connect your SSH client device to the iPhone shared network through USB or Bluetooth.

To turn on internet tethering, in iPhone, go to Settings - Network - internet tethering to turn it on.

To find the IP, tap "Terminal" and run command "ifconfig", the IP of the en1 interface will be the IP you need.

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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Jailbreak iPhone 3GS with purplera1n

Jailbreak my iPhone 3GS with purplera1n

I jailbroke my iPhone 3GS three weeks after I got it. It is so easy. These are the steps:

1. Download purplera1n at Make sure you have iTunes or later.

2. Unzip the file, and open the “purplera1n” app. A small window with "make it ra1n" button is shown.

3. Connect iPhone 3GS to computer via USB. Click “make it ra1n” button.

4. Wait until iPhone rebooted into Home screen.
(If iTunes complains of your iPhone being in recovery mode, just close it)

5. Find the newly installed “Freeze” application in iPhone screen and tap it. It will install the Cydia jailbreak applications store. Tap “Install Cydia” button to install Cydia.

6. Once Cydia is installed, reboot the iPhone 3GS. Then open Cydia, choose who you are (user/hacker/developer) and perform a “Complete Update”.

Browsing Cydia store now.

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