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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Edit protected fields in Websession

How to edit protected fields in Websession
In some branded firmwares, some fields in the Websession, such as Homepage or APN are protected. When you want to edit these fields, you have only the numeric entry mode. Effectively make it impossible to change the original setting. This guide will show you how to edit the Websession to change these fields.

Tool you need:
P2K software, such as P2KTools or Moto4lin
HexEditor, such as XVI32 or HexEdit


1. on your phone, go to Websession and go into the field that you want to edit;

2. as you can only enter numbers, just enter 99999999; (99999999 is just an example, you can enter other numbers)

3. save the setting;

4. connect your phone via USB, and open P2K software;

5. use P2K software to download the file /a/Websession from your phone to computer;

6. open HexEditor, and open the downloaded Websession;

7. in HexEditor, search for Hex String
39 00 39 00 39 00 39 00 39 00 39 00 39 00 39

8. you can it is shown at the right side of the HexEditor. Now you can replace them with the value you want to set, for example, Enter the text at the right side of the HexEditor. (The left side is the Hex values.) Remember to always replace the offset, don't insert new offset; and always leave a dot (Hex value 00) in between each character;

9. save the Websession file, and use P2K software to upload it back to /a/ on your phone;

10. restart your phone and it is done.

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1:33 AM, March 07, 2007 Anonymous said...

Yuet, but there exists P2K Advanced Editor, which can do the job with a dozen of mouse clicks and no hex editing.

12:04 AM, March 08, 2007 Yuet said...

yes, P2KAE is another way. However, I like HexEdit because it is Mac-friendly.

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