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News: It is reported that iTunes 9 is compatible with jailbroked iPhones... Now I got an iPhone 3GS. I will be posting something about it...

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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sync iTunes songs with album art

A way to sync iTunes songs with album art
You may have heard about it, but in case you don't know. It is reported that we can sync songs and album art to iTunes on your motorola phone, using MediaMonkey and it's beta ipod plugin. Unfortunately it is not for Mac.

MediaMonkey is a free MP3 Jukebox player and music library organiser. You can get MediaMonkey from its site, and download the beta ipod plugin. Install MediaMonkey, and replace the original ipod dll in mediamonkey\plugins with this beta iPod plugin, then the program will see the Motorola phone.

Here is the support thread in MediaMonkey forum.

I have not tested it myself, so no detail steps here. Please try it. If you succeed, please tell us how you do it. Good Luck!

giany911 has kindly written a very nice tutorial. Click here to read it.

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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Change system sounds

How to change system sounds
for YuetMod v2.x only
Only certain firmwares allow you to change system sounds. My YuetMod v2.0 MP is one of them.

First, you need to prepare the sound files. They must be Wave files and the format must be 8khz, 8 bits and mono. I found a freeware "WaveForm" (if I am not wrong) can convert sound files to this format. Search for it.

Second, you need to edit two SEEMs to enable customisable system sounds. Here is the SEEMs:
SEEM 0032_001 Offset 82 bit 6 - (set on)
SEEM 0032_001 Offset 6D bit 6 - (set on)

Lastly, upload your custom wav files to: /a/, then restart the phone.

Followings are the names & description of the sound files:

LBatChrg.wav ---> start battery charge
LEndList.wav ---> end battery charge or end of serie
LBatLow.wav ---> Advert low battery
LKeyMenu.wav ---> Accesing to "menu" via menu key
LKeySend.wav ---> send key or calling
LScroFst.wav ---> fast scrool
LKeyEnd.wav ---> end key
LError.wav ---> error sound
LScroll.wav ---> normal scroll
LKeyHold.wav ---> holding the menu key for a shortcut
LSoftKey.wav ---> joystick key sound
LCalTimr.wav ---> 1 min beep on a call
LDevDrop.wav ---> disconnecting device
LDevCnct.wav ---> connecting device
LCalDrop.wav ---> Error of network or wap
LConfim.wav ---> there is no confirm
LDelText.wav ---> delete text
LNegate.wav ---> ? (not sure)

I am going to make a sound pack for YuetMod v2.1. :-)

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

How To Install dual Corelets

How To Install dual Corelets
MediaViewer and iTunes
Thank aaa & bullfrog for providing all this information. This guide will show you how to install two corelets on your motorola p2k phone.

What you need:
1. two corelets which can unload itself. (MV and iTunes)
2. MotoMidMan

UPDATE 21 Dec 2006: Steps updated, and tested by Yuet. Package updated with iTunes modded by bullfrog.


1. create one shortcut in the shortcuts menu.

2. download the 0002_0001.seem file and upload it to your phone. (Read my SEEM Edit guide if not sure how to upload the seem.) Restart your phone and rename the shortcut from "iTunes" to "Start Corelet".

3. install MediaViewer using MotoMidMan. Set its type to "Background" only.

4. Install iTunes and set its type to "Background" only.

5. restart your phone. Go to "Games & Apps" and set the shortcuts for these two apps. (to create shortcuts, select the midlet then press Menu key and hold.) Let say you create shortcut #2 for iTunes, and shortcut #3 for MediaViewer. Name the iTunes shortcut as "Load iTunes", the MV shortcut "Load MV".

6. use MotoMidMan to set both the apps to "Corelet" only.

7. restart your phone again, the first installed corelet (MV) will be loaded first. When you press shortcut "Start Corelet", MV will start. To start the second corelet (iTunes), unload the existing one (MV) by pressing Menu->MediaViewer->Unload, wait for a while. press shortcut "Load iTunes", wait for a while again, then press "Start Corelet" to start the second corelet (iTunes). To unload iTunes, press "0" in iTunes screen to unload it. After that you can press shortcut "Load MV" following by "Start Corelet" to start MV.

The MediaViewer has following features:
1. Bluetooth file transfer
2. Text Reader
3. Flip sounds
4. Open images bigger than 640x480

To use the flip sounds feature, put the sound files (CaseClose.mp3 & CaseOpen.mp3) into c:\mobile\audio.

(I am working on adding "unload" feature in YuetMod iTunes.)

Download package:
MV, bullfrog-iTunes & flip sounds: [filecloud]
motomidman: [mofile]
0002_0001.seem: [filecloud]

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Java apps in YuetMod

Java Apps in YuetMod
This is a package of all the free java applications installed in my YuetMod v1.x MP.

This package includes:
1. Dictaphone - voice recorder
2. FileChanger - change files (funlight, mma_ucp & gaintable)
3. GlobalTime
4. JKeyNote - write notes in phone memory
5. JZipMan - zip files
6. Moto-Txt - text reader
7. Opera Mini - browser
8. PhoneManager - file manager
9. Student Calculator
10. Stop Watch

(MatraxBench is removed from the package.)

You need to use MotoMidMan to install these apps, as most of them require access to file system of the phone.

Download: [filecloud] [4shared]

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Tips for using Engineering Mode

Tips for using Engineering Mode (Test mode)
for motorola P2K GSM phones
You may not know that we can use the Engineering Mode (or test mode) to check the battery status, such as battery type, battery voltage, battery level, charging status, etc.

1. open menu "Engineering" or "Test Mode";
2. select "Field Test Status";
3. select "Availability";
4. select "SBCM";
5. press Left Soft key to go back. Message "FTS setting changed" is shown.
6. press Menu key, then Left Soft key quickly;
7. you will see a screen with white lines and orange background;
8. press Up or Down keys to browse through the pages of battery info. We can't understand all the info, but you will be able to find battery type, battery voltage, battery level, charging status, etc. It is useful for us to check the current voltage of the battery, so you will know at what voltage you will get the low battery warning.
9. press Menu, the Left Soft key again to quit the screen.

We can also use the Engineering to turn on/off "GPRS auto attach".

1. open menu "Engineering" or "Test Mode";
2. select "Phone Capabilities";
3. select "GP Auto Attach";
4. select on or off.

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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Apple iPhone comming soon!?

Apple iPhone
I would like to be the first to get an Apple iPhone when it is available. An iPod cell phone is that kind of device I would die for.

The iPhone is announced. Will be available in US in June, Europe in 4Q this year and Asia next year. Running Mac os x. It is simply awesome! I don't want to mod it. Why mod it?

It seems that the only not-so-good thing is its lack of support on Java, as I can't find any info about java/j2me/midp suppot in the spec of iPhone. It is a bad thing for me as I like to develop J2ME programs.

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