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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Downgrade 09.02 bootloader

Downgrade 09.02 bootloader for V360/L7
Hi everybody, Bullfrog told me this good news today. We can use these steps to download the 09.02 bootloader.

1) Flash with the L7e font with FB3 and wait the "close" inscription.
2) Remove cable and batt.
3) Open P2K_Easy_Tool_v39, select model phone and go to "Repair"> "Full repair PDS zone".
4) Connect the cable without battery and press "Do selected job" then "OK".
5) Disconnect phone, and open ramldr2_0.31, put the battery, and in the display may appears bootloader "08.A0" (v360); if not, with ramldr2_0.31 we press "Send loader", then Write BOOT and choose the bootloader corresponding to phone:
V360 - 08. A0
L7 - 08. D0
6) Close the program.
7) Open Flash Backup or another flash program and we flash with any firmware, o any MP we want.

Original Tutorial:

Flex4, dvsdigiman


Download the flash file, bootloader and this tutorial: []

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