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Thursday, September 07, 2006

DRM Edit Guide for 08.D0

How to edit DRM (part 2)
for phones with 08.D0 bootloader
Continue from [Part 1]. These are the extra steps in order to make your DRM flashable to phones with 08.D0 bootloader.

(Use this guide at your own risk, I am not responsible for any damage caused by using this guide.)

Tool you need:
1. RandomSHX

Part 2 steps:

1. Get my YuetMod DRM reflash file at [].

2. Start RandomSHX, then click button "Extract BIN files from SHX".

screenshot of RandomSHX:

3. Select my DRM reflash SHX file. After extraction, there will be a new folder "Extracted bin" created, and the extracted bin files are in that folder. Each bin file has a sequence number in its file name. Delete the bin file with sequence number 2.

4. Copy the CG15 SMG file, which you saved in the step 5 of the part 1 steps, to the "extracted bin" folder and rename the file to the name of the bin file which you just deleted in step 3. (Note: your CG15 SMG file should not be bigger than my #2 bin file.)

5. In RandomSHX, click button "Create SHX file from BIN". Select the .lst file in the "extracted bin" folder, then let RandomSHX do the job to create the SHX file.

6. Now you can flash the SHX file to your phone using RSDLite. You will see checksum error reported but it is ok. Your DRM will be updated anyway. There is way to fix the checksum error, but it will require Hex editing, so I will not explain it here. Enjoy your new DRM graphics.

RandomSHX: [] [filecloud]

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6:19 PM, September 07, 2006 Steven said...

YES! Thanks, I'll try it.

6:47 PM, September 07, 2006 Jose said...

Thank you so much! When I finish my exams I will try it, thanks!

8:55 PM, September 07, 2006 Steven said...

It's perfect. :)

9:25 PM, September 07, 2006 Steven said...

I tried to change my font with this method, but it wasn't successful. :(
I refrashed with original langpack.

10:47 PM, September 07, 2006 Yuet said...

steven, you need a modded langpack to work on. I will upload some days later. BTW, how do you change the font?

11:13 PM, September 07, 2006 Steven said...

I converted with RandomSHX a V3i langpack to bin and changed the biggest bin file in my original langpack. Than imported my lang into this bin.

12:08 AM, September 09, 2006 soul_train said...

Hello yuet! Nice work m8. I wona ask is it posible to lisen .mp3 on Motorola v360, with bluetooth headset -Logitech express?

2:27 AM, September 09, 2006 bomber21 said...

Hi yuet!
Your blog is very nice!

Greetings from the Greek Motorola Community ( )!!!

1:26 PM, September 09, 2006 Yuet said...

soul_train, I think it can as long as your bluetooth headset can support A2DP. so make sure before you buy the headset.

bomber21, I have also left you a message in your site.

11:29 AM, September 10, 2006 lucas said...

Hi Yuet
What happend if my CG15 is Bigger of your CG15 ??

(Mi CG15 have 2.28 MB, your 1.67 MB)

Sorry for my bad english :S


3:23 PM, September 10, 2006 Yuet said...

lucas, The DRM graphics might not be able to display if it is bigger. There are many unused graphics in the DRM. You can replace those unused big graphics with a dummy small graphics, so as to make the DRM smaller.

9:22 PM, September 10, 2006 soul_train said...

Hello yuet! I need your help m8. Plz. Yesterday I was playing with your MonsterPack, and i wanted to change DMR pack. I followed your intructions, and everthing went well. I put my phone (v360) into boot mode, i opend my RSD Lite 2.7 and i started flashing Your MP with custom DMR pack. It camed to 87% and it stoped. I leaved it for 1 hour and then I reeboted my PC. Now I can't power on my Phone, I can't even put it in boot mode. When I press power button nothing happens. When I plug USB into phone now RSD Lite recognises my phone so I thry to flas to normal MP, but when it ends with creating Image file it says: Incopatible superfile for Subscriber unit state (0x430703A). It recognises phone like: S Blank Neptune LTE2. If you have some time can you plz figure it out, I thrust you, you are a very good man. Thank you for your time.

11:15 PM, September 10, 2006 Yuet said...

Oh, soul_train, it seems that you have bricked your phone so bad. How can you turn it into a S Blank Neptune LTE2? This guide is for DRM reflash only, it is not for compiling MP. What did you do? What files were you used? Please tell me as detail as possible. and let me have a look at your flasherrorlog file in the RSDlite program folder.

1:12 AM, September 11, 2006 soul_train said...

Ok, thanks for lissening to me m8. I was using SHXCoDec to split your MP 1.7. And then i opend another SHXCoDec to split Diabolic MP. Then i selected in your MP DMR, and simply replaced it with DMR pack from Diabolic MP. Then I Compiled it back. Then I flashed it. There is no Log becoze RSDLite frozen and i had no other solution then to reboot. This is FlashLog what happens now when I thry to flash again:

03:40:48, September 10, 2006
Line: 1751
ERROR: Phone[0000]: Error flashing subscriber unit. Device API Error: 0xE0030008 Address: 0x11F60000 Command: ADDR
File: Y:\test_dev_usb\flash\code\flashdll\PST_FP_FlashThread.cpp
Device ID: 0 I don't know what to do. I'm no noob I have been flashing my phone for some time now and I know allmost everytricks. I think that its RAM memory is deleted, there is no parameters for phone, to phone Power button doesent mean anything. Have any thougts?

1:14 AM, September 11, 2006 soul_train said...

This RSDLite saiz for my phone:

ESN: N / A
Technology: N / A
Software Version: N / A
Flex Version: N / A
Bootloader Version: v0x000300
DRM Version: N / A
Phone Type: Production (166009500725891B3A565051B644)

10:52 AM, September 11, 2006 Yuet said...

This comment has been removed because it linked to malicious content. Learn more.

5:50 PM, September 11, 2006 soul_train said...

I thryed to flash that file that you gave me and it faild: This is what I got when I thryed first time: 11:24:03, September 11, 2006
Line: 2908
ERROR: Phone[0000]: Error erasing subscriber unit. Device API Error: 0xE00200C6 Command: ERASE
File: Y:\test_dev_usb\flash\code\flashdll\PST_FP_FlashThread.cpp
Device ID: 0
And this is what I got when I thryed again: 11:24:24, September 11, 2006
Line: 1536
ERROR: Phone[0000]: Error sending RAM download for bootloader. Device API Error: 0xE0020088 Address: 0x3FC8000 Command: ADDR
File: Y:\test_dev_usb\flash\code\flashdll\PST_FP_FlashThread.cpp
Device ID: 0

I don't know, I stil have waranty but they won't help. But I'll thry. When i was flashing before on screen was writing SW in ubgrade or something like that.

7:11 PM, September 11, 2006 soul_train said...

Hello! I fixed it. THAN YOU YUET! I owe you big time!! If you ever need me to do some testing on mobile or something contact me at I'll be glad to help back. I gtg, talk to you later.

9:53 PM, September 11, 2006 Yuet said...

soul_train, glad to know you fixed it. may I know how exactly you fixed it? and I still want to have a look at the MP than you compiled, the one that turned your phone into blank neptune.

4:32 AM, September 12, 2006 soul_train said...

I called one man wich is my friend he is kinda very smart, he finished telecomunication colage. He got some software wich cost obout 150$ (Only for big companies, he works in T-Com). He fixed my phone in like 4,5 minutes. I'm running your MP now. I don't know, I think I deleted that MP. I think that there was nothing wrong with it, main reson of mailofunkcion was my computer freezing. I still have to learn very much and with your help I will. I am going to highschool of telecomunications. And with it I'm hoping to help everyone like you are now. Maybe somevere in future you and me can help each other.

9:19 PM, October 04, 2006 p0m said...

Hi yuet,

I'm following these instructions here to convert a separate DRM to 80.D0 version so that I can use it on my SLVR l7, but when I try to flash the .shx file, it fails at 81% with an error of "Critical Error
40" on the phone.

Do you have any suggestions on how to fix this?

11:24 PM, October 04, 2006 Yuet said...


1. is your DRM for L7?
2. is your bin file #2 bigger than mine?
3. did you try another usb port to flash?

8:43 PM, October 05, 2006 p0m said...

Hi Yuet,

Thanks for suggesting the filesize, that's exactly what it was. It's a L7 DRM, but has a lot of extra icons in it. I'll slim it down slowly and see how it goes.


12:14 PM, October 19, 2006 Yuet said...

Edward said...

About your reply, No, I'm not using your DRM, I'm using my own DRM who I extracted from my L6 using Flash & Backup 3.
I Extracted, Opened in SHX CoDec, edited the icons (Using a folder who contain all the V3 icons.) saved, compiled the SHX again, and tried to write in the cel again.

I don't kwow why this is ocorring. My backup-copy of the L6 DRM graphics is working OK, But when I try to write using my edited DRM, I receive the error in JUMP step.

Can I send the DRM to you to you analise it for me? I don't know what's happening.

Arigato! o/



ed, I have checked the files you sent me. try to replace some unused drm graphics with a small dummy image, so as to reduce the size of your drm to be smaller than the original one. then try to compile again.

BTW, please try to post your comments in the relevant post.

11:33 AM, October 20, 2006 Edward said...

I didn't had success.
I tried with PSD Lite and had the same error ¬¬

I've spent a lot of time changing images to make the SHX more 'light' and this not solve the problem.

I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S HAPPENING! TT I'm using a extracted L6 DRM and this error is happening...I don't know why.

When appears in PSD "downloading RAM Downloader for Bootloader" (seems like "JUMP" in F&B) in the screen appears:

Critical Error

And I need to unplug the cel from USB and restart the phone.

This bootloader is from Hell! ¬¬"

2:42 PM, October 20, 2006 Yuet said...

just to make sure. did you follow the steps in this post to compile the drm using RandomSHX, or you compile using SHXCodex?

3:43 AM, October 21, 2006 Edward said...

Yes, I am.
I Think I did it correctly.
If you want, I can send the new DRM to you to you try to re-compile the DRM to me, because I don't know what's happening ¬¬

12:28 PM, October 21, 2006 Yuet said...

edwarrd, you can send it to me. I will look at it when I have time. and also send me the flasherrorlog in rsdlite.

5:03 AM, October 22, 2006 Edward said...

I forgot your email address --'/

this bootloder is the hell ¬¬ Why with the original SHX I can burn in the cel and the modded not? ¬¬

1:34 AM, October 27, 2006 Edward said...

I sended to you the mail with the attachment. There's other email with the error message and the code showed in PSD.

2:28 PM, October 27, 2006 Yuet said...

I don't receive the attachment.

6:58 PM, November 30, 2006 aston said...

hallo yuet, i have a L7 with 08.D0 bootloader. is this bootloader is "MODDING FRIENDLY" or not? i read on some web site on how to downgrade your bootloader to earlier version. lets say if i want to mod L7 extremely do i have to downgrade my bootloader? thnx for the answer

btw my phone s/w ver:R4513_G_08.B7.DBR.RB

12:01 AM, December 03, 2006 Yuet said...

aston, in my opinion, 08.D0 is still modding friendly, but not as friendly as 07.D0.

I don't know how to downgrade the bootloader, and I don't recommend it.

5:55 PM, February 23, 2007 Anonymous said...

extract yuets drm shx with random shx and copy "....0.bin" and "...1.bin" to safe folder

then edit your drm, extract with random shx "like usual", only this time replace the extracted "...0.bin" and "...1.bin" with yuet's one you saved earlier.

recompile using random shx
you won;t have that critical error anymore, i tried and worked

2:28 AM, May 03, 2007 marlon said...

hey Yuet,
ive used your MPs to flash my previous phone the v360 and it was so AWESOME! anyway the problem now is i have a E770 (motorola) and it was sold by the company "3"...and i wish to flash it to get it to thed default state!...but when i plug it in boot loader mode and start to flash using RSDlite 3.5 It stops from the point saying

"Failed flahing process. Failed flashing process. Phone(0002):Error sending RAM download for bootloader.Device API erroe: 0xe0030007 Address: 0x8000000 Command: ADDR (0xe0231007);phone disconnected"

and the phone swiches off...

And by the way my phones SW version is R252211_U_85.97.F1P
and the boot loader is

Hope you could help me.....thanking you in advance
marlon (Sri lanka)

2:33 AM, May 03, 2007 marlon said...

Hey Yuet marlon again i forgot to leave my email address......its

pl add me if you use MSN...
thanx again...

3:43 PM, October 08, 2008 Anonymous said...

hey I need help, my messages Icon in menu is gone? how can I bring it back again?

2:59 PM, May 21, 2010 zainuddin said...

thanks for share Web