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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Unlock/Repair PDS without Testpoint

Unlock/Repair PDS without Testpoint
get "S blank neptune LTE2" by flashing
for V360/L7 R4513 08.A0/08.D0
(Chinese: 点这里看中文版)

This guide will show you how to unlock your V360 or L7, or get rid of sticky firmwares (such as AER or E0R) from your V360 or L7. The method is a pure software method, no testpoint is required. What you need to do is simply flash a few files using RSD Lite or P2k Easy tool. Set your V360/L7 free!

Tools you need:
1. P2K Easy Tools v3.9 cracked
2. RSD Lite

Before you start:
Fully charge your battery please. You need its power.


Part 1: flash to get "S blank neptune LTE2"

Method 1: Follow my guide Yuet's easy way to get "S Blank Neptune LTE2".
Method 2: A guide by forov360 guys.

Part 2: Repair PDS to get rid of sticky firmwares, such as AER.

Follow the steps in my guide "Repair S blank neptune LTE2" to repair PDS and remove sticky firmware.

Part 3: Unlock your phone

1. Close the RSD Lite and open the P2k Easy Tool 3.9, select the phone model,

2. Unplug & plug the usb cable from the computer, remove phone battery and put it back,

3. Go to "Locks" tab and check "Unlock SP". Then click on 'Do Selected jobs';

4. Wait till process is done, you will get "Unlock Ok" message;

5. Close the P2K Easy Tool and take the battery out for 10 seconds;

6. Start RSD Lite and flash your phone to a MonsterPack of your choice (such as one of my YuetMod MPs), then it is done.

7. If this unlocking process won't work for you, try the Repair PDS method.

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11:29 AM, March 01, 2007 Agv360 said...

Yuet! Im from Argentina, so my english is too bad, but I just want to tell you Thanks for thhis job! I want to ask you if I could take this post (refered to you) to get in forum (I will take it to spanish first)... well, THANK U, you are a genius!!!

3:39 PM, March 01, 2007 Yuet said...

agv360, yes, feel free to translate. please provide a link back to this page.

1:53 AM, March 02, 2007 Alex57185 said...

Hello Yuet , I translated this , for this forum :


4:22 AM, March 02, 2007 giany911 said...

Trouble ahead.
If I flash the phone then take out the battery, place it back in, I get a message in the right bottom corner saying: One of the USB devices attached has malfunctioned ...
If I start the phone in bootloader mode RDS recognizes it as S Flash Neptune LTE2 and P2K Easy Tools says:
Connecting to phone ...
Connected to: 'Motorola Flash'
Connected OK
Bootloader version: 08A0
ERROR: Please make TESTPOINT on phone for this model!
What should I do?

4:27 AM, March 02, 2007 Agv360 said...

Please Yuet, help me! I have tested your file, it`s all ok, but I never see "S Blank Neptune LTE2" in my computer.. I don't know what to do! I tested another USB ports but my PC says: The computer cant`t detect the device.. and RSD never detects my "S Blank Neptune LTE2"... HELP ME PLEASE!!

5:22 AM, March 02, 2007 Anonymous said...

hi yuet, i have a big problem: i flash my v360v w/ bl 08.D0 W/ rds lite; then, i tried to open p2k easy tools, and windows tell me the program give one error on the system and can not start; i have downloaded diferents versions from the tools, everytime comes the .exe and one winscard.dll. how i have to install it?i tried on xp and w2k but never on mac w/ VPC, maybe p2k cant run on vpc?please help me, the phone is just now only oneblack screen

10:52 AM, March 02, 2007 Caleb said...

Hey Yuet, I did this "Fix" without the testpoint thing...and I pretty much wrecked my phone, Lawl...It flashed ok...but then when I hook the USB up, It says yours USB has malfunctioned. This really blows because my mp3 just got ruined, and now my phone was my only source of music. anyway, If you find a fix for this, please make sure to let us know who has this same problem...


11:12 AM, March 02, 2007 Yuet said...

Guys, I revised the part 1 to add a few steps. Please try the new steps if you encountered problem.

11:43 AM, March 02, 2007 Sarah's Angel said...

Hi there, I wanted to let you guys know that many people have had problems after flashing the phone with the RSD Lite. Don't worry, nothing bricks the phone or anything like that..

One Tip, after you flashed the phone with the right flex, it wont turn on, so after taking the battery out and disconnecting the usb cable, change usb port for the cable (in your computer) and try it again (with and without battery).
After it's recognize, without disconnecting the usb cable, put the battery back in.. and then you can keep going with the steps...

Im saying this cuz for many of us, it took many times for the computer to recognize the phone...

Anyways.. Hope this can help you..

1:52 PM, March 02, 2007 Yuet said...

Antonio Moreno, I don't think p2k software will work on VPC. you have to find a PC to solve the problem.

4:42 PM, March 02, 2007 Anonymous said...

thanks yuet, i will look for one pc. only one more question, what about the easy tools installation? the rest of p2k programs at least opens on vpc. i only need to know if it requires some kind of trick, or it´ll just run with the dll on the same folder.
sorry if all of this is too obvious for all of you, but i have no much know-how about this. the only i know is that yesterday i had one 360 customized with your mod v3, and today it looks completely dead :(

6:46 PM, March 02, 2007 Yuet said...

Antonio Moreno, p2k easy tool is just unzip and use, no need to setup. make sure it is v3.9.

10:03 AM, March 03, 2007 tiolalu said...

Here is the original post link:

11:31 AM, March 03, 2007 Yuet said...

tiolalu, I added the link to the original post. thanks!

2:49 PM, March 03, 2007 Sarah's Angel said...

Hey yuet, have you tried to get the blank neptune from one of your MP? There's still people who cant get it recognize it by the pc...
I've tried with some MP (krato/diabolic) using flashback3.. and choosing only CG1, CG3, CG7 y CG18...since that's the way these guys discovered it (I haven't succeeded)..
Probably it can be done with one of yours.. What do you think?..

10:40 PM, March 04, 2007 Yuet said...

I got my phone in S blank neptune LTE2 once. I describe it in this post. I haven't had time to do some more test.

4:17 AM, March 05, 2007 giany911 said...

I couldn't get this to work, I almost bricked my phone it said mem_map blank on the screen and I couldn't turn it off and I still couldn't make RDS see the phone as S Blank Neptune ... Maybe we shall see more progress on this

4:18 AM, March 05, 2007 giany911 said...

RSD my bad, sorry for the double post.

6:17 AM, March 05, 2007 rodya. said...


I connect the phone to my USB without battery and then it says "unknown device". I know that is a good thing but then it turns into "USB malfunction". I disconnect and put the battery in then reconnect, all it says is malfunction.

Do I have to do something in the device manager before it will connect?

The phone is not suppose to turn on, not even in bootloader mode right?

12:09 AM, March 06, 2007 Yuet said...

rodya, after you put in battery, the phone should not turn on, but it can be detected as s blank neptune lte2.

giany911, I don't have better advice at the moment. I will try to find a more reliable way to get s blank neptune LTE2.

12:20 AM, March 06, 2007 Sarah's Angel said...

Hi GIANY911, dont freak out (just kidding).. In my experience there's not such a thing like 'bricking a phone'.. why? cuz when you flash it, the first thing that it does is to load the bootloader, which basically will let you put it in 'flash mode'.. Anyways.. you can always flash it back with what you had before.. do this.. Press *,#, POWER keys and WITHOUT releasing those keys, PUT the battery back IN.. this will prompt you the Bootloader Screen and then you can flash it with a MP using RSD Lite..
TIP to recognize the phone with the PC: Make sure you have installed the drivers in your usb ports and then try to connect the phone by switching usb ports (without the battery)..
TIP2: Always make sure you have the Device Manager and RSD Lite open.. when phone recognized, RSD Lite will pop up a message about lock code..
Hey Ryoda, like i said before, make sure you have installed the drivers.. and usually takes several times connecting and disconnecting from the usb port to be recognized...try switching ports.
If you want, you can put the phone (like i explained to gyani911) in flash mode and then install the drivers (as motorola interface)..but then i suggest you to repeat the whole tutorial.. since the phone doesnt have to be turned on..
Hope this helps..
Cheers ;)

12:28 AM, March 06, 2007 giany911 said...

I fixed it, I didn't brick it :), but is was like whoa ... new error message. If anyone experiences the same thing flash the unlock.shx with Easy Tools then flash your backup RSD .

3:57 AM, March 06, 2007 apafi said...

It works! I have just unlocked an v360 with BL 08.D0.

8:27 AM, March 06, 2007 rodya. said...


I guess the battery won't charge with this flash or in booloader mode right? Because my battery says battery low cannot program.

1:17 PM, March 06, 2007 Sarah's Angel said...

hey rodya.. sorry to hear your battery ran out.. but you're right, the battery wont charge with only the BootLoader.. everytime you flash your phone, it sucks up the battery, try to borrow a battery from a friend or try to charge it with a friend's phone.. i have 2 batteries.. and it was helpfull after my first one died.. Hope you can work it out..

7:48 PM, March 06, 2007 Malibu said...

So what we're saying here is you can remove sticky firmware from the l7 as well as the V360? I bought what I thought was an unbranded L7 and turns out it was not only voda branded, but AER as well, I had this goin well, but I couldn't get blank neptune, the one time I did I don't remember what else I did to get it, and I got ahead of myself and flashed a non AER MP without PDS repair, stupid me, so I MP'd the AER you have here, but we have to figure out an easier way to intentionally "brick" the phone so we can get Blank neptune.

8:00 PM, March 06, 2007 Malibu said...

Do you think if we intentionally disconnected the phone while flashing an 08.D0(for my L7 anyway, or 08.A0 for people with those phones) mp could kick it into blank neptune? Even if you purposely fail it, you'll still be able to access bootloader correct, therefore allowing you to reflash an mp?

8:11 PM, March 06, 2007 nicalis said...


couple of hours ago i just bricked my Motorokr E6. I tried updating its software and it froze saying it cannot be complete. now it just shows the HELLOMOTO screen. what can i do to fix it? please help

11:37 PM, March 06, 2007 Yuet said...

malibu, that could be one of the way to get balnk neptune.

nicalis, E6 is something new to me. no advice from me. sorry.

Sarah's Angel, thanks for the tips.

1:17 AM, March 07, 2007 Sarah's Angel said...

hey malibu, i dont think that would work (I tried that when my pc woulnt recognize my phone as blank neptune and it didnt work) but you might have better luck.. if you get the blank neptune and wanna get rid of the firmware, you're right, you should repair the pds and then flash it with a MP..
Hey nicalis, if the phone gives you the motoscreen, then im sure you can get it into flash mode (*,#,POWER and put the battery in, all at the same time).. then you might need to repair the PDS (in case you flashed with the wrong MP) and then flash it with the right one. But you can try first to flash it with any other MP with RSD Lite and see if you need to repair the PDS.. it usually depends on your BootLoader..
Hey yuet, not problem :)
Hope this helps..

3:27 AM, March 07, 2007 Anonymous said...

Hello. I've run into some trouble. Every time I try to flash the blanking file onto my phone (with the correct bootloader) RSD Lite keeps failing because of a checksum error and my phone shows "critical error 84". Is this supposed to happen? Despite numerous attempts at getting the USB to detect the flash device properly it just won't work. Thanks for the help!

7:19 AM, March 07, 2007 Sarah's Angel said...

what's your Flash Version and BootLoader? ..
can you put it in flash mode?
can it be detected as blank neptune at certain point?
It sound like PDS got messed up with the firmwares.. but can't tell till you give us more info about what you have and used...

7:26 AM, March 07, 2007 Anonymous said...

Here's the info Sarah's Angel:

Boot loader: 08.D0
SW Version: R4513_G_08.B7.AER

Yes, I can put it in flash mode. I've tried flashing the blanking shx file on it numerous times but I keep getting the error and have to force load it into flash mode and restore it to previous AER MP.

I've never been able to get it into blank neptune mode. :(

Thanks for the help.

8:07 AM, March 07, 2007 Malibu said...

The E6 is a linux phone, as of right not not much is known about it, what you can do is take out the battery, then hold the camera key on the side whlie putting the battery in to get you into bootloader, pray your pds isn't messed up then reflash with a ROKR E6 MP,

Anyways I'm gonna try this intentonally bricking thing

9:48 PM, March 07, 2007 Anonymous said...

What exactly does repair PDS mean?
by doing this can i potentially manage to get out my Sticky EOR firmware for my SLVR L7

12:32 AM, March 08, 2007 Yuet said...

PDS is the protect data area, where it store IMEI number, bluetooth address and other data. I have not heard anybody have success with E0R using p2k easy tool, so you have to try it at your own risk.

malibu, good luck!

Sarah's Angel, you are very helpful. I am thinking if you want to be a guest writer in my Blog.

1:05 AM, March 08, 2007 Sarah's Angel said...

Well, I also have BL 08.A0 .. so my guess would be in the firmware..
If keeps giving you the error, try to flash it with a MP, I used yuet2.1 (i had tmobile firmware before that) and then i flashed it with the unlock_flash for 08.A0 .. which only writes CG 1,3,7 and 18 (if you use flash backup3 you see what i mean) .. and well it shouldnt give you error.. Hope it will work out for you and remember, after flashing it, disconnect and connect the phone to the usb cable without the battery..
hi yuet, sure, i like to help people..
Oh, and i saw you're updating a MP with the iphone skin.. that's cool.. I extracted that skin from krato's MP and now i have your MP 2.1 (thnx by the way for that) with other DRM, just for that skin.. and i like it..

2:38 AM, March 08, 2007 Anonymous said...

Hi, How can I know if my v360 is unlocked or not?

3:08 AM, March 08, 2007 giany911 said...

Use a SIM from another carrier. If it works then you've got yourself an unlocked phone.

7:16 AM, March 08, 2007 Anonymous said...

I'm still continuously getting the "Critical Error 84" alert on my phone when I try to flash the unlock flash file onto the phone with RSD lite. I don't know what to do, how come I can't brick my phone? (I can't believe I WANT to! ;-P)

3:01 PM, March 08, 2007 Sarah's Angel said...

Well.. Have you tried to flash it with the yuet MP? (according to your firmware)? try to do it that way.. and make sure you have the right unlock_flash_08.D0 ..
If it keeps giving you error, i can think it has to do something with the PDS.. and then you will have to use p2k easy tool to repair the pds.. (hopefully it's not your case)
I tried once to kill my phone with the wrong unlock_flash and it gave me 'critical error 84' (or was it 34?) anyways.. i flashed it back to the yuet2.1 MP.. (also tried with diabolic 1.3 and also worked) and it changed my SW version to B7R.. and then retry the right unlock_flash and it worked..
Hope this helps..

7:42 PM, March 08, 2007 apafi said...

Maybe help for sombody. As I wrote, I unlocked an BL 08D0 phone, and just trying it an 08A0.
On the d0 phone, the original frimware was vodafone. After sent the blank flash i got error 84 massage. FB3 didn't switch off the phone. No probelem, i was going through the procedure, but i didn't get blank mode. I had only an blackscreen and fb3 didn’t recognized the phone. Forced the flash mode, returned the original flash screen /but the phone is not fit for use yet/ immediately I sent an original motorola fw up. But after flashing the blank soft i got same error massage. I was playing the procedure again /7-8 times/ but no blank mode. The main problem was that i neither didn’t get normal flash mode. I gave up, it is dead /i thought/. About after 20-30 minutes / during this time my wife was trying to relive the phone without any successs/ finally i connected this to my pc and –i dodnt know how- but fb3 sew the phone blank mode. Wonderful! After it, the easy_tools has done his job, and i got an unlocked phone.
Yesterday night a tried to unlock an BL A0 v360. After flashing the blank soft i didn’t get error massage, like with the D0 was, /, but i didn’t get blan mode too. The original fw also vodafone was, that meantime i refleshed other frimware. Many times i got „dead” phone, but forced the boot mode the phone was able reflashable. One time the blank mode jumped in and the easy_tools unlocked without tp, but i did something wrong in the end because of the phone eventually is not become unlocked.
As i see, the most important thing to get blank mode. It is worthy of note, the pc always detected the phone as an unusable ubs device same with battery, or without it.
After flashing the blank soft, it is not the same when unpluged the cable. The fb3 finishes the flash, makes the checksum, rebooting phone /it means only turn off/, but his process is not finished yet.
I will continue this unlock and i promise to report the result. -Sorry for my english!

9:31 PM, March 08, 2007 apafi said...

Excuse me! In my previous post, where i wrote fb3 means rsd_lite.

4:14 AM, March 09, 2007 Sarah's Angel said...

Hey apafi. Im glad to hear it worked for you..
My v360 has BL 08.A0 so i know it works with it..
you mentioned you have vodafone.. so when using p2k easy tool.. make sure to select the right model of your phone, vodafone works with V360v (if this is your case).
pd. I know it takes time sometimes to get detected as blank neptune by the pc.. (first time it took me more than half hour.. haha)

Let us know how it goes with your other phone.. See ya

5:09 AM, March 09, 2007 Anonymous said...

Easy Tool is telling me I need to make a testpoint connection to repair the PDS. :( I hate all these errors. Apafi are you saying that you had a 08D0 phone but flashed it with the 08A0 shx file? Thanks.

1:19 AM, March 10, 2007 Yuet said...

good news, everybody. I made a new BlankNeptuneLTE2 flash file. It is very reliable. I have updated the post.

3:49 AM, March 10, 2007 Sarah's Angel said...

hey.. those are great news.. what did you modify so it could get into blank neptune without much trouble?..
Note: hey yuet, the link needs to be updated cuz it redirects to this page..
Hope this flash will also work for those with BL 09.02 ..

Congrats.. and let's unlock!.. ha


3:18 PM, March 10, 2007 babyhuye said...

i have a question dou leave ur sim card in or out while flashing & un locking,cuz i was under the impression u had to take it out. i was ulocking with tool right now & it taking a good while & i,not sure if to program froze. ihope not! also got the s blank on my phone but it got an error at the end & failed. how do i get the power back to the phone?


10:52 PM, March 10, 2007 babyhuye said...

i think i got it unlocked but now rsd gives me an error right after the creating image file complitesi get flash failed phone(0000) incompatible superfile unit state (0x430703A) phone connected. isthis becase i have no battery power to the phone right now

11:13 PM, March 10, 2007 Yuet said...

babyhuye, try the part 2 "repair pds" procedure.

12:21 AM, March 11, 2007 babyhuye said...

ok tried it with my old battery i got this for the shx flash part Processing input file:
Processed 7 codegroups
Connecting to phone ...
Connected to: 'Motorola Flash'
Connected OK
Sending RAM loader ...
RAM loader loaded OK
Erase flash...
ERROR: FLASHCMD invalid command response
Error sending ERASE command.
ERROR: Flashing failed
used your mp 1.8. i have a full back up of my phone using fb 2.2 should i use that file for the shx file, how would i go about changing the file,so could use this method & ez tools?

2:39 AM, March 11, 2007 Sarah's Angel said...

well if i remember, to do the repair pds, you need certainly a full backup of your original flash..(NO a MP)..

so you well can use that file you did with flashback. using p2k ET.. just to repair the PDS..

In case you get your phone in flash mode, try using RSD Lite to flash it with any MP, or else, try using flashback or even p2k ET..

Hope this helps.. Cheers

4:34 PM, March 11, 2007 babyhuye said...

koo thanx for answering my question,but how do i use or change the bin file from my full backup of my phone. i used fb 2.62, socan use ET or fb 3? i have no power the phone.


4:56 PM, March 11, 2007 babyhuye said...

also if i need to i was think of using one of the files from motofon,if i need to, i just have no clue as to which file to use from there? i had Software Version: R4513_G_08.B7.86R
Flex Version: GSTV360TMB01NA104
Bootloader Version: v0x0008A0wasthe stockware.

thanx again!

5:33 PM, March 11, 2007 Yuet said...

babyhuye, try another MP. I have tried YuetMod v3.1 and it worked. before you flashing using P2k ET after repair PDS, you need to unplug/plug usb cable, remove/put back battery, wait a few seconds for pc to detect the phone. That was what I did. I encountered that error before, so it can be revived. No worry.

sarah's angel, from my experience, a full backup of your phone is not necessary. You can use any MP. some of them might not work, just try others.

12:23 AM, March 12, 2007 Joseph said...

Hello, thnx for the help, i was able to unlock my phone(v360) but i couldnt flash it(step 6) i tried about all of the monster packs but it jus gives me this error"Failed flashingg process. Phone(0000). Incompatible superfile for subscriber unit state.(0x430703a)" please help.

9:09 AM, March 12, 2007 Sarah's Angel said...

hey yuet, if you've tried to flash the phone after repairing the pDS with any MP besides the backup.. i believe you.. ha.. i dont have much experience like you probably do.. :)

Hey joseph, try to repair the pds.. check the other post ('Get "S blank neptune LTE2" by flashing') where giani11 posted.. i think you're having the same problem..

Hope you can work it out.. Cheers

9:43 AM, March 12, 2007 Joseph said...

Well i think i messed up my phone, coz now it wont go to bootloader and wen i plug the usb i can hear the hardware plug in but RSD doesnt show me anything

9:47 AM, March 12, 2007 Yuet said...

joseph, not even "s blank neptune lte2" is shown? try remove then put back battery. or try press & hold *, #, and Red key for a minute to see if you can get into flash mode.

After unlock/repair pds, you should use p2k ET to flash MP, not rsdlite.

3:45 AM, March 13, 2007 Joseph said...

I tried to hold it for more than a minute and nada happened, does this mean its dead?

3:24 PM, March 13, 2007 Yuet said...

joseph, when rsdlite doesn't detect your phone at all. this is the only way I know. (if you can, charge your battery) put battery back in phone. press * and # together and hold, press the red "Power" and hold, and hold as long as you can. the bootloader screen should come up.

11:21 AM, March 14, 2007 Anonymous said...

sorry guys if this in inappropriate, but I need a copy of P2k Easy Tool 3.9 cracked.

Keep up the good work !!

1:19 PM, March 19, 2007 Sarah's Angel said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
2:54 PM, March 19, 2007 FARAZ said...

i really need the bootloader 0a.20 if anyone can send me i would appreciate.

9:04 PM, March 19, 2007 Adriano said...

Hi! I have as problem as Joseph has. the bootloader screen doesn't come up when I press and hold # & * & power. Could I fix it with testpoint? (Sorry for my English)

12:03 AM, March 20, 2007 Faustin said...


I have the same problem as many of you.
After the flash and probing to unlock the v360, always the same problem :
Connecting to phone ...
Connected to: 'Motorola Test Interface'
Switching to flash mode ...
Connected to: 'Motorola Flash'
Connected OK
Bootloader version: 08A0
ERROR: Please make TESTPOINT on phone for this model!

Thanks for helping me.


9:29 AM, March 20, 2007 Anonymous said...

Hi Yuet.
Thank you for everything! I tried your MP, it is so nice. However, I can't unlock my phone. My model is v360m from Canada. Could this be the reason? If so, do you know how to unlock this?

10:31 AM, March 20, 2007 Yuet said...

adriano, try to use p2k easy tool to repair pds and flash a MP. p2k easy tool can flash your phone even though it is not in bootloader screen. If the battery is dead, charge it first.

Faustin, have you got your phone detected as s blank neptune lte2?

V360m? what's the bootloader & firmware version?

11:30 AM, March 20, 2007 Anonymous said...

Hi Yuet. My v360m has 08.A0 bootloader. As for the firmware... I do not know. i will find out once i revive my cell phone. It is currently dead.... I managed to get the Flash mode back once by holding #, * and Power, then insert the battery. But this trick doesn't work now...

11:20 PM, March 20, 2007 Anonymous said...


i,m from romania

my moto is loked in boot loader and not stoped or started


plz help me!

11:36 PM, March 20, 2007 michael said...

Hi Yuet. My V360v has 08.D0 bootloader and a Software Version: R4513_G_08.B7.ABR .I have got Yuet v2.2.1 MP instaled .The problem is I can't get it in "S blank neptune LTE2" . I have tried it how you describt and the Lord Dizzy's Easy Method but it does not work for me.
Thanks in advance, Michael

1:39 AM, March 21, 2007 Sarah's Angel said...

Hey michael.. a couple of things:
you said you have yuet's MP v2.1 installed, then your SW version should be a B7R not a ABR (right yuet?)
If you did lord_dizzy's method, then after flashing it with the unlock flash file (posted there), you will get your phone unable to turn on. You should keep it turned off and then connected to the usb cable (with or without battery) so the rsd Lite can detected as 'blank neptune'

What exactly is the problem you're having?.. Cheers

6:43 AM, March 21, 2007 apafi said...

I've been unlocking already and I've read also many posts of successful unlocking in an hungarian topic.
Some suggestions if i do: after flashing the blank flash some guys got blank mode after 25-30 try-outs -in and unpluging cable taking out and back battery/, someone got blank mode without battery, some got after pc restarting. So there is no exact method. Most of them flashed for the original motorola soft.

10:08 AM, March 21, 2007 Anonymous said...

Hello Yuet, I can't get into the Falsh Mode. The screen is blank. RSD detected my phone although it is blank but it says: Failed flashing process. Incompatible superfile for subscriber unit state (0x430703A). Thank you in advance. Ming

10:28 AM, March 21, 2007 Yuet said...

Ming, I am quite sure the 08.A0 V360 can be easily unlocked. now you can try press & hold * # Power to get bootloader screen, if no success, try to flash a MP using P2K easy tool, even your phone is not in bootloader mode.

the Romanian, you can flash to a MP using rsdlite or p2k easy tool.

sarah's angel, you are right. It should be B7R. Michael, try what angel said, and tell us more about the problem.

apafi. thanks for the tips. I agree with you. there are many ways to do it.

11:21 AM, March 21, 2007 Yuet said...

Ming, if your phone detected as blank neptune lte2, you should proceed to use p2k easy tool to repair pds/unlock, then flash a MP. Don't use rsd lite.

4:02 PM, March 21, 2007 Anonymous said...

Hi yuet it is amazing that there is so many valuable posts in your english blog . I am a newbie , so would you pls explain why should we unlock /repair PDS? Thks -raki

4:18 PM, March 21, 2007 Yuet said...

raki, glad you also read English. unlock will remove the network lock (or SIM lock). Normally people in China don't need to do this, as China mobile dominates the market, and they never lock their phones. However, if somebody flash their phones to a locked MP mistakenly, they will need to unlock it. Repair PDS will get rid of the sticky firmwares (such as AER). it'll also clean up your flashing history, and can be used to unbrick your phone if you somehow mess up the pds. Feel free to ask more questions.

4:27 PM, March 21, 2007 michael said...

sarah's angel, you are right. the origonal was R4513_G_08.B7.ABR , now it is B7R.I use P2k Easy Tool v3.9 cracked
,RSD Lite 3.3 and Unlock Flash called "R4513_G_08.B7.DAR_RB_Lang0031_reflash_MOTOX.shx".
after flashing with p2k ET my phone restart and shows the bootloader screen and can not turn it off.remove battery and
install it the phone turns directly in the bootloader screen.In RSD lite 3.3 it shows "S Flash Neptune LTE2".
After flashing it again to YuetMod MP v2.2 I tried it with Yuet's easy way to get "S Blank Neptune LTE2"
for V360 with 08.A0/08.D0 bootloader . After flashing with RSD Lite my phone gives an critical error 84 and RSD lite gives
an error something like "error verification codegroup 2" and after a time the phone turns to the bootloader screen and i have to flash again with YuetMod MP v2.2 . I never get S Blank Neptune

regards Michael

5:38 PM, March 21, 2007 Yuet said...

michael, can you try with a lower version of RSD Lite, such as 2.5?

9:41 PM, March 21, 2007 michael said...

Yuet ,with RSD lite 2.5 and 2.7 and 3.0 the same problem as with RSD lite 3.3 . When the phone start up again in bootscreen RSD Lite shows an popup screen with this text"Phone faild initial security verification checks.HAB error 0x8D.". I have tried after flashing 100% with closing RSD Lite before verifing but with the same result.

10:46 PM, March 21, 2007 Yuet said...

Michael, it is a bit difficult for me to help as my phone is 08.A0. Will let u know if I have other ideas.

Sarah's Angel, have you tested it on 08.D0 phone? you have one, right?

11:55 PM, March 21, 2007 Sarah's Angel said...

michael, try to connect the phone WIHOUT the battery to RSD Lite and see if it gives you the same error, and if you get the S blank neptune there.. then go to P2k ET and do repair PDS.. all of this without the battery... then repeat same steps for Unlock and one more time to Repair PDS one more time.. then you can keep going with the next steps (Lord dizzy's) using flash backup.. Hope this helps..

NOTE: if you flashed your phone first and you turned it on.. then i suggest you to start all over again.. (you know.. get it in flash mode, flash it back with yuet's 2.1 and start from there)..


6:43 AM, March 22, 2007 michael said...

Sarah's Angel , no RSD does not detect anything.

2:36 AM, March 24, 2007 Anonymous said...

Thanks for your tips ! It's work good for me

8:40 AM, March 24, 2007 Sarah's Angel said...

michael, can you get your phone in flash mode? (press *,#,POWER and put the battery at the same time)
if so, after you get the phone in flash mode, use p2k ET to flash it back with a backup (if you did one) otherwise, try to flash it with yuet v2.1 .. (dont forget to select your phone model and check flash SHX to do it)
Good Luck..
pd. try the other method i posted before..

or check the 10 steps to unlock it posted here.. Cheers

2:51 AM, March 25, 2007 Zahaso said...

P2K Easy Tools says:
Connecting to phone ...
Connected to: 'Motorola Flash'
Connected OK
Bootloader version: 08A0
ERROR: Please make TESTPOINT on phone for this model!
What should I do?and
I've never been able to get it into blank neptune mode. :(
hjow do I repair the PDS now?please hepl

3:37 PM, March 25, 2007 Yuet said...

zahaso, did you flash to YuetMod v2.2 before you start? You can try,
1. press & hold # and * and power to go to bootloader mode.
2. flash to YuetMod v2.2 MP, using rsdlite.
3. flash to the BlankNeptuneLTE2 flash file.
you should get s blank neptune lte2 at this point. then using p2k easy tool to repair pds & flash a MP. just follow the guide.

7:12 PM, March 25, 2007 Zahaso said...

Thnx Yuet...I have a "S Blank Neptune LTE2" phone....but now...i trie to repair PDS with P2k_easy_tools3.9 and
i conect the phone with no bateri...i select ..full repair PDS.. an the p2k
Connecting to phone ...
Connected to: 'Motorola Flash'
Connected OK
Bootloader version: 0000
Sending loader to phone... and the the P2k_easy_tools3.9 stop responding...thnx again...

11:25 PM, March 25, 2007 Yuet said...

zahaso, try to put back the battery and do pds repair again.

2:46 AM, March 26, 2007 michael said...

Sarah's Angel , yes i can get my phone in flash mode , this is not the problem.
I flashed my phone with the original backup the phone.I used p2k ET to flash it.
After that i have used the 10 steps but after flashing still i get crittical error 84
and the phone starts up in flash mode.With or without battery i don't get S Blank Neptune.
Flashed the phone with all Yuet's v2.x , but with the same result as i describte before.
Is it posible to downgrade the boot loader from 08.D0 to 08.A0??
If it is how do you do that??

9:34 PM, March 26, 2007 Yuet said...

Michael, unfortunately we have to get S blank Neptune LTE2 first. that's the state in which we can touch the bootloader & pds.

7:52 AM, March 27, 2007 Joseph said...

Hello again its me Joseph, I tried to charge my battery, i even bought a new battery and charged it but wen i hold the *+#+power nothing happens at all, and i have holded it for couple minutes but nothing, wen i plug in the usb i hear the connectin thingy on my pc but nothin pops up in RSD any clues? or this is a gonna?

11:59 AM, March 27, 2007 Yuet said...

joseph, it doesn't look good. maybe you have not press&hold long enough. have you tried other usb ports to see if your phone can be detected by rsd lite?

Things you can try:
1. open p2k easy tool, connect phone via usb, remove battery, try to do pds repair using p2k easy tool. if success, use p2k easy tool to flash a MP.
2. open p2k easy tool, connect phone via usb, remove then put back battery, try to do pds repair using p2k easy tool. if success, use p2k easy tool to flash a MP.
3. open p2k easy tool, connect phone via usb, remove then put back battery, try to use p2k easy tool to flash a MP (without repairing pds).

4:59 AM, March 28, 2007 LiteCreation said...

this is Joseph and all i got to say is WOW! your amazing bro,

11:54 PM, March 28, 2007 Yuet said...

Joseph, you fixed it? How?

9:37 AM, March 29, 2007 LiteCreation said...

I did jus wat you told me, when i connected the phone to my other usb RSd was able to detect it, then i used PK2 tool to flash it,wat i was wonderin now is that, let say i want the original t-mobile monsterpack will that lock it to t-mobile? and if not where can i get it thnx.

2:12 PM, March 29, 2007 Yuet said...

if the original t-mobile MP has network lock, it will lock ur phone again.

3:19 AM, March 31, 2007 LiteCreation said...

well i jus dont like the Itune player, i like the original one better.

7:18 PM, April 03, 2007 JB said...

Hi all,
Crap! It seems it's really impossible to get a "s blank neptune" with an L7 with 08.D0 bootloader...
My specs : an L7 phone locked to Orange France, original firmware: R4513_G_08.B7.DCR_RB

I _can_ write down Yuet's MP v3.2, no problem (and it's great, thanks Yuet !).

But when it comes to unlocking, no way: I tried all the shx files I found on the net (Yuet's and the forov360's), to get an "s blank neptune" configuration, without any success. Each time I try to flash those files with RSDLite (v3.2), it ends up with a checksum error and a fucking "critical error 80 40" on my phone. With P2K Easy Tools I can flash those same files without any problem, but after that phone will always be recognized as "S Flash Neptune LTE2", as usual.

And this is also impossible to downgrade from 08.D0 to an 08.A0 bootloader with your file, because I may be able to do it only after it is an s blank (for the moment P2K ET fails after sticking a long time on "sending bootloader" or something like that.

So I'm probably going to testpoint my phone, unless you have some new file to test...

Thanks anyway for your great job, Yuet and others!

8:23 PM, April 06, 2007 methos_276 said...

hi guys i have the same problem i kept trying over & over the same steps until i achieved the flash 0300 and done the repair pds and it worked but now it keeps giving me this error :"Connecting to phone ...
Connected to: 'Motorola Flash'
Connected OK
Bootloader version: 0300
Sending loader to phone ...
ERROR: Receiving READY
ERROR: Send loader failed (2)" & now i can't seem to to nothing 1 in 20-30 try's i can achieve the 0300 boot mode but still giving me the same error,i mention that i can flash the phone to any mp of Yuet's or Diabolik but i need this god damned phone unlocked help me pls (Sarah's angel can u help me i have the 08.D0 bootloader and the phone is a vodafone version [i'm from romania] some of my friends(diabolik oen of them did it and unlocked his phone and some other but not through Yuet's method,through the other one) methos_276 is my yahoo messenger id could someone helpls)sarah's angel switching the usb ports without taking the usb cable out works but i had to try it more then 10 times in all my usb ports that's just f------ making me blow up.HELP PLS

8:58 PM, April 06, 2007 methos_276 said...

Forgot to tell you that when p2k et recognizes my 0300 boot it keeps sayns please disconect tespoint (what the hell does that mean by the way there's nothing else connected to my phone-and the phone is without batery just usb powered) could anyone of u yuet or sarah's angel please try to explain to me what that means?

9:17 PM, April 06, 2007 Yuet said...

JB, testpoint is still the most reliable way to get S blank neptune lte2.

methos_276, when you see "disconnect testpoint to continue", just click ok to continue. The software expect u to do testpoint to get s blank neptune lte2, but we actually achieve it by flashing. When you get "Send loader failed", you should try to unplug, then plug usb cable (or even remove/put back battery.) and try to flash again. I can see u have almost done it, so you shouldn't give up.

11:07 PM, April 06, 2007 methos_276 said...

wouldn't that mean suicide yuet,damn dude i will kill my "PRECIOUS" my "PRECIOUS" couldn't there be another way,couldn't u compile another flash file to flex the mp to achieve the 0300 boot the i'm gona murder the v360,i'm gonna give him the "macel" (murder,pulverise him in romanian that is :P (-_o) ] did i mention that i'm romanian huh muahahhahaha i'm a killer ;)

11:41 PM, April 06, 2007 methos_276 said...

I Sir YUET have macelat my phone muahahahhah I really did it,it works like a charm and as a pledge 4 u the owner of the darned v360 that is my brother :P has the new 3.2 from the master YUET himself muahahaahhahaha. My moto bows b4 u o mighty 1 :P (-_o) i must say he put out a bloody painful fight the little fliper boy muahahahhhaa

12:22 AM, April 07, 2007 Yuet said...

methos, congras to you & ur brother. Can you share with us how did you get the phone detected as S blank neptune LTE2? the phone has 09.02 bootloader, right?

5:55 AM, April 07, 2007 Metallus said...

Methos esti tare ca si eu am avut o problema asemanatoare. am mai postat in alt thread tot aici in blog si l-am sfatuit pe respectivul de acolo sa tot incerce ca reuseste. Si ce sa vezi a reusit. Din cate am citit eu nu prea ai cum sa macelaresti telefonul asta (doar ale dreaq de l7 alea) si eu si fratele meu avem aceleasi telefoane ca tine tot v30v branded pe vodafone. (sorry for the romanian post but we tend to healp eachother in any way we can and positive feedback is the best help anyone can get:D).

1:19 PM, April 07, 2007 methos_276 said...

sorry YUET but the phone i unlocked had 08.D0,i kept trying the methos that sarah's angel described,but it didn't work,so i tried the lord dizzy's method still nothing by mistake i once or twice "caught" the error :P but i couldn't do anything,then at last before my last try before giving up i took a change with your method again and bang it worked the error stayed in the phone(forgot to mention that after i flashed with yuet's file the error giving file when i put back the batery in the phone kept showing me the same bootloader that i had before the flashing operation that i made both with RSD & P2K ET 3.9 the cracked version,oh yeah yesterday i flash the poor lil' felow about let's say more than 50 times,and when u get that error u don;t have to put the batery back in the phone,it's enough just to switch usb ports,but i got to say that u have to switch them a lot i mean a lot depends on your luck muahahahhahhaa :P (-_o),and another thing my brother's phone was a vodafone version of v360 but not the black one vith the vodafone sign on it,it is the blue version and it had 08.D0 bootloader and now i don't know how it has the 08.A0 boot DAMN :P that means i made a downgrade on the boot ???

1:48 PM, April 07, 2007 methos_276 said...

I really need to thank YUET/METALLUS/SARAH"S ANGEL for the moral support and the helpfull info,next week i will try to make a downgrade on my v360 boot 09.02 and see what will happen,thanks again guys,it really means a lot 4 me.

5:56 AM, April 08, 2007 Jay said...

Hi Yuet!

I've tried all the methods on here and still no success, but I remembered reading somewhere that you just bought something to unlock it?

Do you think you could recommend the site to me? I just want to give them my IMEM and then they'll send me the subcode thing right?

BTW my phone is
SW Version:

SLVR L7 :(

2:12 PM, April 08, 2007 Yuet said...

methos, you are welcome.

Jay, I think all the methods here are not for 0A.52 phone. Please send me an email if you want the info about IMEI unlocking.

2:06 AM, April 24, 2007 LEOLAP said...

I've tried yuor metod to change my aer firmware yuet.... all was goig well when rsd says "error in falshing phone"... i tried many times but the phone is dead... then i take the phone to a motorola center and they in 1 hr change the motheboard of the phone and give it me back with 56_r firmware... owever i have solved my problem :-D

2:57 AM, April 24, 2007 Günay Kasper said...

my firmware is EOR
I dont know to speak english..
can you help me.
can you make a video for that..

12:35 AM, April 25, 2007 methos_276 said...

here is methos_276,yuet it seems that u hadn't fount yet a method to achieve s blank netpune flash for the 09.02 bootloader can u tell me pls a way to downgrade my bootloader so i can unlock my phone pls

4:45 AM, April 25, 2007 Mayank said...

hello Yeut, I tried flasing to your blank bootloader and it flassed ok ubt now i keep getting white screen. i prss *,# and power to load the bootloader, again the white screen comes up. i opend p2k easyt and F&B. it detects my phone so i flashed with a flex and it will say done in those programms;however, the screen still comes up white can you help me?

4:46 AM, April 25, 2007 mikeftp said...

after falsing to blank firmware i keep getting white screen? bootloader also doesn't needed

5:02 PM, April 25, 2007 Yuet said...

Mayank & mikeftp, read this post. BTW, what's the details of your phone?

methos, you have to make testpoint. read this post.

Günay Kasper, a bit difficult for me to make video. sorry.

Leolap, you are lucky. :-)

8:24 PM, April 25, 2007 Mayank said...

Yuet, When i hold * and # and place the battery in it goes straight to white screen. However when i instert usb. the phoen is recognized by F&B as

FLEX: SE4621AXXN11AA. So th at's all i know about it. Help me.

4:03 AM, April 26, 2007 brezdelnez said...


I Have Flex:YuetMod v1.8
S/W: R4513_G_08.B7.AER_RB
Boot loader: 09.02

I can't make my phone to be
S Blank Neptune LTE2 it's been recognized as
S Flash Neptune LTE2

What to do? I tried ewerithing and is still S Flash Neptune LTE2.


9:50 AM, April 26, 2007 Daniel said...

Hi Guys!
My BootLoader is 08.D0
my firmware originally was DCR then i flash it with ACR,DER until i got stuck with EOR btw follow this thread and successfully free my L7 ang now i gotmilk MP which i think is DER firmware. My point is i followed the instructions and got it working the blanking thing and repairing my PDS using the forov guys approach but yuet's instructions here do work.
Thanks to him a lot! Thanks man!

11:18 AM, April 26, 2007 oldSAP said...

Hello, I have a SLVR with 0A.20 bootloader, how do i subsidy unlock this phone? Thanks

1:26 PM, April 26, 2007 Yuet said...

Mayank, what's your bootloader version? What is your phone detected by RSD Lite? S flash neptune LTE2 or S blank neptune LTE2? What are the flash files you were flashing?

brezdelnez, the reliable way of getting s blank neptune LTE2 for 09.02 phone is to make testpoint.

Daniel, good to hear that from u.

oldSAP, do u know how to make testpoint?

2:01 PM, April 26, 2007 oldSAP said...

no sir i dont know how. i saw a video tutorial where they use a dremmel cutter but im afraid i might destry the phone

2:07 PM, April 26, 2007 Yuet said...

if you are not comfortable with making testpoint, I don't know other free way to unlock your phone. The L7 with 0A.20 is quite difficult to hack.

2:14 PM, April 26, 2007 oldSAP said...

is it not possible to downgrade the bootloader?

2:58 PM, April 26, 2007 Yuet said...

yes, but you need to make testpoint before you can downgrade the bootloader.

6:00 PM, April 30, 2007 Denil said...

is it possible now to change E0R to some other version? or is it still risky to do so? i heard someone has managed to do it... jus want to confirm if it is safe to do so

1:40 AM, May 04, 2007 brezdelnez said...

I haw bad network connection what can I do. I can't find post that is talking obout it.


11:33 PM, May 08, 2007 Anonymous said...

Hi Yuet! i have done exactly what u have written. It is easy getting the blank flash thingy. So i have repaired the pds several times. And i have the Aer firmware and 08a0 bootloader. So then i try to flash the mp to your 2.1 firmware. It flashes like it's suppose to but after the flash i only can boot to the flash screen on the mobile. There it says firmware 56_r so the AER is gone, but i can't boot in to the phone?! any advice?? thanks

12:47 AM, May 16, 2007 Yuet said...

denil, it is still a bit risky.

brezdelnez, try this seem edit:
seem 0032_0001 offset 7F bit 1 (set on)

anonymous, if it is 56_r, the flashing was not successful. try pds repair again, then flash to a moto stock MP using p2k easy tool.

10:11 PM, May 16, 2007 Mayank said...

firmware is

Flex: Yuetmod
08. DO

I can't seem to flash to blank neptune. RSD keeps telling me check sum error. phone never turns on. its stays in black screen. Also when i press *# and and put the battery in i get white screen? can you help get this phone started anyway. Thanks

4:04 PM, May 17, 2007 Yuet said...

mayank, can ur phone be detected by rsd lite?

6:07 AM, May 18, 2007 Anonymous said...

Hey, I tried your method and i get the phone in s blank neptune so i pds repaired it and when pds is finished i put the phone in bootloader mode and it says DAR but when i flash a DCR MP or any Other MP with Rsd Lite /P2k Easy Tools 3.9/F&B 3.0.3 it says succesfull but when i try to turn the phone on only the keypad flashes blue and the screen stays black any solution becuase i have been trying to solve this problem for one week already please help

9:21 AM, May 18, 2007 Yuet said...

if you follow my steps, you should flash a MP using p2ket immediately after PDS repair, instead of truning it into bootloader mode.

9:54 AM, May 18, 2007 Mayank said...

yes it is deteted my rsdlite it was and i tried to reflash with same firware and ther one to. when i flash it with other one it it ws flashed sucessfully it said. so when i pluged the phone in again it detected taht the firware was yuetmod_22_L7 not the other one.

11:03 AM, May 18, 2007 Yuet said...

mayank, what's your phone detected by RSDLite? is it "S blank neptune LTE2"? Do you understand why you want to flash the BlankNeptuneLTE2 flash file? This flash file will not change your firmware. Instead, it will make your phone detected as "S blank neptune LTE2" by rsdlite. Please try to describe the problem clearer.

2:35 AM, May 19, 2007 Mayank said...

ok yuet, the problem now i'm facing is after flashing with yuetmod_22_L7. my phone never turns on. If you can help me get this problem corrected then we can go from there.

1:51 PM, May 19, 2007 Yuet said...

mayank, is your original firmware AER or E0R? which are sticky firmwares. If yes, it is normal the phone turns on after flashing to 2.2. You should then turn your phone into bootloader mode to flash to blank neptune LTE2.

just to make thing clear. is your goal to remove the sticky firmware? is your phone model L7?

6:08 AM, May 20, 2007 Mayank said...

hey yuet, yes my phone is L7. i just want to start the phone now. I was trying to remove sticky firmware. but now i just want to use the phone. I flashed my cousins phone with yuetmod_22_L7 and his phone is not working also.

4:18 PM, May 20, 2007 Yuet said...


1. flash to 56R.

2. flash your phone back to AER.

if doesn't work, it seems to me Motorola has update their technology in sticky firmware, which prevent P2KET to remove the sticky thing.

6:31 AM, May 22, 2007 Mayank said...

yuet what is 56R?

10:41 AM, May 27, 2007 Anonymous said...

Successfully unlocked & fixed my 08.D0 L7 with this method, no drilling required :P

awesome job yuet & all other people that spent the time to work this out

2:03 PM, May 28, 2007 Yuet said...

Mayank, 56R is a moto stock firmware version.

3:54 PM, May 29, 2007 charlekups said...

HEY ANONYMOUS WITH aer AND 08.DO...WHEN USING PDS REPAIR USING P2KET the same eror message appear.. testpoint im trying to reflash my fone to a stock eor.downloaded in modmymoto.then ill try to have sflash neptune out and try repairing pds...hope it work...can you post here how you got to repair the aer 08.D0 version..

4:17 PM, May 29, 2007 charlekups said...

mayank flash this to your aer phone.....
download this first the link attached . this is the stock eor... dont worry i also have a sticky firmware...but there are those who have removed it im hoping i can also change my firmware...before flashing have your battery fully charged

4:18 PM, May 29, 2007 charlekups said...

this is the site mayank

5:14 PM, May 29, 2007 charlekups said...

hi yuet i have now unbricked my aer...i was wrong in not getting s blank neptune lte2... i thought it was the same with s neptune lte...i got the blank neptune by flashing the 08.D0 flash here and by removing the batery and plugging the phone without battery.then i placed it without removing the plug..then turned on p2kET then repair pds...withe phone always get to the test point needed because the tool i think does not detect the phone as a s blankneptune lte2 but a flashneptne lte2 thats in my case...thanks and right now im flashing my phone into some other mp of course no aer or oer..haha..thanks yuet...

2:12 PM, June 01, 2007 Yuet said...

charlekups, congratulations!

9:37 PM, June 05, 2007 Dailyman said...

Hi Yuet

Can we remove the sticky firmware by doing a PDS repair in V3i.

If NO, do you know some method of removing the sticky firmware from V3i. Boot Loader A.30

3:36 PM, June 07, 2007 Yuet said...

dailyman, I think you can make testpoint to get "S blank neptune LTE2", then do PDS repair to remove the sticky firmware.

7:09 PM, June 27, 2007 danyelstyle said...

Hi Yuet i have a V360v From Vodafone Romania with bootloader 09.02 .Can i unlock my moto without testpoint? Do i need a special frimware and software ? if so can you give me the links to download those , and send me an email with the step by step procedure(i don't wanna mess it up)? If you can i would really appreciate it!!!!

10:46 PM, June 29, 2007 Yuet said...

for 09.02 phone, only making testpoint is the reliable way to unlock.

BTW, please come & join to my forum for easy discussion.

4:39 PM, July 07, 2007 shams said...

Hi Yuet, i am in great danger. Last night i have installed YuetMod_3.2 and after that my phone only up in boot loader mode. I already tried with p2k easy tool and RSD Lite. but there is no luck. my boot loader is 08.D0 and phone model is v360.could u pls help me?
pls note that i am not getting "S Blank Neptune LTE2"...and my problem is almost same with Michael’s problem.

5:41 PM, July 09, 2007 Yuet said...

shams, what's your original firmware version?

For easy discussion & faster response, please come to my site

3:27 PM, July 27, 2007 Anonymous said...

How long does the unlock process take when using p2k easy tools 3.9, mines been going for 10 minutes and still nothing?

2:25 PM, July 28, 2007 Yuet said...

It should finish in 1-2 minutes.

2:30 PM, August 05, 2007 tasse said...

hey yuet i have a big problem, i tried to unlock my v360v, but now it's stocked in S Blank Neptune, the bootloader doesn't start and the display is black...
i tried all metods but nothing :(

7:21 PM, August 05, 2007 tasse said...

i solved my problem at ur inbrite forum .. in fact u solved the problem not me :D

8:42 AM, August 25, 2007 Amol said...

can anyone please tell me where i could get P2K Easy Tools v3.9 cracked? you could please email it to me at Thanks!

12:05 PM, November 02, 2007 Anonymous said...

v360 finally unlocked bootloader:08.D0 firmware:ABR

I want to share what i did to get my v360 unlocked, first i didn´t know how to flash a cell
i took the Yuet's manual for unlock whitout Testpoint so i try to flash my cel with RDS and
unlockflashv360 for .D0 but i received error 85 and the process stops, then i try to restore my
f&b backup but the error shows again. Trying many diferents flashes my phone finally worked with
yuetmodv19 so i had my phone working again, i tried everything with no luck for patching my phone but
always came with error 85 so i decided to apply the test point method as follow

-open phone
-open a hole in the metal plate (with a drill, i wont try this again)
-use a nail to connect tp
-connect battery through two pieces of cable
-use p2k to repair pds
-apply yuetmodv19 flash (since it was the only that works for me but this time dont)
-use p2k to unlock the phone (it hangs with no errors)
-use p2k to fix pds again
-this time it works perfectly
-use p2k to unlock the phone

Voila!!! my phone its working whit a new provider, BT A0 and a nice interface.

The best way to unlock a phone without previous knwledgement is PATIENCE, thanks to all you people
that share all this information thanks sarahs angel and special thanks to you Yuet maybe one day i can do somethig to help others like you do!!
Thanks, merci, gracias!!


7:49 PM, November 11, 2007 Ah Yee said...

hello, i'm from malaysia..
can you suit me with the besh mp?
my v360 got prob from the 1st time i bought it untul now, it always show invalid battery and restart again and again..

10:13 AM, December 02, 2007 hueyhuey said...

i just messed it up, i think i bricked my v360. i had used rsd lite to flash it and it can be detected by rsd lite as "S blank neptune LTE2" then as i try Part 2: Repair PDS to get rid of sticky firmwares, such as AER. it wouldn't work. it would open and attempt to "Full repair PDS zone (with DSP checksum)" with "P2K Easy Tool v3.9 Cracked" but it would give and error like connecting to phone...then failed.

anyways, i tried flashing it with YuetMod MP 3.2 and that worked fine but it was still locked of course. so i decided to flash back to "S blank neptune LTE2" and this is where it had completed the flashing but the screen went black and i can't turn on the power or get into the bootloader menu. when i connect my phone to my computer via the usb cable with rsd lite rsd lite gives me an error "phone failed initial security verification checks.HAB error 0x27" but rsd lite still reads my phone as "S blank neptune LTE2". i try to flash it at this point (note the bootloader is not on) but it gives me an error "failed flashing superfile for Subscriber unit state (0x430703A);phone connected.

so that's where i am....sorry for the long story...i can feel that my phone seems savable but i don't know what to do...please help...

3:03 PM, December 02, 2007 hueyhuey said...

ok, i'm back and some good news. playing around and taking out the battery etc seemed to do something and i was able to repair the "Full repair PDS zone (with DSP checksum)" but i realize i still have a problem....I dont have a back up flash SHX originally from my phone...what can i do now? i'm a step closer...

6:03 PM, December 02, 2007 hueyhuey said...

hi again, finally brought my v360 back from the dead...but lost a head of hair in the process...:P. from the last place i was (to make a long story short) able to flash it with a stock firmware...
i am very impressed with what you guys can do with your v360s.cheers.

11:24 AM, January 20, 2008 Dark Hedgehog said...

Hey thanks man this works great except for a couple of things

1st off i used the one that works for both 8.a0 and 8.d0

when i put the new fw on the phone when it says 100% it says that it had an error

but the new firmware works great

so plug it in and it recognizes it as the flash not the blank

and when i use p2k to try to unlock it it says i need testpoint on my phone
but it said in the guide that you could do it without testpoint

can you tell me what im doing wrong
im pretty new to this stuff so
thnak you so much


3:21 AM, January 22, 2008 Tamanna said...

Does anyone know if this method of unlocking will work for the LTE2 RAZR V3s? I have a T-Mobile RAZR V3 w/ SW version R3443U2 and 0A.30 Bootloader.

I recently tried to unlock it using a chip I bought off of eBay to make the TP & using P2K Easy Tools, but I don't know if I had the chip upside down or what. Now when I try to turn it on, it flashes the Motorola opening screen and just goes black.

I can get it to boot up in BL mode and RSD Lite says it is Flash Neptune, so I have tried numerous monsterpacks, but it still does the same thing.

I also tried to TP it using a wire and I couldn't get my PC to recognize it. Most of the time, it does nothing at all.

I don't know what's wrong w/ it. I wouldn't think the PDS is gone, since it reads as a Flash Neptune.

At this point, I was thinking of trying Yuet's method, since it seems I have nothing else to lose.

Has anyone else experienced this??



1:50 AM, March 21, 2008 Anonymous said...

Sorry probably a stupid question but will this work with the L6?


1:22 AM, May 13, 2008 irvingh30 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
1:26 AM, May 13, 2008 irvingh30 said...

hi yuet i´m from Dominican Republic

i have a SLVR L7
SW Version:

i´ve read almost everywhere that for unlocking this phone a testpoint procedure is required, but i´m not familiar in that type of advancing modding, so do you have information about IMEI unlocking for this, does this work
what can i do, i´m really frustrated and need to unlock his phone

11:10 AM, May 28, 2008 Anonymous said...

Thanks a Billion Yuet! ur a straight up genius! i followed ur guide and i unlocked my V360(08.A0)
Nice mp too, we respect u for what ur doin. keep it up.

10:45 AM, June 27, 2008 CHucky said...

when i do the step 3 which is the following...

Go to "Locks" tab and check "Unlock SP". Then click on 'Do Selected jobs'

the p2k_easy_tool_v39 doesn't look like hes responding, how much time does it takes to unlock ?

2:06 AM, June 28, 2008 Sergey said...

I followed your guide and at the end flashed v360 08.A0 to YuetMod v3.2. I can start it in bootloader mode but when I press red button it shows "Loading" screen for 2 seconds and switches off. I tried different MPs with same result.
How can I fix it?

7:48 AM, August 02, 2008 Irfan said...

Yuet! Please help. I tried unlocking my V360 and now it wont even power up. I did exactly what your post said. I have used the files and BL from your post. Initially I got Critical Error 84. Now the phone is dead. It wont go into BL mode. RSD Lite gives "Failed Security" error. HELP, PLEASE!!!!

2:24 AM, November 07, 2008 Anonymous said...

Yuet i must say this looks really cool but i have a prob.


now i have not read everything but does ABR=AER and is it sticky or not?


7:29 AM, February 24, 2009 Anonymous said...

Someone help. I followed the suggestions perfectly. Everything works fine. I see S Blank Neptune in RSDLite. And I am able to flash to my .SHX file correctly as well. However, when I try to unlock, I see this message:

Connecting to phone ...
Connected to: 'Motorola Flash'
Connected OK
Bootloader version: 08A0
ERROR: Please make TESTPOINT on phone for this model!

My Boot Loader is this: 08.A0
And my original software version is: R4513_G_08.B7.86R

I flashed to YuetMod v3.2.

6:58 PM, March 17, 2010 Marius said...

I got ome trouble with the unlocking: I got a PDS variable read error. I tried full PDS repair, but then RSD Lite 2.8 wouldn't flash the MP (error 0x27, phone not compatible).
Used P2K to flash the MP. Phone unlocked and working fine!
Thanks Yuet! Web