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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Best setup for flip-close operation v2

Best setup for flip-close operation
Version 2
jizzmoto33@momo told me that I can replace the Voice key with headset key, then I come up with this Version 2 of setup for flip-close operation. This setup is applied in YuetMod v1.5 MP. (It should be able to apply for other clam-shell moto P2K phones.)

Refer to Version 1.

Version 2 Pros & cons: comparing to version 1
1. can make speakerphone call.
2. can pause music playing.
3. can jump to next song.
4. avoid accidental power-off
1. can't power off the phone when flip closed.
2. not as easy of use as version 1. Have to "press & hold" voice key, instead of "press".
3. can't stop alarm when phone is on.
4. can't stop music playing when sound player is hidden (home screen).

What you can do?
1. Call out using speakerphone
2. stop alarm sound when phone is off
3. stop/pause playing music
4. reject phone call
5. play music, adjust volume and jump to next song
6. enable/disable alarm
7. browse recent calls
8. browse phonebook
9. change personalise setting
10. view storage devices
11. change ring style
12. change usb setting
13. on/off bluetooth
(probably more ...)

1. Map the keys as follows:
browser key = smart key
camera key = voice key
smart key = fire key
voice key = wired headset key
wired headset key = right key
2. Set "Setting->Headset->Voice call" on. Set "Setting->In-call setup->Answer option->multikey" on.
3. Update mma file to put Shortcuts at the 5th item of the first level of the menu.
4. Create shortcuts for those functions that can be shown on the outer LCD.
My shortcuts:
3.recent calls
6.personalize devices
8.loud ring style
9.soft ring style
11.vibrate & ring
12.vibrate then ring
14.USB setting
15.On bluetooth
16.Off bluetooth

How to operate?
1. press the smart key two or three times, depends on whether your phone is in standby mode or not.
2. shortcuts menu is shown on the outer LCD. press volume up/down keys to select the item in the menu, then press smart key. Using the smart key, you can play music, enable/disable alarm, etc.
3. if you want to go back to select other items, press & hold the voice key, then repeat steps 1 & 2.
4. to stop alarm/reject call, press & hold the voice key.
5. When you are in the sound player screen, you can use volume keys to adjust volume, press & hold the voice key to stop playing music.
6. If you do not store any voice name in phonebook and wired headset is connected, you can pause/resume music playing. When you are in the home screen (hide sound player), press Voice key to pause music, and press Voice key again to resume.
7. When your wired headset is connected, you can use the headset button to jump to next song.
8. To make speakerphone call, go to phonebook, select the name then press voice key. Once the call is connected, press the smart key to activate speakerphone.
(Note: always press & hold the "Voice Key" to return to home screen before opening the flip, otherwise it may cause the phone to reboot. In sound screen, in order not to stop playing, press the smart key then press & hold the voice key will bring you to the home screen.)

How to achieve it?
The best & simplest way is to flash to my YuetMod v1.5 MP.
1. Use P2KMenuEditor to map the keys, or simply Hex edit the 005B-0001 SEEM. Read V360 SEEM 005B-0001 key map for more info
2. Use Hex Editor to update mma file. It is hard to explain how to update. The easiest way is to download my mma file. My mma file will also give you 3x4 icons.

If you want to post this article elsewhere, please quote the original author and link to this Blog webpage.

Download mma_ucp: (rename mma_ucp.bin to mma_ucp, copy it to mma_dcp, then upload the mma_ucp & mma_dcp into /a/mobile/system of your phone. set mma_dcp as system file.)

Get YuetMod MP here:
[YuetMod MP]

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11:51 PM, July 28, 2006 Max said...

Nice job Yuet! i'm wondering about taking pictures with flip closed. Somebody said to me in a moto forum that:

"most phones have the option, once the camera is activated from the inside button, have the option to use the smart key as the camera button to allow you to take self protraits. You can take it one step further, point and shoot but you need a steady hand and be able to view the picture you want to take over the phone. What you see from the top of the phone, will probably be what the view finder sees. There is a mod which allows you to uses menus with the phone flip closed and camera is a menu item on most phones."

Is it possible ? Do you have any idea ?

8:40 AM, July 29, 2006 Yuet said...

Hi max, thanks for the info. Where do u find this post? can u give me a link? I still cannot get the camera to start when flip closed. If there's a seem to enable starting camera when flip closed, that will be nice.

only way to take a photo when flip closed is to use the timer function. open the flip to start timer, then close it. The photo is taken when timer is up.

11:18 PM, July 29, 2006 Anonymous said...

Hello! This is neat. I've noticed however that the iTunes button does nothing for my in flip close operation. I press the smart key to select it in the shortcut menu and nothing happens. What is it supposed to do and how do I operate it? Thank you.

12:07 AM, July 30, 2006 Yuet said...

Hi, it is true that you can't operate iTunes when flip closed. It is in the shortcuts because it is so far the only way to start iTunes.

11:15 PM, November 22, 2006 Anonymous said...

Try map keys as follow:
Voice->Left Soft
Smart->Right Soft

11:13 PM, November 25, 2006 Yuet said...

I think there's a bug if we remap the soft keys. the soft buttons will not display correctly.

1:32 AM, December 26, 2006 Stephen Studios said...

Hi Yuet,

Unfortunately I cant figure any of this stuff out. Is there an easier way to do this like where there are certain files to download on you just place them in certain parts of the phone and youre set? All these instructions are very complicated and I cant figure anything out. I'm working on an apple mac computer and I have a Razr V3. It seems like this tutorial isnt cut out for Mac which doesnt help much. I have already formatted my Razr to P2K and I have Moto4lin installed- I changed my skin and did the lights thing ( but thats not really too important ). I want to do the scrolling with the phone closed and play music etc, but I cant figure it out. It seems like the links lead to other installations for other purposes and not for how to do what I want. If you could help me out and make things alittle easier and clearer for me so that I can do flip-closed operations, thatd be great!


6:14 PM, December 26, 2006 Yuet said...

Steve, I don't think this guide is difficult, but you are a bit new to moto modding. Please spend some time to read my guides. especially the seem edid/hex edit guides. you should find them useful.

I can't provide files to you because I don't have V3. Files for V360/L7 are not for V3. Actually it is easier to do it on V3. You only need the software P2KMenuEditor to do all these. You can download it here. Unfortunately it is not for Mac. Using Mac, you have to do the hex edit by following my guides. Basically you need to arrange your menu_ucp to make "shortcuts" the 5th item. and edit the keymap seem 005B-0001 to change some keys.

1:04 AM, December 27, 2006 Stephen Studios said...

Hi Yuet,

Ok on this page it says under how to achieve "or simply Hex edit the 005B-0001 SEEM. Read V360 SEEM 005B-0001 key map for more info"

Now when I click on that page, it says for V360/L7 which isnt my phone. And like you said you dont have the files for V3 so im not exactly sure how to mod my phone to do the function I want to do. If I follow the Hex Edit guide, thats just explaining how to do it, I want to know specifically what to change in the Hex Edit and what to change in the seem to make my phone closed capable. In that Hex Edit page where it shows all the offset, key value, and keys, when I open my seem editor (Moto4Lin) the code is exactly how it is shown. For example:

0c | 12 | green key does this mean where it says 12 in the seem should I change 12 to "green key" ? In the HexEdit program there isnt any 0c | 12 | displayed, only in Moto4LIn.


3:00 PM, December 27, 2006 Yuet said...

Steve, I would think the key map for V3 & V360 are similar if not exactly same. As I said in the post, you have to at least remap these 2 keys to get the flip-close operation:
smart key = fire key
voice key = wired headset key

then look at the key map, you see the original setting is:
Offset | Key value | Key
16 | 2b | voice key
17 | 15 | smart key
1c | 3d | fire
33 | 33 | Wired headset

you will change them to: (remember the first column means "offset" and the 2nd means "key value".
16 | 33
17 | 3d

you can use moto4lin to edit this seem 005b-0001.

for editing mma_ucp, you may want to follow this guide to swap the "shortcuts" with the 5th first-level menu item.

hope this helps. if not, send me the mma_ucp & 005b-0001 files. I'll do it for u, but please try first.

11:28 AM, October 24, 2007 Anonymous said...

Nice, very nice job! I modified a small details. My keys is:

Key / Real Function
Smart - Fire Key
Browser - Voice Key
Fire - Smart Key (My smart is link to iTunes)
Voice Key - Wired Headset Key

It's perfect for me!

Yuet, where a key you seted for Wire Headset Key (real key)?


Sorry for my english, i'm brazilian :) Web