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Friday, September 01, 2006

Hex Edit Guide - part 3

Hex Edit Guide
part 3
Continue from [Hex Edit guide part 1] & [part 2]

This part covers:
- edit SEEMs which store text

edit SEEMs which store text
Many SEEMs in our motorola phone are used for storing text values. Here I will show you how to Hex edit such SEEMs. In my post [005B-0001 key map], I mention that the key values 42/43 will launch menu code stored in seem 0313/0314 respectively. Some of you are not quite sure how to do it. I will show you how to edit it and the technique can be applied to edit other SEEMs. In the example, we will change the 0313_0001 seem to store menu code for Video Camera, instead of Browser.

1. use P2K software to download the SEEM 0313_0001 to your computer. Please make a backup of the file. (In the screenshot taken from moto4lin, I click "connect/disconnect". Once the phone is connected as P2K, I click "SEEM editor", key in 0313 & 0001 in the SEEM boxes, then I click "Read seem", and click "Save to file".)

2. open the seem file using Hex editor. You can see at the right text area, it shows ".B.r.o.w.s.e.r..".

3. replace the text with VideoCamera, with a dot in between each character. Make sure you put hex values "00 00" at the end of the text, and fill the rest of offsets with "FF". Please also note that you cannot key in the dot. Instead, you must key "00" in the hex value area.

4. save the file and use P2K software to upload the seem to your phone.
5. restart your phone to see the change.

Some rules:
- In such seems, usually (but not always) there is "00" in between each character, and the first offset is "00".
- always put two "00" after the end of the text.
- always fill other unused offsets with "FF".

Some menu codes: (case sensitive)

The following is a list of SEEMs that store text value:
0002_0001, 0002_0002, 0002_0003 ... - Shortcuts (Multiple Records)
0037_0001, 0037_0002, 0037_0003 ... - Quick Dial Numbers (Multiple Records)
0038_0001, 0038_0002, 0038_0003 ... - Received Numbers (Multiple Records)
0039_0001, 0039_0002, 0039_0003 ... - Dialed Numbers (Multiple Records)
007D_0001, 007D_0002, 007D_0003 ... - SMS Messages on phone memory (Multiple Records)
00AE_0001, 00AE_0002, 00AE_0003 ... - Bluetooth Device History (Multiple Records)
0259_0001, 0259_0002, 0259_0003 ... - Phonebook Categories (Multiple Records)
0074_0001 - Phone Lock Code
0076_0001 - Phone Security Code
0117_0001 - Phone Model Number
0132_0001 - Bluetooth Name
013A_0001 - Greeting Text
026B_0001 - Lifetime Call Times
0313_0001 - Browser Key Assignment (use mma menu code)
0314_0001 - Camera Key Assignment (use mma menu code)

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12:56 PM, September 03, 2006 v360user said...

this is very useful, thank you

2:22 AM, September 15, 2006 brettstar said...

Yuet. Your response to my question about the 1000 contact phonebook limit on the Q&A page had a link to this page. I guess I don't understand how this is relevant to my dilemma concerning this phonebook limitation. Please advise about how this might be useful to me. Thanks, b*

10:10 AM, September 15, 2006 Yuet said...

oh brettstar, sorry, I made a mistake. My brain didn't think properly. :) This post only tell you the seems that store the phonebook categories, not phonebook entries. At the moment I don't have other info regarding where phonebook entries are stored.

4:43 AM, November 08, 2006 Anonymous said...

what is the mma menu code? i'd like to change the assignment of the camera key. i'm using your mp, which uses the cam key for voice commands. i'd like to change it back to camera. could you explain to me how to do this exactly? thank you. love your work.

10:22 AM, November 08, 2006 Yuet said...

just change 005b-0001 seem offset "1f" to value "43".

3:06 PM, November 09, 2006 Anonymous said...

Hey, it worked. You're awesome, man. Thanks alot. Could you answer this last question for me? On the external screen, there's an icon next to the reception signal. It looks like a data packet icon. What is this, why is it there, and how can I remove it? It wasn't there previously with my original T-mobile firmware.

4:58 PM, November 09, 2006 Yuet said...

it means GPRS is ready in your phone. To remove it, you can edit the DRM to make the icon transparent.

1:32 AM, June 10, 2007 Lukz said...

hi, i-m using ur MP (v1.9). i´d like to change the voice key to iTunes. Could u explain to me how to do this exactly? Very thx.

5:06 PM, June 12, 2007 Yuet said...

lukz, you need to set the voice key to smart key, then use the home key menu to set up smart key to launch iTunes.

for remapping keys, see this post. Web