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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Repair "S Blank Neptune LTE2"

How do I repair my V360 from "S Blank Neptune LTE2"
I bricked my phone about an hour ago, but I managed to save it from the "S Blank Neptune LTE2". I write down the steps here, and I hope you (if you bricked it) will be as lucky as me.

How did I brick it?
I was doing some testing with my YuetMod monsterpack. I was flashing a Flex reflash file, and at the end there was checksum error. Normally it will be ok, but this time I clicked the mouse too fast. I clicked to close RSD Lite when the phone was still showing "SW Upgrade in progress...". As a result, the phone was dead. It wouldn't power on, and I couldn't turn it into bootloader screen. Well, I was prepared to say goodbye to my V360, but I want to save it and I don't want to disappoint you. Many of you came here to ask Yuet for solution. How can Yuet tell you "I bricked my phone and I can't unbrick it. No more YuetMod MPs."? I try my luck to connect my phone and RSD Lite can detect it as "S Blank Neptune LTE2". This gave me a dim light and a slim hope. I tried a few things, but I will only tell you the successful steps here.

What you need?
P2K Easy Tool v3.9 Cracked (if you can't find it, this is a hint.)

Disclaimer: Doing the following steps might void your warranty or damage your phone. I, Yuet, shall not be responsible for any damage to your phone by following the steps, so do it at your own risk.
If you want to post this article elsewhere or translate to other language, please quote the original author and link to this Blog.

Warning: Don't try this if you have cingular L7 with 4517 firmware. These steps won't work for this model.

1. Start p2k easy tool
2. take out battery from phone, and put it back
3. connect your phone to computer via usb
4. in p2k easy tool, select your phone mode (V360 for me)
5. click "Repair" tab, check "Full repair PDS zone (with DSP checksum)"
6. click "Do Selected Jobs", in a minute you should see messages like "repair ok"

7. if you are unlucky and repair failed, try charge your battery and start from step 1 again
8. unplug & plug USB cable, take out battery and put it back, wait a few second for PC to detect your phone; click "Flash" tab, check "Flash SHX", make sure phone model is correct
9. double click the text box for "flash SHX" to open a full SHX file for your phone. For my case, I use my 2ER backup SHX
10. click "Do Selected Jobs", and wait for the flashing to complete

11. your phone is alive again

About my phone:
My phone is V360 with 08.A0 bootloader. I think these steps should work for V360/L7 with R4513 firmware, and maybe other motorola phones in the list of phone model in p2k easy tool. Anyway, do it at your own risk.

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9:10 PM, February 10, 2007 Anonymous said...

IF you have a 4517 L7 this bricked my phone ( I did this over a week ago - so it was my own doing. IT had nothing to do with yuet) . As well I had a failed flash Critical Error DEAD . So I had nothing to loose trying to resurrect it with a PDS repair.

5:24 AM, February 12, 2007 Anonymous said...

so i was thinking... maybe stupid... but if you could reproduce that checksum error.... and it made the phone come up as S Blank Neptune LTE2 then possibly you would never need 2 testpoint if you had a locked phone? thats my 2 cents :P

10:27 AM, February 12, 2007 Yuet said...

envi, this is a smart idea. that's what I think also. However, we have to find out the reliable way to turn the phone into S Blank Neptune LTE2. I heard that we can flash a e398 MP to achieve it, but I can't afford to test it.

4:37 PM, February 12, 2007 Anonymous said...

There must be a way.... if GOT_MOTO can do it... if i find a e398 MP i might b brave enough to test it...............

6:22 PM, February 12, 2007 Yuet said...

envi, you can find many e398 MPs at wish you good luck if you try.

11:21 PM, February 12, 2007 lord_dizzy said...

When I was reading "Repair S Blank Neptune LTE2", exactly the same idea as envi had came into my mind. But, are you sure that a locked phone will be unlocked when doing this? I think yuet's phone was already unlocked before that, so he cannot unfortunately confirm. Anyway, the method with e398MPs should be given a try. I still have ONE week of warranty, but I must first put back my operator's firmware then start to test other things, just in case...

2:02 AM, February 13, 2007 Anonymous said...

im trying 2 find the courage inside of me 2 test it... i SHOULD have 1 and a half years left warrenty... but i dont think i'd get away with it now that i've testedpointed mine and stuff... unless my sp is really stoopid....

Yuet or anyone else, could you please tell me the advantages of e0r and disadvantages.... i heard it preforms well... the only sucky part is its sticky?

Also how do you tell which firmware is old? is it the last part of the file? like "ABR"....
and by saying that... Would ABR be newer than 58R?

thanks :)

12:56 AM, February 14, 2007 Anonymous said...

nope... flashing with that firmware didnt do anything... gave me a error saying chip not matching or something before it even flashed....

11:31 PM, February 14, 2007 lord_dizzy said...

Maybe should flash with a different tool. I'm looking for it. The great problem is that I cannot use windoze ATM, I'm using Linux. But just for searching for clues and in the week-end I'll will go deeper on my friend's machine...

1:47 PM, February 15, 2007 Yuet said...

wish u good luck, lord_dizzy.

1:38 AM, February 24, 2007 Mario said...

Can you please upload your 2ER backup SHX?

11:46 PM, February 24, 2007 Yuet said...

why do u need my backup?

3:45 AM, March 01, 2007 Anonymous said...

I had a V551 that I had flash with V557 Flash(OOOPPPS Wrong Dir) (DID Not See that coming). This is what I had done to fix the problem.

If you have done this you would have been SOL 2 seconds after the Flash.
You can not get back into the phone with out TP the Phone.

WHat I had done was there is a SubMini Bat on the PCB that can be take out. I removed the batt. and left it for 3 days with out connecting any cables or batt to it.

When I got time to go back to the phone I had a Blank Neptune unit.

This did get me back to a place where I could start trying to recover with out a smart-clip.

After all was said and done I did test point the phone and restored PDS from backup. and then unlocked it while I was at it and the phone works great now.

I did have a Spare while I was down with the Bricked Phone.

Let me know what you think.

estryzek at real-estate dot hopto dot org

3:59 AM, March 01, 2007 Zahaso said...

hello Yuet my moto v360 have a S Blank Neptune LTE2!what i do: i try to put on a language pack and work is restarting...and...dead...i do what you say but..:
Connecting to phone...
Connected to: 'Motorola Flash'
Connected OK
Bootloader version: 0000
Sending loader to phone...

and that`s all...i waith waith waith...and after 10min Usb-Spart Cyclone P2K Easy Tool v4.1/3.9(i tri with thes 2)(Not Responding)

tell me what to do...please and thnx for your help!

9:52 PM, March 01, 2007 Yuet said...

estryzek, can you show me a picture of the "SubMini Bat on the PCB"? Why did u do testpoint again when the phone is already s blank neptune?

zahaso, what's your bootloader version? should only use 3.9, which is the only reliable version.

1:48 AM, March 02, 2007 Anonymous said...

it happened to me was dead...but i have turned in bootloader in another mode:i have taked out the battery,i have pressed * + # + power, this time i have putted the battery in...and it started in bootloader...(sorry for my bad english)

1:56 AM, March 04, 2007 sabspencer said...

Hi Yuet - in 9). of the one blog - you use "2ER SHX" - ???
How do I get one of those... - please..???..I have 4513 ....2ER_A software in my v360... can you help refresh my memory on how to make one?... please...??

2:15 AM, March 04, 2007 Zahaso said...

the version is 08.A0 bootloader and i trie:"* + # + power, this time i have putted the battery in...and it started in bootloader" but whit 3.9 say bootloader: 0300
sendyng loader to phone...
and that is all...if I remove the phone say:ERROR: Receiving READY
ERROR: Send loader failed (2)

5:29 PM, March 04, 2007 Yuet said...

spencer, I think you need the latest fb3 to do it. I have a copy of the 08.A2 bootloader. if you need it, I can send it to u.

zahaso, this guide is only applied when your phone is detected "S blank neptune LTE2". you can't do it in bootloader mode. However, you can flash using p2k easy tool when your phone is in bootloader mode.

7:15 PM, March 04, 2007 Steve said...

Can you please upload your 2ER backup SHX? Because i don't do a backup befor I star the e_mail adrees is you

3:04 AM, March 05, 2007 Zahaso said...

Yes Yuet i know...and my phone is detected "S Blank Neptune LTE2"" and it respone like I write before!Please
help me!IS "S Blank Neptune LTE2"" and when i tri with p2k:
Connecting to phone...
Connected to: 'Motorola Flash'
Connected OK
Bootloader version: 0000
Sending loader to phone...

an the p2k say(NOT RESPONDING)
and i waith but nothing happen...10 min...still nothing...i remove the phone from usb and :
ERROR: Receiving READY
ERROR: Send loader failed (2)

3:07 AM, March 05, 2007 Zahaso said...

Sorry that i post again...i trie and this time the p2k say:Connecting to phone ...
Connected to: 'Motorola Flash'
Connected OK
Bootloader version: 0000
Sending loader to phone ...
Loader sent OK.
Read Flash ID ...
Flash ID: 20000E88
Write PDS part ...
ERROR: Write PDS (7)
ERROR: Write PDS failed

12:00 PM, March 05, 2007 Yuet said...

zahasso, can u show me a screenshot of p2k easy tool when repairing PDS, so I can better understand what you were doing?

steve, I am not going to share my backup as there are personal data in it. and you don't really need it. You can find many moto stock firmwares on the internet. you can flash to 5AR or 58R, etc. Not necessarily 2ER.

6:44 AM, March 08, 2007 Anonymous said...

OK, so, let's see, i have a V360 locked to the Orange Romania network (yes i'm romanian) is has some waranty left on it, about one year or more :) but as the little devil that i am, i started moding, it's my second v360, so by now, i know all i need to know to mode this phone to my tastes.... bun there is a problem... let's say i brick my phone, if i take it to the SP, they will check the PDS and see that the phone was flashed.... my question is.... how do i wipe out the "history" stored in my PDS so that the SP won't know i flashed my phone? and now a little bit of topic... i started my own MP... something small, not that great as yours yuet, but cute, and handy :) i modded my phone, and then i made a back-up with flashbackup 3.... now, my question is... ho do i make that backup run on every single v360 ? i have 08.A0, and my girlfriend 09.02 , and i want her to use my MP also... and i want iti to have it near in case i need a reflash.... what can it be done... by the way my name's Adrian but you can call me HEFE :D

12:33 AM, March 09, 2007 Pela said...

WOW, has somebody tryed this without failing or bricking a phone? I have a Boot Loader 08.A0 and a SW Version R4513_G_08.B7.86R.B could I try it with a good (let's say "REALLY GOOD") chance of succes? and also I would like to know If it is necesary to get till 10th step or if there is a good chance of finishing just in the 6th step... thx for any answer!

PD: I Im a little scare about doing the hole thing haha... But I just need to...

11:18 AM, March 09, 2007 Yuet said...

Adrian, 08.D0 ramloader will work for V360 with 08.A0/08.D0/09.02 bootloader. replace the ramloader in your MP with 08.D0 version, then it should be flashable to 09.02 phone.

pela, as long as you can get "S Blank neptune LTE2", these steps will work. The important thing is to get "S Blank neptune LTE2" first, either through testpoint or flashing to the special SHX file.

8:23 AM, March 10, 2007 Anonymous said...

Yuet i would like to thankyou for your suggestion, but i wonder if you could give me even a little bit more help? would you please give me a link to a 08.D0 ramloader ? or even better should i upload it someore and give you a link so you could make it compatible for all the bootloaders around? or even better than that could you please give me an yohoo messenger id so we could talk a little bit more about it, maybe give me some advice, etc etc ??? if the last 2 aren't possible, i can settle for the lik to a 08.D0 ramloader :D thx in advance and hoe to hear from you soon

8:24 AM, March 10, 2007 Anonymous said...

btw the above post is mine also, Adrian (HEFE)

10:09 PM, March 10, 2007 Ashish said...

I'm going to perform this procedure on a SLVR l7 EOR.
apparently nobody's tested it out on an EOR yet.
ill post back in a few hours.
(i'll start after dinner:-) )

1:08 AM, March 11, 2007 Ashish said...

i did everything exactly as mentioned in the guides.
it flashes to S Blank Neptune LTE2 problems here...

then i did the second bit of fixing the PDS.
i followed the steps exactly.
but it doesnt work.
P2K Easy Tools returns this error..

Connecting to phone ...
Connected to: 'Motorola Flash'
Connected OK
Bootloader version: 08D0
ERROR: Please make TESTPOINT on phone for this model!

any ideas?
im going to try flashing back to EOR. until then does anyone have any ideas?

note:i have followed the instructions to the word.

1:27 PM, March 11, 2007 Sarah's Angel said...

hey ashish.. i think you re using p2k ET with your phone in 'flash mode' and you should have it as 'S Blank Neptune' (try RSD Lite if it's detected like that).. and after that, you can use p2k ET..
the flash mode will let you flash the phone.. but not repairing the PDS..
Hope this helps..

2:17 PM, March 11, 2007 Ashish said...

my phone is detected as "S Blank Neptune" by RSD lite after using Yuet's "S Blank Neptune" flash.

6:47 PM, March 11, 2007 Yuet said...

Adrian, download a stock moto ABR MP. The ramloader in it is 08.D0.

Ashish, try to plug & plug USB cable, take out battery and put it back, wait a few second for PC to detect your phone; then use P2K ET to repair PDS again. You select "L7" as phone model, right?

8:31 PM, March 11, 2007 Ashish said...

i unplugged and then plugged it. i removed the battery and put it back in....but still the same error.

yes , i did select L7 as my phone model.

the only difference between what you wrote and what i did is that i used RSD LITE 3.2 and not 2.5.

Could that in anyway be the reason why this procedure didnt work.

11:19 PM, March 11, 2007 Yuet said...

rsdlite version shouldn't matter. I suspect p2k et 3.9 doesn't work well with E0R. You may want to try p2k easy tool 4.1 or the newest 5.3. BTW, before you flashing my BlankNeptuneLTE2 flash file, did you flash to YuetMod v2.2 first? If not, it's worth trying. but I am not sure if you still can flash any MP if you can't repair PDS. good luck!

12:05 AM, March 12, 2007 Ashish said...

I cant flash any MP on my phone since its a EOR [thats the main reason i want to get out of EOR].so i dont think flashing YuetMod 2.2 will work.

i have tried flashing other packs on my phone either shows a critical error or just refuses to come ON.When this happens, i just flash a stock EOR onto my phone and everything is fine again.

I guess the only thing thats left for me to try is p2k ET 4.1 or 5.3.

if you do have any more ideas please post them up so that i can try them out.

anyways, thanks for the help.

4:17 AM, March 12, 2007 Anonymous said...

hi yuet my name is mussa and this thing happemd after i falshed my phone to s balcked naptune andi thout i had don it but then i saw this post of how to fixs this and make the phome alive agin so i tried andtirad but this is all i got Connecting to phone ...
Connected to: 'Motorola Flash'
Connected OK
Bootloader version: 0300
Sending loader to phone ...
and nothing happends after that pleace help i now uyoure a jinius

5:56 AM, March 12, 2007 Anonymous said...

it mussa and i traide agin and this time it said that it ripaird the pds so then i need a shx file for my motorola v360 8.a0 bootloader can some one give it to me pleace and by the way it worked when i took out my barari and i unlocked it when i tock out my battri doese that cound it had the usb in it and rsd lite reconized it only when i tock the battari out so the i ripered it whithout the battari and unlocked it whitout the battari

9:38 AM, March 12, 2007 Yuet said...

mussa, you can find the SHX MP file in my blog.

3:18 PM, March 12, 2007 Anonymous said...

it's mussa were yuet

9:20 PM, March 12, 2007 Anonymous said...

Connecting to phone...
Connected to: 'Motorola Flash'
Connected OK
Bootloader version: 0000
Sending loader to phone...

1:45 AM, March 13, 2007 MARIUS said...

hello, yuet
i try to unlock my phone (V360) and i think i unlock it, but now i have a problem. After unlock, i put your mp 2.2 and doesnt start.
Appaer the hellomoto and then die, black screen. What can i do it? please help
PS.:I put other MP s and-no effect;
I try to repair PDS-no effect.

so, what can i do?

(sorry for my bad english)

2:38 AM, March 13, 2007 Anonymous said...

my v360 is the same some one help

3:35 PM, March 13, 2007 Yuet said...

marius, do repair pds again, then flash to a stock moto MP.

How mussa fixed the problem:
open rsdlite, remove phone battery, and put it back, wait until rsdlite detect it as s blank neptune lte2. close rsdlite, open p2k easy tool 3.9, select phone model and select repair PDs, do the selected job. that's it. then flash to a MP.

1:30 AM, March 14, 2007 Anonymous said...


10:25 PM, March 14, 2007 Naveen said...

hi guys

i have done the jobs perfectly to my l7 mien is eor same error message comes to me too

Connecting to phone ...
Connected to: 'Motorola Flash'
Connected OK
Bootloader version: 08D0
ERROR: Please make TESTPOINT on phone for this model!

any help is appreciated

Rgds-P.Naveen Jothi

10:26 PM, March 14, 2007 Naveen said...

i have done the things perfectly to

my EOR firmware but the same error

message comes to me too

Connecting to phone ...
Connected to: 'Motorola Flash'
Connected OK
Bootloader version: 08D0
ERROR: Please make TESTPOINT on phone for this model!

any help may be greatly regarded

11:02 AM, March 15, 2007 Yuet said...

naveen, have you got your phone detected as s blank neptune LTE2 before you did the steps in the guide?

1:47 PM, March 16, 2007 Naveen said...

yes my rsd lite detected it as a

S Blank Neptune LTE2 and then i have left it in the boot loader mode for pds repair to be done by me p2k v3.9 and its giving the error message

kindly educate me guys

11:59 PM, March 16, 2007 Anonymous said...

yuet i have this problem with my phone v360 it siad
Connecting to phone...
Connected to: 'Motorola Flash'
Connected OK
Bootloader version: 0000
Sending loader to phone...
help pleace

2:13 AM, March 18, 2007 Anonymous said...

i can help you all whith youre problem the sending phone thing

7:50 AM, March 18, 2007 Anonymous said...

hi Yuet my name is szymon i am from Poland i have the same problem as Marius.
i try to unlock my phone (V360) and i think i unlock it, but now i have a problem. After unlock, i put your mp 2.2 and doesnt start.
Appaer the hellomoto and then die, black screen. What can i do it? please help

I flashing my V360 using several MP ACR , yours version AER and still nothing. I repair PDS many times and still nohting.UNlock SP many times WHAT Do you think What can i do ?. What do you mean by stock moto MP. Sorry for my english

11:58 AM, March 18, 2007 Yuet said...

szymon, stock moto MP means those unmodified motorola firmwares. please try pds reapir, then flash to a stock MP.

naveen, this method might not work for L7 with E0R. After you get s blank neptune lte2, your phone should be in black screen instead of bootloader screen. If nothing works, you have to flash back to a E0R firmware to get a working phone.

Anonymous, I need more detail from u. what's your bootloader & firmware version? what did you do?

3:26 PM, March 18, 2007 Naveen said...



3:49 AM, March 22, 2007 Naveen said...

hi yuet its again naveen here i am having eor firmware and i have flashed with ur yuet mod v2.2 the phone didnt turned on and again i flashed with a eor firmware but ur version v2.2 is coming to life but only showing 10 icons in the menu but i can change it to 12 by changing the skin and still camera and video camera is not working though what do u think abt this


10:17 AM, March 22, 2007 Yuet said...

naveen, in this case you flashed only the E0R firmware, but keep my v2.2 Flex. There's compatibility issue with my Flex and the E0R firmware. You should use the Flex come with E0R.

6:27 PM, March 22, 2007 Anonymous said...

my v360 aer now the new 3.2 not supported?????? help!!!!

9:54 PM, March 23, 2007 Anonymous said...

How can I get back my phone to normal.
Now it is S Flash neptune LTE2

9:59 PM, March 23, 2007 Yuet said...

just follow steps in the post to repair s blank neptune lte2.

you have to get rid of AER, before you can flash to other firmwares.

1:46 PM, March 31, 2007 Rodrigo said...

Hi Yuet,

I flashed up my V360 with Yuet's v3.2 and then with LP 0003, but R4513. After killing my phone I realized that both .shx were for different firmwares. I already tried to alive my phone with P2K Easy Tool v3.9 but didn't have success.. It freezes on "Powering down..." What shoul I do?

11:16 PM, March 31, 2007 Yuet said...

Rodrigo, firmware in v3.2 is patched. you can't flash to the LPs with CG7. is your phone detected as s blank neptune LTE2 now? If it freezes, you can always try to unplug/plug usb cable or remove/put back battery.

12:28 AM, April 01, 2007 Rodrigo said...

Hi Yuet,

Now I've got problems. I tried to flash with "UnlockFlash_V360_08.A0 Solo Flash.shx" and had success. The phone seemed to breath again. After this my phone is no longer being recognized via USB!!! I'm almost throwing it away! I can't even turn it on! :( Neither RSD Lite nor P2K Easy Tool can (can't) see my phone via USB.
Do you have any idea what should I do to save my phone? Thanks!

12:39 PM, April 01, 2007 danyul05 said...

hi yuet my name is danyul and i am wondering if u have a copy of the original v360 shx file or a stock moto MP in my case a unmodified moto mp if u do or u can get me one or tell me were i can get one it will be appreciated as my phone stuffed up after putting in the software from this site? plz help me find a unmodified shx file or send me the unmodified moto mp shx file to my email

2:50 PM, April 01, 2007 Yuet said...

rodrigo, a few things to try:
1. press and hold *, # and Power keys as long as you can, to see if you can get bootloader screen.
2. try other usb ports
3. just try to repair pds & flash using p2k ET.

danyul05, what's your bootloader and original firmware version?

6:15 AM, April 02, 2007 Anonymous said...

I am having troubles. I did a test point and now when I try to do anything errors come up. I tried to repair the phone in P2K easy tools but it now tells me a test point is needed. Also my L7 is stuck on the bootloader screen now. I have to take the battery out to shut it down. Help!!!!

8:22 AM, April 02, 2007 danyul05 said...

never mind about it coz its under warranty so im gonna take it in and lol shhhh tell a lie so they will fix it lol thanx anyway dude all i know is its locked to telstra and i unsure of the bootloader version but my backup will not work either so thanx anyways i just hope they will take it in and fix it

8:26 AM, April 02, 2007 danyul05 said...

oh and just so you know the the flash backup 3 download link will not work says its expired so can u relink that please so if they dont ix my v360 i can copy the firmware and bootloader from my sisters or dads fhone please

8:30 AM, April 02, 2007 danyul05 said...

in fact here a link u are able to use its a free download hope u like

9:56 AM, April 02, 2007 Yuet said...

the anonymous, what do u want to do? if you can get the bootloader screen, just flash to any MP.

danyul05, good luck.

10:59 AM, April 02, 2007 Anonymous said...

Sorry I guesss a little more info would help huh. I am trying to unbrick the phone. I tried to flash it but it keeps disconnecting half way through. Says
Connecting to phone ...
Connected to: 'Motorola Flash'
Connected OK
Bootloader version: 0A20
ERROR: Please make TESTPOINT on phone for this model!
but I did the test point already. I am trying to unlock it and flash it to new MP. Hope this helps

1:21 PM, April 02, 2007 danyul05 said...

and if my v360 is un fixable then well this wedensday im gonna buy a locked to telstra v360 same as mine lol and go from there copy all the firmware ect from that and try on mine lol only thing i can do i guess? do u think that may work if i copy all the the firmware ect from the one ill buy wedensday and put on the one i am gonna take to get fixed

11:46 PM, April 02, 2007 Yuet said...

anonymous, I think p2k easy tool doesn't work well with the 0A.20 bootloader. Don't try it with p2k easy tool any more. Now you should try to flash to a compatible MP to get your phone working again.

danyul05, I can't agree with you. it is not a good idea. I believe all the phones are fixable as long as there's not physical damage. You can find the moto stock firmware on internet, instead of buying a new phone to get it.

1:30 AM, April 04, 2007 tnl said...

hello yuet. im mariano from argentina. i have a v360 with 08.a0 bootloader. ihad tested all your mp and they are greats, someones better than others, but all your work is great.
now i have a problem: i was trying to unlock my phone following yours instructions and i dont know what happened. when i turn on the only thin i get is the hellomoto screen for a pair of seconds and then it turn off, if i put in flash mode i can read this:

boot loader
sw version:
battery low
cannot program

and rsd lite dont detect it anymore.
if i take out the battery and connect to usb, i get the same(nothing).
i had tried with p2keasy tool 3.9 and is the same. what can i do?
maybe its time to forget my v360 and get a new phone?
help me if you can.

8:18 AM, April 04, 2007 Anonymous said...

hey yuet, after using ur MP2.2, now the phone turns on show the motorola logo n blank out.

I believe i'm having the exact problem as MARIUS n SZYMON.

Please kindly advise. Thanks

12:01 PM, April 04, 2007 Yuet said...

what's ur phone & bootloader version? did u do the unlocking steps? if v2.2 won't work, try other moto stock MPs.

12:35 PM, April 04, 2007 Anonymous said...

hi yuet,

thx for replying...the phone is a tmobile v360. with bootloader 08.A0

I've tried with many different moto firmware...still the same.

do u think i should try with AER ?
phone can get into bootloader, just wont boot up normally...please help

sick v360

4:11 PM, April 04, 2007 Yuet said...

don't be sick. you will fix it. flash to YuetMod v2.2, then follow this guide to get S blank neptune LTE2, then do the steps in this post. I am quite sure it will work for 08.A0 phone.

4:23 PM, April 04, 2007 Yuet said...

mariano, your battery is low. you have to charge your battery, then flash a MP again. Also you need to repair PDS after unlocking. repeat the unlocking steps if you have not done so.

8:32 AM, April 06, 2007 helen said...

Hi can you help me?
I flashed my V360 to MP3.2, that worked great. I then tried to unlock the phone and got a criticla failure. In RSDlite, it tell me that the initial security fails. IN PK2, It fails to repair the RDS. I have tried all methods that have been suggested.
Would flashing the phone with the original firmware restore the phone?
Bootloader 08.A0
R4513_G_08_b7_56R_A which locked to the orange network in the UK. Unfortunately, the backup has been deleted and I no longer have the original firmware.
Is this phone now dead? forever?

9:02 PM, April 06, 2007 Yuet said...

helen, did you ever get your phone detected as s blank neptune lte2? Can your phone go into bootloader screen? try to flash a MP using p2k easy tool.

12:24 AM, April 07, 2007 Burhan said...

Hi Yuet,
I somehow managed to brick my phone, it doesnt switch on, it doesnt connect to my PC, now im lost and stuck. can you please email me the flash backup, as i dont have a copy and im new to motomodding. I did the repair PDS and it worked, then i took the battery out to do the second part and my computer doesnt recognoise it nemore.I cant evn go into the bootloader screen. Im gna try charge it n try agn. hope it works.

12:47 AM, April 07, 2007 Metallus said...

Burhan I tried about 15 times to disconnect and reconnect my phone before my PC detected it. Try another USB port ant try more times. You can get the full flash MP files here:
Remember try more times! If at first you don't succeed...try again, and it will work.

1:32 AM, April 07, 2007 Burhan said...


Succeeded i just gt it and just used Yuetblog v3.2 and it is workin great. Great Work Yuet. and thanks Metallus for the positive attitude.

5:24 AM, April 07, 2007 Metallus said...

No problem. Glad you made it. BTW Burhan what MP did you reflashed?

5:29 AM, April 07, 2007 Metallus said...

Sorry didn't see that Burhan. Too tired :D here is 12:30 at night.

12:15 AM, April 08, 2007 Yuet said...

burhan, congras. Can u list down the steps that you got the success? It will help other people.

I am glad that more & more success was reported.

Metallus, don't work too hard. :-)

2:34 AM, April 08, 2007 Burhan said...

My phone was blank and as metallus said i kept on tryin, had to reinstall the drivers, i used rsd lite v2.5, and wen it detected the phone as blank neptune i quickly went into p2k easy tool and unlocked it, and took the battery off and connected it agn, agn it took ages to detect it, remember i switched off the computer and switched it on like a hundred times and kept installing the drivers (wen it asked me to) and when i got successfull blank neptune, i repaired the PDS, :\ agn it took ages to detect and wen it did i just flashed it with YuetMod v3.2. and it worked great. Many thanks to Yuet and Metallus.

Remember switch the PC on and off aswell it does help.

9:04 AM, April 17, 2007 Anonymous said...

Good job Yuet. One thing I noticed is in certain entry dialogs the character set is stuck on numbers, with no way to change it to letters.

In 2.2 L7, it was the entry under Web Sessions/Homepage, and in 3.2 L7 it was the GPRS APN.

12:14 PM, April 17, 2007 Yuet said...

Hi, do you mean you have tested V2.2 L7 version?

I think those are the restriction in the firmware. You can use p2kAE to change them or follow this guide.

2:04 AM, April 22, 2007 Anonymous said...

I bought an L7 from GSM_Unlimited (eBay). Turns out that it is a European version of the phone with R4513_G_08.B7.AER_RB firmware. I tried your method of flashing it with blanking SHX files. I tried Got_Moto, but it doesn't work with the 09.02 bootloader. And finally, I cut the metal shield on the mainboard and testpointed it to a "S Blank Neptune."

Using P2K Easy Tools 3.9, I tried to repair the PDS Zone, to Unlock SP, and then to use it to flash some of your firmware and R4513_G_08.B7.AER_RB_PDS015_LP002E_DRM0101_JPJAVA_SE5743AXXU11DB.shx that I downloaded from motophon. I have a Flash&Backup backup of working phone's firmware, but FB3 cannot flash it to the phone, nor can P2K E.T. 3.9, RSD, or Got_Moto.

This morning, I could no longer get my Personal Computer using RSD Lite 3.3 to recognize the phone as "S Blank Neptune" consistently, yet I when I can, and then load Easy Tools and try to flash or repair, or whatever, Easy Tools 3.9 does not make a connection to the phone *, or if it does, I get the following:

Connecting to phone
Coneect to "Motorola Flash"
Connected OK
Bootloder version: 0300

Then a pop up information box pops up saying:
"Please disconnect testpoint (if you not made this already)" I click OK and this text is added:
Sending loader to phone ...
ERROR: Not received READY
ERROR: Send loader failed

*battery died. I found a way to jumper another battery onto the + & - pins

Attached are a couple of pictures that describe the "Mickey Mouse" job I did trying to testpoint the phone (I did get an S Blank Nepture, but I may have also damaged the chip displayed in the attached images. Is my only option to throw the phone away and get a new one, or should I see if the board can be fixed. If it can't be fixed, do you know where I can get a replacement? Is there a way to repair this with a flash? The final option I can think of it that when I testpointed the phone, the bootloader 09.02 got deleted. Could that be the problem? Can I replace it? How?

Dick Gleason

6:18 PM, April 22, 2007 Alex Badea said...

I got my phone in s blank mode , then i made pds repair and it was "ok repair" .
After that i boot my phone and before i was having EOR firmware , now telling me i have DAR firmware .
Is ok , should i start flashing a monsterpack ?
Alex Romania

10:20 PM, April 22, 2007 Metallus said...

Alex poti sa bagi ce flash vrei. Si ca sa nu uit ai dat si unlock in p2keasytool?(cred ca si asta e necesar daca il vrei deblocat. presupun ca e blocat pe connex nu?) Iti sugerez sa flashuiesti 1.8MP sau 3.2 MP al lui Yuet. Eu acum am 3.2. Bafta si te rog sa raspunzi cu rezultatul. Sorry for Romanian post.

10:31 PM, April 22, 2007 Metallus said...

Dick read all the suggestions and try to connect and disconnect the phone until it is detected by rsdlite. After it is detected try a PDS repair with p2kET. After the repair try another reflash. And if you want to reflash the bootloader There is a post on the main page of the blog. Scroll down or read here:

1:54 PM, April 23, 2007 Yuet said...

Dick, testpoint won't delete the bootloader. I believe it is still a software problem, so it can be revived. Pls follow what Metallus suggested. Normally the "send bootloader failed' error can be fixed by just unplug & plug usb cable.

5:40 AM, April 30, 2007 Pirat b0b said...

Wow... for the second time in two days I thought I had destroyed my phone.

But of course, for the second time in two days, Yuet came through.

You saved me when I didn't know I needed the AER mp. And now you've helped me get RID of my AER bootloader.

Thank you VERY much Yuet.

1:42 PM, April 30, 2007 Yuet said...

You are welcome! Pirat b0b

1:08 AM, May 04, 2007 Anonymous said...

Hi everyone!
My name is Andrey, I'm from Russia.
I have a v360 in Blank mode after i tried unlock it with testpoint. Now my phone is difine as unkown device in windows (i tried other port, cables and PCs) If i press * # and red button phone going to flash mode, but it still unknown device. Only after testpoint the phone is define as Blank neptune but it does'nt flash with any firmwares, P2k easy tools 3.9 said "error sent Ram downloader", RDS Lite said "incompatible software with subscriber unit".
Can i repair my phone?

3:29 PM, May 07, 2007 Anonymous said...

No problems here! Im a noob at L7 modding and I have to say YUET YOUR ROCK! Thank u very much for your online guides, info and feedback. Keep up the good work m8.

2:15 PM, May 19, 2007 Yuet said...

Andrey, please follow the solution for scenario #5 in this post.

2:59 AM, May 26, 2007 Toby said...

Yuet, I have a little problem. Yesterday I flashed to my L7 (08.D0) CG4 for RIZR Z3!!I was careless.

The phone is dead. Its like without battery,
-I cant go to the BL screen,
-I cant flash any previous MP (neither in F&B nor in RDS), look

-I cant repair PDS in P2k 4.1 -> there is an error:

Connecting to phone ...
Connected to: 'Motorola Flash'
Connected OK
Bootloader version: 0300
Sending loader to phone ...
ERROR: Receiving READY
ERROR: Send loader failed (2)

I have guarantee on this mobile yet, I dont want do anything with testpoint...only in last case.
Can I alive my L7 yet or go to the servis?

6:18 AM, May 26, 2007 Toby said...

yuet, my phone is alive again..i send to phone new BL (08.D0) over P2K Easy Tool...but I had to change version, with 4.1 I wasnt successfull. 3.9 was usefull

2:10 PM, May 28, 2007 Yuet said...

Toby, congras!

7:51 PM, May 30, 2007 nicke85 said...

Everything was Ok but I must to explore.AAAAA!!!!!
My bootloader is 08.A0 and firmware wasn't AER.After flashing with many diferent MP's I're try to flash with AER firmware my v360.
Now I can't change that stupid flash in my phone.What to do!?
Is there any chance to erase whole flash memory in the phone?I have tried it with P2K easy tools 3.9 and 5.3 but I only got message to do TESTPoint with my phone.Any help?????

3:09 PM, June 01, 2007 Yuet said...

nicke85, it is easy since you have 08.A0 bootloader. read this post.

11:20 AM, July 08, 2007 Clarkey said...

Yuet, I have my first V360, i have modded many moto's in my past but want to try something new, i unlocked my V360 with P2kET 3.7 and the phone is now stuck in S blank flash with or without the battery connected, i have tried many PDS repairs but to no avail, when I try to flash i get this:
Processing input file:
Processed 7 codegroups
Connecting to phone ...
Connected to: 'Motorola Flash'
Connected OK
Sending RAM loader ...
RAM loader loaded OK
Erase flash...
ERROR: FLASHCMD invalid command response
Error sending ERASE command.
ERROR: Flashing failed

Hope you can help because you rock

4:40 PM, July 09, 2007 Yuet said...

clarkey, I suggest you should try P2KET v3.9. If you are sure you have tried everything, you might need to do testpoint in order to revive the phone. BTW, what's your bootloader version.

If you want to discuss further, please come to my forum It will be easier to discuss it in the forum.

7:15 AM, August 13, 2007 Anonymous said...

hi yuet!i don't know if a did well to post here...i have a v360v bootloader 09.02.I have flashed a MP protected by RSA (or someting like that , RSA protection) and my phone is non-stop in bootloader mode.In bootloader mode are 2 new lines : SIG ERR 35:02.I heard that 35:02 is the worst error in v360.what can i do to repair my phone?i have tried to put the backup but it didnt workt...pls help me...sorry for my bad english > i am romanian and i don't know verry well. :)

1:08 AM, August 14, 2007 Anonymous said...

i`ve got that problem ?
my v360 is s blank neptune
i tried everything
Technology: N / A
Software Version: N / A
Flex Version: N / A
Bootloader Version: v0x000300
DRM Version: N / A
Phone Type: Production (681005C01918092B6C501841B945)
it display in RDS lite

and i pk2tools

Connecting to phone
Coneect to "Motorola Flash"
Connected OK
Bootloder version: 0300

Then a pop up information box pops up saying:
"Please disconnect testpoint (if you not made this already)" I click OK and this text is added:
Sending loader to phone ...
ERROR: Not received READY
ERROR: Send loader failed

i dont know what to do??

12:00 AM, September 02, 2007 ben said...

help please my e398 no respone and became white screen after flash it please someone help me!!!

4:51 AM, September 16, 2007 kevin said...

i followed all the instructions on unlocking my v360 now it is unlocked it wont boot what do i do plz help.....

4:15 PM, September 16, 2007 Yuet said...

kevin, can you get to the bootloader mode? have u successfully repaired pds?

ben, press and hold * and # keys, then power on the phone, your phone should get to the bootloader mode, then flash a working MP again.

2:51 PM, September 25, 2007 cypher_key said...

Hello all. I am trying to unlock my V360 and haven't had much success.

Initially I tried a program called SERREM. Along with it came a tons of drivers to interface with the phone. I have not uninstalled those drivers therefore I assume that they are being used to follow the tutorials on this site.

First I tried the Get "S blank neptune LTE2" by flashing
for V360/L7 R4513 08.A0/08.D0
by guys from forov360. I received an error 84.

Next I tried "Yuet's easy way to get "S Blank Neptune LTE2"
for V360 with 08.A0/08.D0 bootloader". To do this I successfully flashed with Yuet's MP 3.2 for the V360. I then moved on to use RSD Lite to flash the phone to get "S blank neptune LTE2". I believe this worked.

I then tried to unlock the phone using P2K Easy Tools v3.9. I get to the point where it says Unlocking... and it never completes. I've twice tried waiting for about 10 minutes.

I cancel the program. After about 2 times of plugging in the phone, unplugging the phone, remove the battery, replace the battery, I run RDS Lite.

I get the failed security verification checks (HAB error 0x27). I click OK. On Port 1, the Model shows as S Blank Neptune LTE2.

If I click on the device, the device properties have:
Technology: N / A
Software Version: N / A
Flex Version: N / A
Bootloader Version: v0x000300
DRM Version: N / A
Phone Type: Production (745001D00B11099B041DED598ADC)

My question is what are my next steps? I believe that I now have to follow the steps in "How do I repair my V360 from "S Blank Neptune LTE2"".

Also I am not able to power on the phone or bring it in to the boot loaders screen using the * + # + Power On button sequence.

Any suggestions are welcome.

3:12 PM, September 25, 2007 cypher_key said...

I've continued by doing a full repair PDS zone using P2K Easy Tool (ET). According to the tutorial, Yuet flashed it with a backup of his. I do not have one (that would have been a good idea). I tried googleing for "v360 stock firmware" and found a few links. Some are for t-mobile branded. I have a rogers phone.

What should I do? What exactly am I looking for? I see acronyms like ABR and ACR but not sure what those are.

3:38 PM, September 25, 2007 cypher_key said...

Since I am impatient (my bad) I decided to try out Lord Dizzy's method. This proved to have better results.

My phone was in "S Blank Neptune LTE2" mode. So I did:

1) Go to "Repair TAB" and check Full repair PDS zone and "Do Selected Jobs"
2) This completed. I unplugged and re-plugged in the phone.
3) 6.1. Go to "Locks TAB", check "Unlock SP" and then "Do Selected Jobs".
4) This completed (Unlock OK). I unplugged and re-plugged in the phone.
5) Re-did the repair (step 1)
6) This completed. I unplugged and re-plugged in the phone.
7) I open Flash&Backup, select Motorola V360 for my active phone profile (I also tried Motorola V360 08.A0). I click Select Flash File and pick .
8) I click Write Data and get the following:


*** Operation start (9/25/2007 1:32:19 AM) ***
Flash&Backup 3.0.4
Write data: C:\Documents and Settings\Aaron Anderson\Desktop\Yuet MP 2.2\

Extracting data from firmware file...
Sending the loader...
Executing JUMP...
Erasing memory... (Progress of this process is not shown)
Sending code group: CG3
Sending code group: CG7
Sending code group: CG18
Operation done.

*** Operation end (9/25/2007 1:32:28 AM) ***

4:04 PM, September 25, 2007 cypher_key said...

First I want to apologize for extending rambling over 4 messages.

Second, it works!!

I wasn't able to flash Yuet MP with RSD Lite or Flash&Backup. It took P2K ET to work. I found that little tidbit it yet another post.

This site is a great source of information. Thank you to everyone that contributes. Specials thanks obviously to Yuet and Lord Dizzy.

My only frustration is that the information is spread out across multiple posts. It would be nice to consolidate this information in to a full guide. Just my 2c.

Thanks again!

5:27 AM, October 25, 2007 Methus said...

Hy, Yuet ! I've got a problem with my V360. It had the 09.02 version of BootLoader and I tried to downgrade to 08.A0 version. I followed the steps that you post here, except one part... I did the "Full repair PDS zone" with P2K Easy Tool 4.1, it gave me 2 errors, then I try the ramldr2_0.31 which didn't "seen" the "new" version of BootLoader, so I write Boot like the steps said. But after that my phone, didn't start so I tried to enter in BootLoader by pressing * + # + power... The entered in BootLoader, and first up it showed an error, then showed me the version of BootLoader: 08.A0 and the firmware version, but I cannot flash it with any MP or any other firmware, even with my backup (.fb3) :| I tried the RSD Lite like you said upper but the phone, when flashing, doesn't change to "SW Upgrade in progress..." It shows the BootLoader version, firmware, and so on... I connected the phone again in P2K ET this time 3.9 (after I bricked my phone I found the 3.9 cracked version) and showed me this: "Connecting to phone ...
Connected to: 'Motorola Flash'
Connected OK
Bootloader version: 0000
Sending loader to phone ...
ERROR: FLASHCMD write error
ERROR: Sending BIN command.
ERROR: Send loader failed (1)". What should I do ? Thanks !

11:41 AM, October 26, 2007 JD said...

Hey Yuet, great blog, very helpful. I was wondering if you could help me though. I have a TMobile V360 i just purchased from a friend. I need to unlock it so I can use my SIM card from my other phone. I did all that you said, except the phone just doesn't pop up anywhere. It seems that it just doesn't exist. Can you help me locate it? Both programs cannot locate it for some reason unknown to me. Can you help me out? I'm really stuck especially because it just doesn't appear anywhere. Thanks, JD

12:35 PM, November 27, 2007 SwordKing said...

Yuet, I've been having fun with my v360 since I discovered your blog by Googling to unlock it. I have tried and tried, bricked it more than a few times, and gone back to my backups for the last month.

I tried it again a couple days ago, and finally managed to get it to show "S Blank Neptune LTE2", but then it wouldn't Unlock or accept any other MPs. Using P2Keztools3.9, I tried to repair it and got the dreaded 2 second white screen and it won't charge / USB or wall charger, just like a number of others have mentioned. One more thing -- my boot loader changed from 08.D0 to 08.A0, which I wasn't expecting.

After charging the battery using a Nokia charger and some tape (as found in your blog), I was able to get it to show up in RSDlite2.7 as "S Flash Neptune LTE2". I tried all afternoon to get it to "S Blank Neptune LTE2", and finally did, but again, PKezTools wouldn't Repair or Unlock it.

I just flashed it again with YuetMod_v3.2, using RSDlite2.7, it paused at the end, and said to manually reboot the phone. When I tried to just turn the phone on, it showed your "Loading" screen for a couple seconds, and then went blank. So I tried to boot into 'boot' mode (*+#) and nothing happened til I took the battery out, and inserted it while holding *+#. RSDlite finished, I tried to reboot and I'm back at the white screen with a phone that won't charge again.

Oh, yeah, and I've been doing this on four different computers with three different USB cords, because I've seen you suggest that repeatedly.

So, any suggestions???

8:02 AM, December 14, 2007 Huckleberry Pie said...

OK, so I bricked my phone by installing the Blank Neptune file, and I couldn't power on the phone, nor activate the flash mode. I tried P2K, but I often end up with this:

Connecting to phone ...
Connected to: 'Motorola Flash'
Connected OK
Bootloader version: 0000
Sending loader to phone ...
ERROR: Receiving READY
ERROR: Send loader failed (2)

Can you help me with this???

5:13 PM, January 10, 2008 Anonymous said...

Dear Yuet,

i cann't really find any source in getting "P2K Easy Tool v3.9 Cracked", so who ever have this software please sent a copy to my email

1:46 PM, January 20, 2008 Dark Hedgehog said...

Please tell me you have made a backup of your phone data thingy
I could really use it cuz I tried the above steps but my phones still screwed

Please if you can send it to me via email
or host it on a site
i would greatly appreciate it

10:50 PM, January 26, 2008 Flegma said...

hi, im having the same problem as other users.
dont know what to do next

Connecting to phone ...
Connected to: 'Motorola Flash'
Connected OK
Bootloader version: 0300
Sending loader to phone ...
ERROR: FLASHCMD write error
ERROR: Sending BIN command.
ERROR: Send loader failed (1)

cant flash any MP, cant do pds repair or unlock via p2ketv39..
what should i dO?

11:41 AM, February 02, 2008 Yuet said...

Thanks all for posting comments here. However, for phone problems, please come to forum. There's a subforum "moto clinic", which is specifically for resolving phone problems.

Sorry I don't reply to u here, as it is a bit difficult to reply you one by one.

2:04 AM, February 03, 2008 ToX said...

Hi. I have a problem. It is a S Blank Neptune LTE2. I cannot turn the phone (motorola v360v)on. And I tried using p2k easy tool v4.1 to fix (repair) it.
When I check "full repair PDS zone (with dsp checksum)" and click "do selected jobs", my log in p2k says:
Connecting to phone
Connected to 'motorola flash'
Connected OK
Bootloader version: 0000
Sending loader to phone...
ERROR: Receiving READY
ERROR: Send loader failed

Can somebody please tell me what theese errors mean, and how to fix them/my phone.

PLEASE E-mail the answears on:

Thank You!

12:45 AM, April 14, 2008 R. Christian Dahlberg said...

Can anyone help me with finding a 2ER backup SHX? I think I need this to get my phone booting again.

Thank you!

10:14 AM, April 14, 2008 Riaan said...

yuet, you are brilliant... if it wasn't for this article... i wouldn't have my phone working right now. thank you for being here. motorola should hire you if they haven't already.

3:21 AM, October 06, 2008 Mato´s Blog said...

hi yuet.
Sorry for my bad english.
Well , i flashed my fone whit F&b 3 using the mp : Motobeauty 2 pds patched.
After that my fone( in flash mode ) display: boot loader 08.d0 sw vesion: r4513_motobeauty_acr , and the fone didn t start, this remains in flash mode.
Y tried to put my backup , but , this didn t work; the fone start in flash mode.
the question is: how i can know if my PDS is damaged?

9:34 PM, December 27, 2008 T. said...

Dear Yuet,

Looking at my phone, i can't believe my eyes!!!!

'SW Upgrade in progress'

They are magic words, aren't they?

I killed my v360 2 days ago. It was totally dead - due to multifont thingy mentioned above.

Stupid me! But I learned my lesson.

Ur idea is great! It works! Without TP ;)
Thx a lot!


4:51 AM, May 07, 2009 JAGADESH said...

hey every one.

first i removed the metal plate from my phone and tried to to remove rsa protection using pin pointing.
but every thing gone worse for me.
now my phone shows a white screen and i cant even flash any thing though phone is connected.

so please help to overcome this headache.
my dad is always scolding me for making the phone useless and my parents are not allowing me to buy a new phone.

so please anyone help and guide me.

valuable replies are appreciated and thanks in advance

does anyone know how to get "S blank Neptune LTE2"???

i'm getting only "S flash Neptune LTE2".

is it possible to flash with it??

i get this when tried to connect using RAMLDR2:

Phone connected
Boot version:
Phone disconnected (when i hit send loader)
Phone connected
Boot version:

MY EMAIL ID IS jagu1236@gmail Web