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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Downgrade 09.02 bootloader

Downgrade 09.02 bootloader for V360/L7
Hi everybody, Bullfrog told me this good news today. We can use these steps to download the 09.02 bootloader.

1) Flash with the L7e font with FB3 and wait the "close" inscription.
2) Remove cable and batt.
3) Open P2K_Easy_Tool_v39, select model phone and go to "Repair"> "Full repair PDS zone".
4) Connect the cable without battery and press "Do selected job" then "OK".
5) Disconnect phone, and open ramldr2_0.31, put the battery, and in the display may appears bootloader "08.A0" (v360); if not, with ramldr2_0.31 we press "Send loader", then Write BOOT and choose the bootloader corresponding to phone:
V360 - 08. A0
L7 - 08. D0
6) Close the program.
7) Open Flash Backup or another flash program and we flash with any firmware, o any MP we want.

Original Tutorial:

Flex4, dvsdigiman


Download the flash file, bootloader and this tutorial: []

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1:22 AM, August 02, 2007 Anonymous said...

I have a L7, the I can only choose the 08.D0 boot? why not 08.A0? I heard this is more compatible, is thi true?


1:48 AM, August 02, 2007 hakom said...

Hello! I have one question.Is this operation to downgrade safe?
I will downgrade to 08.D0,but i have fear,i dont will destroy my phone :(

1:13 AM, August 04, 2007 Anonymous said...

I've just done a downgrade on my v360/ i mention that i "had" a 09.02 boot and now i have a 08.A0 boot (-_o),it's very easy just do the steps in the notepad file :P take care now i have to mention that i am having some problems with the log in/But it's me methos_276 an "elder" with v360 :))

1:17 AM, August 04, 2007 Anonymous said...


did this last night now i'm rocking and 08 0d bootloader thanks a lot

2:11 PM, August 05, 2007 Yuet said...

congrats! methos & oscar.

anonymous, 08.D0 & 08.A0 are equally moddable. It's up to you. 08.A0 can also work on L7.

hakom, I replied you in the forum.

4:24 AM, August 08, 2007 Anonymous said...

Is it Real ?!?

4:43 PM, August 08, 2007 Norbert said...

Hi! I'm Crok from Hungary.( So sorry for my english )
I have a V360v phone and I've just done the downgrade from bootloader 09.02 to 08.A0 but I have a big problem!
When I try to start my phone in bootloader mode the phone tells me there is an error with it: Error 0x1FE.After a few seconds the bootloader screen seems to be correct,the phone tells it's bootloader is 08.A0 but I can't flash it. :(
The phone is not receive the loader when I try to flash it.
If anybody encounter this problem please tell me how to fix this! :)
( The P2K EasyTool tells the phone's boot loader is 0000 )
Thanks a lot!

5:11 PM, August 10, 2007 Metallus said...

Crok try to flash with RSD Lite.If that doesn't work, you have to do testpoint to recover your phone.

7:07 PM, August 13, 2007 Gergely said...

Crok, I have exactly a same phone from the same provider than you. Can I ask you that Metallus comments or other things helped without TP? I don't want to start the process if someone with a same phone bricked his phone using it.

Thanks for the reply, Gergely

7:45 PM, August 13, 2007 Norbert said...


There's no other methot to repair the phone, just the testpoint method.
I do a "testpointing+blanking+bootloder downgradeing+unlocking+flashing" thing and I'm happy :) and the phone too :)

6:46 PM, August 16, 2007 blablah said...

I did everything up to step 5) where the phone denied to boot. To continue I pressed (* + # + power on) at which point I was able to see 08.a0 boot loader screen. Then FB3 and that's all. I post this comment in case someone else has a similar issue. Have fun :)

8:37 PM, August 16, 2007 *Mi* said...

I try downgrade my v360 09.02... but I have a problem... The error 0x1fe, like Norbert... TP is a just solution?

Sorry my English, I'm Brazilian...


10:39 PM, August 16, 2007 Norbert said...

I think TP is the only method..
It's not too easy but 100 percent good :)

10:45 PM, August 16, 2007 *Mi* said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
10:50 PM, August 16, 2007 *Mi* said...

oh, no... I don't know do testpoint... I dont know open my v360... Is there any tutorial or video or images for help-me? My mother dead me... =(

I think this is only solition too... the ramldr2_0.31 don't "send loader" my cell fone, like p2k easy tools or fb3 or rsd lite... is there other softwares for test?

Tks a lot...

9:24 AM, August 18, 2007 alex said...

My phone`s display is totally black, what can I do? I did all the steps you said we have to do to downgrade, and now it`s blank... help me!

11:43 AM, August 18, 2007 Yuet said...

guys, please come to There's many other members there ready to help u.

12:31 AM, August 29, 2007 Playboy said...

Hey yuet i have a problem. i have a motorola v360v with bootloader 09.02 and the firmware is R4513_G_08.B7.AFR everytime i try to flash the phone it sy conected to usb and transfer ok. and when i want to flash when the rmld is being sent then it say's connect usb. can you help me???

3:04 AM, September 02, 2007 Kuba said...

sory Yuet i have one question how much cost NCKIA and NOKLA in China! example NCKIA N95!

4:37 PM, October 11, 2007 Anonymous said...

Hy there all I had the same error 0x1FE after trying to downgrade my booloader from 09.02 a vodafone firmware,but I solved it by TP,and with the help of a good friend a did it u just need 2 TP the phone & afterwards Full repair PDS with P2k-ET craked 3.9 versio. I am the proud owner of a resurected v360 09.02 error downgraded moto. Peace2all. Motofan4ever

3:22 AM, December 20, 2007 Methus said...

For Motorola V360 phone: if you want to downgrade your 09.02 bootloader to 08.A0 just flash your phone with "Font L7e.shx" with FB3 and wait the "close" inscription. Remove miniUSB cable and batery then connect them back. Open P2K Easy Tool v3.9, select model phone and go to "Repair" -> "Full repair PDS zone" -> "Do selected job" -> "OK" and after it has finished doing the repair, close the program, open your phone in bootloader by pressing "*", "#" and "Power" buttons (you'll see that now you have 08.A0 bootloader) and flash the phone with any firmware or MonsterPack you want. For those who get the "0x1FE error" you need to testpoint your phone and do "Full repair PDS zone" with P2K Easy Tool v3.9, then reflash the phone. Web