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Friday, June 29, 2007

YuetPhoto - mobile photo album & slide show

mobile photo album & slide show

I wrote this mobile photo viewer in Nov 2005. I still want to add more features to it, but I have not time to finish them. Now I'd like to package this v0.1 version for you to at least have the slide show features on your mobile phone. It is ideal for creating mobile java photo albums, and distribute it on internet. It is tested on both motorola V360 and E398. It should work on any mobile phone which supports MIDP2.0, including cell phones by Nokia, Sony Erission, Samsung, etc.

Features at a glance:
- photo slide show
- view photos in full screen
- auto rotate photos to fit the screen
- English & Chinese interface, switch language instantly. It is possible to add other language, if you would like to help.
- view photos stored in jar file
- support png, gif and jpg format
- options to set slideshow speed and number of loop.

8/2=next/previous page
*=back to photo list

Command Menu in photo list screen:
4.About this midlet

How to create java photo album?
- prepare photos that fit the screen size of your mobile phone.
- Download and unzip the midlet jar file into a dedicated folder.
- Name each photo as photo1.jpg, photo2.jpg, photo3.jpg and so on. For png or gif file, just replace the extension jpg with png or gif.
- Put all the text files into photos/jpg, photos/png and photos/gif in the dedicated folder, according to the file format.
- Change following parameters in the META-INF\MANIFEST.MF file:
1. MIDlet-Name:
2. Album_name:
3. Album_desc:
4. png_count:
5. gif_count:
6. jpg_count:
- Save the file and zip everything in the folder (not including the folder) and rename the extension from zip to jar.
- Install the jar file in your mobile phone.
- For Windows users, you can use Winzip or any other zip program to zip/unzip the file.
- for Mac users, use "stuffit expander" to unzip the jar file and use the archive function to zip the files.

Why use YuetPhoto v0.1?
- Everything is in one single jar file, makes it very easy to distribute your photo albums.
- It is compliant to MIDP 2.0, so it should work on any mobile phone with MIDP2.0 support.
- No special permission is required to run this midlet.

You can distribute your java photo albums using this midlet for noncommercial purpose. If you want to use this midlet for commercial purpose, contact me please.

Support/Feedback at this thread in

Download YuetPhoto 0.1.0: []

A sample photo album powered by YuetPhoto:
Keira Knightley: []
Jessica Alba (by Shag_o_mac): []

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Create skins with animated wallpaper

How to create skins with animated wallpaper
Here are the steps to make animated wallpaper for your skin.

Tool you need:


1. Prepare an animated gif file, the size of the image must be 176x220 or smaller. Name it 573.gif;

2. download skinner4moto;

3. start skinner4moto and open your skin;

4. copy the animated gif file "573.gif" into the gifs folder, which skinner4moto created after openning the skin with this name 573.gif;

5. go to Location/Size and look for ID 572, set the values of the upper-left coordinate of your gif file in "Left" and "Up" input boxes, and set the Width and Height of the gif in "Width" & "Height" input boxes;

6. go to "Yes/No Booleans" and set the ID 599 to true to enable the ID 599;

7. save the skin.

Discussion thread in inbrite forum.

Download skinner4moto: [];

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

How to improve network reception

How to improve network reception
We found some firmwares have better reception than others. This is a guide show you how to import the network signal settings from one firmware to another. I haven't verified the effectiveness of this method, as I live in a city where cell phone reception is good everywhere. If you experience bad reception, you may want to try these steps.

Tool you need:


1. flash your phone to a MP which has better reception;

2. connect your phone to computer via USB;

3. start Radiocomm, select menu "Features", then "NV / SEEM";

4. select the option, as shown in the screeshot, for the fields "Product", "Command Type", "Options", "Read Options" and "Compare to File".

Radiocomm screenshot

5. click action "Read";

6. after reading, click "Save" and save as a NVM file; close Radiocomm;

7. flash your phone to the MP with worse reception;

8. connect your phone to computer via USB;

9. start Radiocomm, select menu "Features", then "NV / SEEM";

10. select the option, as shown in the screeshot, for the fields "Product", "Command Type", "Options", "Read Options" and "Compare to File".

Radiocomm screenshot

11. click "Open", then select the NVM file you saved in step 6;

12. after opening, click action "Write"; close Radiocomm;

13. now the phone should have better reception.

Please try it and let me know how effective this method is. Please provide your feedback at the thread in forum.

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