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Sunday, January 14, 2007

LP Guide - part 2 - Change Language

How to extract/add/delete languages in/from Language pack
Continue from LP Guide - part 1.

This part will show you how to extract/add/delete languages in/from Language pack. A langpack usually contains English and some other languages. You can use the langpack editor in SHXCodec to save each language as lng file, and you can add/delete languages in/from the langpack. Follow this guide, you will be able to create a customised LP for yourself, with only the languages you want, without those that you don't want. One thing you should bear in mind is that the langpack has limit in size (about 2MB), so you can put too many languages in one langpack.

Extract/add/delete language from/to LP
1. start SHXCodec, select menu "Utilities" then "LangPack Editor";
2. in the LangPack Editor, click "Open langpack" to open the LangPack SMG file as "Source LangPack file";
3. click "Parse language" button, a list of languages in the LP will be shown under "Languages";
4. To extract language, select the language which you want to extract and click "Save language" to save it as a lng file;
5. To delete language, select the language and click "Delete";
6. To add language, select "Add from file" button, then select the lng language file;
7. After you have completed the change in the langpack, click "Save langpack" button to save the LP in SMG format;
8. follow part 1 guide "Compile a LangPack reflash file using the SMG file" to compile the LP reflash file.

screenshot of LP editor in SHXCodec:

In next part, I will show you how to change text in the language.

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11:25 AM, August 07, 2007 Lian said...

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