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News: It is reported that iTunes 9 is compatible with jailbroked iPhones... Now I got an iPhone 3GS. I will be posting something about it...

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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Jailbreak iPhone 3GS with purplera1n

Jailbreak my iPhone 3GS with purplera1n

I jailbroke my iPhone 3GS three weeks after I got it. It is so easy. These are the steps:

1. Download purplera1n at Make sure you have iTunes or later.

2. Unzip the file, and open the “purplera1n” app. A small window with "make it ra1n" button is shown.

3. Connect iPhone 3GS to computer via USB. Click “make it ra1n” button.

4. Wait until iPhone rebooted into Home screen.
(If iTunes complains of your iPhone being in recovery mode, just close it)

5. Find the newly installed “Freeze” application in iPhone screen and tap it. It will install the Cydia jailbreak applications store. Tap “Install Cydia” button to install Cydia.

6. Once Cydia is installed, reboot the iPhone 3GS. Then open Cydia, choose who you are (user/hacker/developer) and perform a “Complete Update”.

Browsing Cydia store now.

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11:23 AM, August 06, 2009 hellomotto said...

for long time we waiting u finally u posting one..

10:43 PM, August 06, 2009 Yuet said...

Hey, thanks for your support. Will be posting more.

8:13 PM, September 07, 2009 peter james said...

Thanks for the information. Can u tell me if this phone is compatible with internet phone service.

9:58 PM, September 07, 2009 Yuet said...

Yes. U can make low cost Internet phone call by using apps like skype and truphone.

6:37 PM, September 13, 2009 Hari said...

Hey Yuet !
While i wuz searching abt motorola L7, i stumbled upon the blogspot of urs. u seem to be doin a gr8 job in modding ! and now, i need a favour.. can u tel me how to route the sms to be stored into memory card in my L7? since the msgs in inbox and outbox get stored in phone memory (seems), i get irritated by the msg capacity of this phone which is 100 msgs (inbox+outbox) ! is there any solution like i can store msgs into memory card inside separate folders organized by date? is there any patch for that feature ?
awaiting ur reply

2:18 PM, September 18, 2009 Yuet said...

Hari, If I am not wrong, that's no patch to enable storing SMS in card directly. But there are tools like MV, which can backup SMS in card.

2:00 PM, September 27, 2009 Hari said...

im already using an MV with which im able to backup the msgs.. but i had the doubt if i cud bring it as a feature of the monsterpack itself.. anyways , thanx for replying ! and continue ur great work ! u r doin gr8 in this blog ! Web