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Monday, February 26, 2007

Edit font in LangPack

How to edit font in LangPack
This guide is based on the comment by Lucas. All credits to him.

Tools you need:
Binary Editor
SHXCodec or RandomSHX


1) Open a LP or a MP using SHXCodec, then split it to obtain the CG4 SMG file. (It can be found in the same folder where you put the LP/MP.) or you can extract the LP/MP using RandomSHX

2) Move the CG4 file to another folder, then open it using the Binnary Editor

3) Press "ALT + M" to Generate Bookmarks

4) Press "ALT + S" to save the bookmarks at name as for example "matrix"

5) Select ALL bookmarks and press "ALT + G" to generate Font Map, save it with the same name "matrix"

6) Now you have 3 files, one is a ".bmp", that is the Original FontMap

(Don't close the Binnary Editor)

7) Edit the .bmp to add the Font. When finished, save it, and back to the Binnary Editor

8) Press "ALT + i", and select the "rft" file with the name that used for example, in this case "matrix", open it

9) Press "Select ALL" and "Import FontMap" and "Close"

10) Close the Binnary Editor

11) Open SHX CODEC, delete all CG except "RAM DOWNLOADER" and "CG4 Language Pack", then select "CG4 Language Pack" press "Replace" and select the CG4 that you edit with BinnaryEditor. Compile SHX file and flash the phone with this. (If you were using RandomSHX to extract the SHX file, you can recompile the SHX using RandomSHX.)

BinaryEditor: [4shared]

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7:26 PM, August 15, 2007 Winston said...

Hi, what do u mean by this? Edit the font with what program and how?

Edit the .bmp to add the Font. When finished, save it, and back to the Binnary Editor

Im Winston, u can also get back to me at

Thanks. Web